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Pope Francis is ‘an enemy of Europe,’ says French philosopher Éric Zemmour

Pope Francis is 'an enemy of Europe,' says French philosopher Éric Zemmour

Pope Francis has turned the Vatican into an NGO in support of globalism, mass immigration, and socialism, said Éric Zemmour on France’s CNews channel

In a calculated move, Pope Francis is sacrificing Europe in a geostrategic choice, French philosopher Éric Zemmour said on French television channel CNews.

“I think he understood something that distressed his predecessors, and it’s that Europe is de-Christianizing at a phenomenal speed. So he considers, like many people around him, that Europe without Christianity is going to die,” Zemmour said. “And that, in any case, it is better to let it die, or at least it is better to leave it to others. Especially to Islam.”

Zemmour said that in his latest encyclical on fraternity and social friendship, Fratelli Tutti (“Brothers and Sister All”), issued on Oct. 3, the pope is supporting immigration, globalism and socialism, which in the pope’s view, will make the world a better place. Pope Francis said the encyclical was inspired by Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayyeb, who is mentioned numerous times in the text, who is an Islamic scholar who supports the death penalty against apostates against Islam.

On the news program, Zemmour said after reading the text from the pope, he was “astonished by the naivety usually associated with pimply teenagers that was spread on almost every page. It was impressive,” he said. “Making the world a better place, that’s good when you’re 14 years old. As soon as you’re 15 and a half, you don’t believe in it anymore. I remind you that Jesus said, ‘My kingdom is not of this world.’ He was wiser. It’s, if you like, a kind of idealism.”

Zemmour said that past popes were more pragmatic and had an appreciation of national identities that Pope Francis — who recently approved of same-sex civil unions — has forsaken.

“We had two great popes, John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. One was Polish, the other German, deeply European, deeply rooted in their national identities who believed in nations, who believed in European nations in particular,” Zemmour said. “So here we have a guy who comes from South America, who despises Europe, who obviously, as far as I know, hates France. In particular, he despises Europe, and then delivers a universalist discourse like a non-governmental organization.”

Zemmour said that the explanation for the pope abandoning Europe is partly found in the fact that he is South American.

“He and South Americans, as you mentioned, there’s a lively competition within the Catholic Church,” Zemmour said. “I’m saying he’s after countries where there are still Christians.”

Zemmour, who is Jewish, also said that in view of the fact that Pope Francis has “taken the side of the enemies of Europe” and abandoned Christian dogma, Christians should no longer feel obliged to follow him. He also said that while past popes had their faults, they were still Catholics. The current pope is a “post-Catholic pope.”

“[Pope Francis] adopts an extreme left-wing discourse, but it’s not Catholicism,” said Zemmour. “Catholics are not obliged to obey the pope if he becomes political. They have to obey the pope, as I said earlier, for the principle of subsidiarity,” Zemmour said. They have to obey the pope for the dogma, but this is not dogma. He’s becoming political. Catholics aren’t obliged to obey him.”

On the issue of immigration, Zemmour believes the pope has a poor understanding of the Bible:

“He explains to us that each and every country is also a country for foreigners. This reveals that he understands absolutely nothing about the famous text in the Old Testament, which says, ‘Welcome the stranger because you yourself have been foreigners in the land of Egypt.’ It is also repeated in the Gospels. Except that the pope forgets. that in the Old Testament, as in the New, the foreigner who is welcomed also leaves. He stays a few days. That’s hospitality. He doesn’t stay and he doesn’t bring his family or have his family come. He leaves. That is the meaning of, ‘You are a stranger in the land of Egypt. Remember’.”

Zemmour said Pope Francis is twisting the meaning and using it as a pretext to invite people from around the world to settle in Europe, which will destroy the identities of the European people.

Zemmour, one of France’s prominent intellectuals, is the author of “The French Suicide” and is known for his strong opposition against continued immigration to France. In a previous interview, he compared immigration in his country to a “demographic tsunami” and said he believes current immigration and integration policies have failed. He also claimed that

“Immigration changes the makeup of a people. It is a crime against the European peoples, it will end in bloodshed,” Zemmour said this September.

French President Emmanuel Macron is reportedly growing concerned about his growing popularity, with Zemmour recently breaking viewership records on the French news program CNews.

Zemmour previously worked for the French channel RTL from 2010 to 2019.



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