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Will a new USA Ambassador to Georgia Degnan contribute in incitement of Georgia against Russia?

Will a new USA Ambassador to Georgia Degnan contribute in incitement of Georgia against Russia?

After almost 2-tear pause, the USA al last appointed its extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador  to Georgia, Mrs. Kelly Degnan. The ambassador will arrive in Tbilisi very soon. What instructions the USDA ambassador will bring? – a question arises, and I will say it now, why: 

During the last 28-years period of a formal independence, Georgia accustomed to living by instructions. None of the governments of Georgia had its own independent internal policy, to say nothing about the foreign policy, with a direct meaning of these words. Therefore, the almost zero-rate interest of Donald Trump’s administration towards Georgia and as a result – nonappointment of American ambassador here, caused a shortage of instructions to Georgia, the situation became less stable and, almost everything  mixed with each other: the 20 June events, camp-playing in front of the Parliament building, at first a  promise and then a scandalous reject of the proportional elections, spill  of a toxic substance  in the hall of parliament. . . Smiling Nino Burjanadze  back to  Bokeria and then her trip to Moscow, then, a new so called hero – doctor Vazha, then Shalva Natelashvili  threats Ivanishvili with America, inflation of GEL rate fall to a new negative record level

On this background,  the state’s Rusophobia  gas become an item of a internal use – the current government has neither power nor wish to confront actively with Russia. This is good. That is why the American lobbyists  and linked-to-them Georgian “transatlantists” broke a scandal when Irma Inashvili  appeared unexpectedly at the place of therir meeting and acted in a non-transatlantists manner

But, a threat that Georgia will be once again involved in the anti-Russian (and anti-Georgian too) adventure, is high. Lobbyists are  not calmed down   – the American neoliberals (or neo—conservators, despite mutually excluding nature of these two meanings, they are one and the same group)  created a new, additional supporting  force ibn Georgia, in person of Mamuka Khazaradze’s group. Kzhazarazder, with a  primitivity improper to a businessman says that the highway to Russia is a ground for unhindered entry invasion of the Russian tanks to Georgia. 

On this background , the US ambassador Kelly Degnan will soon arrive to Georgia. I hope she will have “rioght” instructions, but a warning of the Russia’s foreign minister spread on the ministry’s website, deserves our attentions:

“A real threat for escalation of tension and the main challenge of a regional security in the South Caucasus, is an accelerated military-and-political development of NATO on the territory of Georgia. We are witnesses of   advanced political and military-technical collaboration of the Alloance and Washington with Georgia. We hope the USA and NATO  will understand seriously our warnings and stop  incitement of Georgia  against Russia. By our side, we remain interested in a consistent normalization of bilateral relations”  –  official statement by  the Russia’s foreign minister says 

Is such a statement accidental just before the arrival of the new US ambassador to Georgia ?!

Gulbaat Rtskhiladze


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