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We should meet on May 9 in a solemn mood

We should meet on May 9 in a solemn mood

Improper assessment of coronavirus risk at an early stage, and then psychosis caused by this threat has created unrest around the world. In this extremely negative event, the truth must be said,  some positive moments have been revealed – we have been able to re-evaluate many things, to give up excess, to return to our roots, our villages, nature, families. . . The key is to use this tool.

May 9 is approaching, the celebration of the victory over fascism, which the veterans of the Great Patriotic War are always looking forward to with special emotions, but this year, this date falls under  the period of quarantine restrictions. Urban transport is not functioning, traffic between cities is prohibited, and it is forbidden to gather more than three people at a time. Therefore, this year, unfortunately, the “Immortal Army of Georgia” procession will not be held as it was last year

But, it will not be and cannot be  forbidden  a festive mood that will not only be for  veterans, however, of course they are the center of attention, and so it should be.

I am pleased to announce to the public and esteemed veterans that both the Georgian government and some foreign diplomatic missions continue to pay attention to the living participants of the Great Patriotic War and, along with their verbal congratulations, will continue to help them materially this year, too.

The Representationn  (Section)   of interests of Russia  in Georgia, which is located in the building of the former Russian Embassy in Georgia, informed me that the Russian government will provide one-time cash benefits to Georgian veterans this year, and that 200 GEL will be allocated for each veteran.

To receive this sum, the  veterans must send the application to the Section leader Eugeni Ivanovich Konishev, with attaching the Veteran’ Card copy and the bank (pension) account number. The leader of the Veterans  NGO Mr. Tite Pepsaia or me, will receive  these applications and re-address them to Mr.  Konishev

I would like to heartily congratulate all veterans and non-veterans   the 9th May

Through your newspaper, I would like to respond to the excellent person, veteran Shota Buadze, who defended the approaches to the Caucasus in the Great Patriotic War and actively participated in the persecution of the fascists from our region. I wish him to be with us for many more years and to give us hope that good will prevail over evil.


Gulbaat Rtskhiladze


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