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Vazha Otarashvili: These are political mutants intertwined with the national regime, for whom there are three or four no: no faith, no homeland, no nationality, no sex

Vazha Otarashvili

The European Parliament’s extensive report on Georgia, dated September 16,  which the state media portrayed as part of the Dream’s election campaign and presented only in a positive context but did not cover the relatively critical side of the report, is among other issues focused on the human rights situation in the country.

The document notes that despite a number of successful government reforms in recent years that have significantly addressed the issue of gender equality, the rights of “vulnerable groups” (sexual minorities, women, children, and various religious confessions) have not been fully addressed. (Sexual minorities are emphasized especially). The authors of the report once again called on the Georgian government to take “additional measures” and strengthen “anti-discrimination” mechanisms to ensure that discrimination against LGBT people, women and religious groups is eliminated (calls, as always, are of a strong mentoring nature). However, the addressee of the report, in this case, is not only the government and the political spectrum, the authors of the document also call on the Patriarchate to cooperate in order to further strengthen and strengthen the “tolerant environment in the country …”

Note: The European Parliament, like the US Department of State, always emphasizes in its reports that the weakest and least successful side of positive change in Georgia is the ineffective implementation of anti-discrimination legislation. After each such report, calls are often heard that the leading team should take strict measures in this regard. There are often hints that the government should not be loyal to “aggressive religious groups” (here, of course, our Orthodox Church is meant), which, it turns out, incites hate and confrontation in the country.

What does it mean to create mechanisms for the effectiveness of this or that law dictated by external forces, and what changes should we expect in the near future in the wake of these “recommendations”? Doctor of Theology, poet Vazha Otarashvili talks to “Georgia and the World”.

– Mr. Vazha, the report on Georgia published by the European Parliament states that the government should take additional measures to effectively eliminate all forms of discrimination against LGBT people, women and religious groups in the country. What can be implied in the additional measures and what changes can “Dream” make in response to these “recommendations”?

– Let’s start with the fact that the so-called The anti-discrimination law with its essence and idea is discrimination of the ancient Christian Georgian nation, by adopting which the country was once again ridiculed. Second – from the European Parliament, this is a gross interference in the internal affairs of Georgia … In general, this organization, I mean the European Union, is a robotic empire of our time, which carries out all kinds of violence against the countries like us  in the name of democracy, including economic, political, cultural, ideological and so on.  This one, and the other – if they insist on discrimination,  when was there any discrimination and oppression of anyone in Georgia? Even when Muslim kings were sitting in Tbilisi, there was no religious controversy here. I mean inside, otherwise we were naturally defending ourselves from the enemy. And the main thing: the Christian faith is the faith of love, virtues, virtues, humanism, brotherhood and friendship between men and not of hatred. Christianity is the highest achievement of the spiritual culture of the humanity. As for the question of what changes we should expect from the government in the future, following the directives or recommendations of the European Parliament, I have said it before and I will repeat it now:   If the “Dream”  being in a mutant connection with the national regime remained at the power, this unity of Kobakhidze-Bokeria-Saakashvili, they will do their best to strictly implement the directives of the western neoliberals and take the so-called Anti-discrimination law, which is discrimination against Georgia as a whole. I think if this government achieves the desired result in this election, then will start adopting bolder and bolder the “liberal” laws. It will be a march against the Church, against the Patriarchate, and, of course, it will also hold gay parades and strengthen  homosexual  movements. Let’s go back to discrimination, there has never been discrimination in Georgia and the fact that  a Georgian man is not oppressed by nature, we have historically proved it …

– What do you mean?

– I mean, when religious wars were raging and killing each other in Europe, here, in the middle of Tbilisi, just two square kilometers away, there was a synagogue, a mosque and an Orthodox church. A great example of our tolerance is the fact that Jews have been living in Georgia for 26 centuries and there has been no discrimination against them. By the way, not even when they were severely persecuted in the world and especially in Europe. (This was directly stated by Ben-Gurion, one of the founders of the State of Israel and the first Prime Minister at the Constituent Assembly of the Israeli Knesset in 1949. There are two countries on earth where the Jews have always lived in peace and they have never been scattered. These countries are England and Georgia – that’s what he said. Ioseb  Stalin, the Georgian man, created a state for them in 1949, which they have not had for centuries … Here, all this is a clear example of what a tolerant nation we have historically been and still are today, but, unfortunately, our mindless government with elementary knowledge of its own  history, can not draw these parallels. This is a problem and that is why we, as a state, like the Germans, the French, the British and other cultural nations, cannot defend our dignity at the political level.

As for the so-called Recommendations that it turns out that the effectiveness of the “anti-discrimination” law should be increased here, this law in its essence and purposes is discrimination against the Georgian people, so sooner or later, when the national government comes and hopefully comes, should repeal this law, which is just as destructive for Georgian spirituality , Such as the explosion of Sakdrisi …

– You mentioned the recommendations, and since 2012 the European Parliament, the US State Department and other influential Western institutions have published a number of reports on Georgia, but there has not been a single case when the government has criticized even one “recommendation” and said it was against Georgia’s national interest. Cultural, traditional values, etc. What poses the main obstacle for the ruling team to respond adequately to certain Western demands, which they call “recommendations”?

– I will answer you briefly: recall the words of the former Speaker of the Parliament – Kobakhidze – “I do not know what national consciousness means” … This phrase understands his mentality. This is exactly what the current “Georgian Dream” is like, with a few exceptions, and this is natural, because in its time people gathered there on exactly this principle. These are the political mutants intertwined with the national regime, for whom there are three or four such: no faith, no homeland, no nationality, no sex … Here they live by this satanic formula.

We must make it clear to the EU recommenders that Georgia is an independent state, with national traditions, customs established over the centuries, state interests, and that we, Georgians, have our own constitution, so let us turn our backs on laws against our national dignity, consciousness. This, I repeat, destroys the consciousness of the nation.

– And, if their political influence is strengthened, what is the way forward?

– Then you have to address specifically the people from whom this pressure will come to marry a woman to a woman and a man to a man in your families;   And do not allow such “marriages” to disappear  in the EU. What else can I say, leave us . . . Georgia is a country of ancient traditions and culture, which gave humanity “The Ballad of the Tiger and the Servant” and “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin”  –  In fact, a unique constitution of brotherhood and peaceful coexistence of nations that a nation could not have created if it did not have a high spiritual and intellectual culture: “I will go, I will mourn the death of her child,   maybe the tiger mother  is crying hard on me . . ?” The Georgian man has always been a confessor, forgiving and faithful to the law of the Savior.

– There is a little more than a month left before the elections. Is there even a theoretical chance that the situation and the political agenda as a whole will change substantially after October 31?

-, My opinion is this: in today’s Georgian political spectrum, on one side there is a national-patriotic force in the form of the „Alliance of Georgian Patriots“, on the other side is the national regime gathered in the Greenhouse of the Labor Party, together with the parties that agree with it. I am not saying anything about the political mutants of “Dream“. Today, in fact, we have two poles, one of which is the precondition for the destruction and disintegration of the country, and the other – a healthy, national force whose policy implies military nonalignment, direct dialogue with Moscow, Sokhumi, Tskhinvali, etc., that is critically important. I think the choice is simple. However, it is desirable and necessary to create an even larger political nucleus of conservative forces in the country and thus create an even greater prospect of change. Without this, the national-dream mutants governance  will finally sink this country and destroy the Georgian state. But,  no one can change the law of the Virgin Mary’s Iveria, our people, no one can kneel us  under the liberal-satanic yoke, because God is with us!

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania


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