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Nana Kakabadze: Our criminals have the privilege of immunity

Nana Kakabadze

On January 24, at a small rally in front of the government administration building,  the “National Movement” party activists protested the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic and announced a demonstrative violation of the curfew. Moreover, the so-called representatives of the pro-Western opposition have issued an ultimatum to the authorities, saying that if the ruling team does not lift the existing restrictions immediately, they will violate them in principle. However, there were those at the rally who had already violated these prohibitions and spoke about it publicly. For example, Giorgi Vashadze, the leader of the “Strategy Agmashenebeli” party, recent returnee from the United States, demonstratively applied to Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, stating  that he was deliberately violating the rules of isolation and was not going to obey restrictions that were “unreasonable”: “Mr. Gakharia, I personally, symbolically and demonstratively violate the rule set by you – I am not at home, I am outside. I am holding the answer to the test with which I am healthy and, tell me, why should I sit at home?” – This statement was made by the party leader in the presence of law enforcers, but they  did not react to the violation …

For note: on January 24 (the day when Vashadze demonstratively violated the government resolution at the National Movement party rally), from 9 pm to 5 am, the police revealed 729 cases of violation of the current restrictions. 641 of them were fined for violating the rules of wearing a mask, and 88 for fining a curfew.

Why the government gives specific political entities and their party activists the “exclusive” right to violate restrictions and whether this is a selective law, “Georgia and the World”  talks to human rights activist Nana Kakabadze.

– Mrs. Nana, at a rally in front of the government administration on January 24, called pro-Western opposition groups have said they will demonstratively violate restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. Moreover, the leader of  “Strategy Agmashenebeli” party Giorgi Vashadze violated this restriction at the rally and demonstratively addressed the Prime Minister from the tribune. Nevertheless, law enforcement did not react. However, every day hundreds of citizens are fined for violating the rules of wearing a headscarf, moving during the curfew, etc. Why does not the state  react to the facts of violations by specific political entities?

– The opposition, which is called as if United Opposition is, in fact, exhausted at the level of each party or leader, they are zeroed  and realize that the minutes of their political life are numbered. Here, therefore, they have nothing to lose and go for everything. Now what is their main focus: Obviously, this so-called  opposition has no support, no resources, except for a very small asset, which is zombied and is not focused on the peaceful dynamics of the process. They focus only on unrest, destabilization, strife, confrontation, and violence, which we regularly see as provocative in various forms. . .

As for the question of why these forces have the exclusive right to violence and lawlessness, if we look at our recent political past, I mean the experience of the last 5-10 years, we will see that since the change of government, the “National Movement” with its divisions has always had the same exclusive rights  the “Dream” had.  It was a “cohabitation” that practically turned a blind eye to the most heinous crimes committed over the years. These were unsolved cases, unpunished criminals and, most importantly, it was the declaration of the “Nationals” as the main opposition force, which gave the green light to political and not only political crimes in the country. I am not saying anything about the fact that in the state structures, including the judiciary, the executive, etc., they have left the old faces that were directly associated with the regime. These were the “exclusives” that killed the sense of justice in the country. The “National Movement” was previously protected by certain Western powers and any form of persecution against them was considered political repression. And today, when the so-called pro-Western opposition is completely bankrupt and even the West no longer supports their destructive actions, it is unclear why the government is showing such weakness. Why does he not react even to the facts when the party leaders come out and demonstratively declare that we will not obey the law and, not only   declare, but  do all this …

– What in such a case can be a deterrent factor for the right parties?

–  I think the authorities do not want unnecessary fuss, but they should know that punishing the perpetrators is not a fuss. First of all, it is not necessary to demonstratively take appropriate actions against the offender, for which another form can be found. . .

– For example?

– For example, people may be identified who violate regulations in a provocative manner, and bring home receipts for fines.

If they do not pay? By the way, they always emphasize that they are not going to pay illegal fines.

Even in such cases, there are mechanisms for the administration of justice, for example, the seizure of property, as is the case with any ordinary citizen. It is very simple. In another case, what turns out: if you and I do not do wear  correctly  the masks we will be fined and someone Vashadze, with his party assets, has the right to demonstratively break the law in front of the Government House ?!

As for the government turning a blind eye to the deliberate facts of violations in some cases, someone may not want to be overwhelmed by the ruling team; Someone may need political calm for their political stability, but whatever the purpose, they should keep in mind that by giving privileges to the Nationals and a handful of their party assets, they are losing more important, they are losing public trust and, most importantly, killing people feeling fair. We live in a state. When an ordinary citizen is asked to answer even the smallest thing, someone has the exclusive right to violate a government decree, someone can seize property for non-payment of an elementary fine of 50 GEL, and someone is forgiven for stealing millions from the state budget.

– You said at the beginning of the interview that the politically neutral opposition is going for everything. We have seen several attempts at confrontation and provocation recently. Among them was the incident in Buknari, which the “National Movement” was actively trying to use, as well as an attempt to use the ongoing processes due to the detention of Navalny in Russia, which can be seen as a demonstration held a few days ago. . . Doesn’t all this indicate that e. . Is the pro-Western opposition preparing for a revolutionary scenario?

– They are not even preparing for a revolutionary scenario, they are created for a revolutionary scenario. Their political worldview is built on one simple logic: all means are justified to achieve the set goal – violence, torture, murder, rape, fabricating rumors, zombies in society, and so on. Sh. However, one point is important here: a plan is not enough to carry out a revolutionary scenario, because no matter how well the plan is set, its implementation needs a lot of support.

– As for support, the opposition has high hopes for the Biden administration. Do you think that in his conditions the “National Movement” will have more inviolability and “exclusivity” above the law, which will help it to provoke constant tensions in the country?

– When I say support, I mean, first of all, the support of the public, which the Nationals do not have and will never have. As for the new White House administration, they may get some support from them, and that is important, but it cannot change the picture. I’m sure of that. Not even Biden, even if a hundred Bidens are together, if the 4 million people inside the country do not support you, they will not help you. That is the reality, so the main issue here is not even what the Nationals are going to do and whether they will succeed in the revolution with their divisions, the main thing is why the government is not adequate to the situation. The government is not really adequate and this is clearly seen in the fact that it gives the privilege of inviolability to criminals. . .

– How can all this be changed? How can the public show the government that a principled, fair approach is needed?

– To be honest, I do not hope that the government will come to its senses tomorrow and will take strict measures against the political criminals who were allowed to do everything in their time. This is beyond the will and ability of the management team, so I expect little change in this regard. On the other hand, the opposition spectrum is constantly in a state of self-destruction, so I think the country is less threatened by these destructive forces. The problem is more that a real political alternative cannot be established; An alternative that would fundamentally change the system; Changed the agenda and put an end once and for all to a harmful practice that benefits everyone except the state and the people. . .

Interviewed by  Jaba Zhvania


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