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Nana Kakabadze: It is a humiliation when someone finds Hartzel, a man who is nothing for our country, points a finger at the elected MP of my country, also because of scoundrel Gvaramia

Georgia humiliated once again and the West, which is busy with edification us

Nana Kakabadze

A few days ago, during another parliamentary dispute, MP Tea Tsulukiani released the phone number of NikaGvaramia, Deputy Prosecutor General during Saakashvili’s tenure and currently head of television,.This was followed by a statement from the EU Ambassador to Georgia, Carl Hartzel: “The right to privacy is a fundamental issue and I consider it unethical. As far as I know, the State Inspector will study this in terms of data protection. “Tsulukiani responded to Karl Hartzel’s statement as follows:” I would like to receive Ambassador Hartzel in the Georgian Parliament to discuss his statement today. ” After the meeting with Hartzel, Tsulukiani said: “The meeting was interesting and, most importantly, fruitful. During this meeting, it became clear that his statement yesterday regarding me and my political statement is his personal position. Human Rights Defender Nana Kakabadze talks to us about these and other important topics.

– Mrs. Nana, a certain part of the society was outraged by the behavior of Karl Hartzel … How and why did Hartzel dare to evaluate Tsulukiani’saction ?!

Carl Hartzel dared to reproach a member of the Parliament of Georgia, Tea Tsulukiani, and, to be honest, I got very angry. If he were our representative in any EU country, would he dare to do something similar to a member of parliament in that country? Who is Hartzel? How did he dare? Is it his profile, does his mandate include giving remarks to MPs? Which rule and condition of the international agreement was violated by Tea Tsulukiani? The phone number of a journalist, someone ordinary journalist, someone Nika Gvaramia was disclosed. When was it established that disclosure of a journalist’s phone number is prohibited and a crime ?! This is totally unbelievable. Who was Hartzel to discuss this issue?!

Georgia is suffering from one big plague. This notorious freedom and independence is, unfortunately, very conditional. When there is an interest in Georgia, the paper on which we are independent and sovereign immediately disappears. The sovereignty of our country does not actually have the dignity for which we, the dissidents, fought. Georgia is not an independent and free country. It would be nice if we said in the 1990s that the national movement was defeated in this battle because we were not able to bring in a new government and only replaced the slaveholders. Only the last names changed. Nowhere in our last 30 years has our independence been reflected in anything. Unfortunately, if in the past there was one “Kremlin”, now there are several “Kremlins” – in Washington, Brussels, etc.

Based on the above, it is very unfortunate that a member of our parliament like Tea Tsulukiani is insulted. I believe Ms. Tea’s decision would not be a retreat. She is a team player and apparently the team and her superiors told her she needed to retreat in some form. I mean a personal meeting with Hartzel in retrospect. In other cases, I know Tea would not back down, she was forced to take into account the opinion of others.

It is hard to find anyone like Tea Tsulukiani in this government, she is consistent and principled, but, unfortunately, this is what happens – the most principled and dedicated are oppressed. I repeat: it hurts my heart that Tea had to justify herself when she was absolutely right.

Tea Tsulukiani is one person, although the dignity and honor of a person is paramount, but I repeat that it is an insult and humiliation to the country. It is a humiliation when someone like Hartzel, a man who represents nothing for our country, points a finger at the elected MP of my country, also because of scoundrel Gvaramia; A journalist who pollutes the television space; a journalist who no one knows where he grew up and Tea Tsulukiani is being criticized for publishing this person’s phone number – this is the fate of our enslaved country.

It is unfortunate that there are no more people in this country who say out loud – the independence and sovereignty of our country is just a piece of paper, which should be followed by a reaction of people. Legally, Georgia does not have the right to exercise independence written on paper, so it is necessary and essential to protest against every such behavior, as we saw in the address of Tea Tsulukiani.

It is obvious that the West is clearly interfering in our domestic politics, denigrating the dignity of the elected MP. We should write to the embassies in any country that people are outraged that not a minor official of some country has insulted our chosen MP.

It is humiliating that the representatives of a foreign country, who do not have authority in their country, act as mentors here and trample on the dignity of our country.

The opposition of the country should be concerned about the insult of Tea Tsulukiani, but no one has raised their voice, because, unfortunately, we do not have the opposition, they are all traitors.

How can a foreign clerk insult my country’s favorite MP ?! This is because the previous government lost the self-esteem of the country, that bloody regime destroyed a large part of the population of our country. Some were destroyed, some shed blood.

Saakashvili trampled on the dignity of our country, gave everyone the opportunity to attack our homeland – this is a fact. We saw all this clearly during the 2008 war, when all the countries moved Georgia aside and talked to each other without us. Putin and Sarkozy, ambassadors, presidents talked to each other and did not ask us anything, they did not feel that Georgia had power.

What I am talking about now was happening in front of us, as Tsulukiani was demoted today. Georgian society did not protest then and does not protest today.

When I found myself in the ranks of dissidents during the Soviet period, the reason was that as so-called free Georgia did not turn out to be actually free, we could not control ourselves, and the constitution was a piece of paper. In today’s Georgia, everything is the same as it was in the Soviet period, but there are no dissidents, there are no more people caring for the country; No one can see that our country is being treated unworthily. Here I repeat: What Hartzel did is not an insult to Tea Tsulukiani, it is an insult to the country, it is an insult to the highest legislative body of our country. We are ridiculed and this is Saakashvili’s merit.

– We have overthrown Saakashvili’s regime long time ago. We have elected “Georgian Dream” for the third time and again we blame everything on Saakashvili …

– We have elected, but the policy in Georgia has not changed and will not change, because Georgia bows its head in front of the outside world. Our country has taken responsibility in its time, there are agreements that can not be bypassed; There are obligations under which it has been found that the country has been sold and that you can not change anything. All strategic objects have been sold, territories are being sold under old contracts and unfortunately no one knows what and where. The government either does not understand and if it finds out, the foreigners will hit it on the head, put it in the corner like Tea Tsulukiani.

– What will help us, what should people do?

– People should fix everything, if we, members of the society, think that the government will fix something, we are wrong, because the government can never fix the current situation. Such is the existing policy. In this country they will never bring a government that will fix something …

– Who should bring the government to our country, don’t we elect the government ourselves?

– By no means, we do not elect anyone … If the Georgian people had a choice, we would have chosen much better, I am sure. The Georgians must do that when a ruler is appointed from outside, he should do the maximum of what we want. Every foreigner should know that dignity and freedom are paramount for us and no government should dare to violate this. This should be feared by the country giving the directive from outside. The ruling team of our country should know that if it cannot protect the dignity of the people, the MP, the country, we will not forgive.

There should be groups of people who will control this, otherwise politicians are dependent on the “Kremlins” … So, civil activism is needed to prevent the disorder of Hartzel-type in our country, especially when the people’s elected MP is insulted.

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