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Nana Kakaadze: Everything is good on paper, but in reality everything is bad

Nana Kakaadze

On December 10, the EU Delegation to Georgia launched Human Rights Week. The project was marked by a number of events under the slogan Together for Human Rights – From Crisis to Better”.  According to the website of the Organization (EU Delegation), the EU is launching five new projects aimed at protecting and strengthening human rights (more details will be announced later in the week): “December 10th gives us the opportunity to reaffirm the importance of human rights for  creating the world we aspire to, as well as the importance of global solidarity and adherence to humane principles. . . !

The statement also stressed that the European Union has provided more than  100 million GEL  assistance to Georgia over the past few years, that reaffirms once again and deepens  the bilateral partnership: “Protecting the rights of children and women, promoting the reintegration of ex-prisoners and convicts, promoting gender equality and professional equality, and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups of the population. . .”

Note: Each project, funded by the European Union together with international partners, is implemented in active cooperation and coordination with various “non-governmental organizations” operating in Georgia. Among them are organizations that openly oppose Georgian traditions, culture, criticize the church, etc.

Has human rights improved in recent years and specifically what changes have been made in this regard in the country? “Georgia and the World” talks to human rights activist Nana Kakabadze

– Mrs. Nana, On December 10, the EU Delegation to Georgia launched Human Rights Week, during which some events were held. It was also announced that the organization is launching five new projects. As an independent human rights activist who has been fighting for human rights for years, what do you think about the projects implemented so far and in general, what is the current situation in Georgia in terms of human rights protection?

– It is a difficult question. I think today it is difficult to understand what is happening in the country in terms of human rights. I mean, on the one hand, there is a legal framework that really allows for the protection of human rights, and on the other hand, it is a reality. In the idea, both this democratic standard and the legislative base should be enough for a person to be able to fully realize his rights, but, on the other hand, we see a different situation …

 –  To be specific, you say that we have more or less good legislation, but it is not or cannot be properly implemented?

– It goes without saying. What exactly does this mean: let’s start with the double standards of human rights and the absolutely biased, non-neutral approaches that, in fact, fundamentally undermine the principles of justice.  Take, for example, the ongoing processes in the political spectrum. What do we see? Crime is on the rise in both the government and the opposition, especially in the opposition. Imagine that the criminals who were and still are being prosecuted are in politics, conducting activities and because of that they also have some immunity. This one, and now the other – to bring specific cases, a notable criminal like Gigi Ugulava, who was accused of stealing 50 million from the budget and proved to have been in prison for just over two years. . . Tell me, any citizen with a slight inclination towards crime will not steal such a large amount of money if he knows that he will be arrested for a little over 2 years?! By the way, today prisons are full of people who have stolen 100 and 50 GEL to buy food or medicine. What comes out? If you steal 100 GEL, you have to go to jail, and if you steal millions, you have to be in politics to have a guarantee of inviolability? This is the sad reality of today. Therefore, in my opinion, it is awkward to talk about the fact that there is a democracy in the country and we have taken serious steps in terms of human rights.

As for the society and the mood in it, it is natural when people see that the criminals, enriched by its looted money, are again trying to come to power, closing the streets, threatening to destabilize them, and so on. It creates a great sense of injustice and hopelessness, not to mention nihilism; Therefore, I, as a human rights activist, today can not imagine how I can promise an ordinary citizen, a victim of injustice, to protect his rights in this country, in this incredible injustice. Will the person turn to me and say: Who will allow you to protect my rights, the criminals who robbed me and stolen my money ?!

– Let’s go back to the projects funded and supported by the EU. Do you think these projects have slightly improved the human rights situation in the country?

-, I think they too should first and foremost work in the direction of and fund projects to eliminate those double standards that undermine the fundamental principles of justice. My opinion is that the government should also be exposed. . . Otherwise, politics will always remain a shelter  for criminals, people who came to power in their time to earn money and steal money and stay in politics after a change of government because for them the mantle of a politician was a guarantee of some kind of protection.  By the way, the result of this harmful practice is that honest people no longer go into politics, for many years now, the view has been established in the country that politics turns out to be a dirty business. Here I would like to briefly touch on another important issue, which, in my opinion, clearly shows the unhealthy attitude towards human rights in the country. What is happening: Those who have gained some popularity in the society through the protection of human rights and the struggle in this direction over the years, we suddenly see that they have transferred to politics. Turns out, these people used it all as a kind of springboard. Such a thing does not happen in any normal country, in any decent non-governmental organization. Such things happen in   pseudo-defenders, for whom there is no value, no value and no principle. Behold, this is what extinguishes and destroys the sense of justice in the state; And, when the sense of justice is lost, crime also rises and politics becomes a shelter  for criminals.

As for those international organizations and unions again, be it the EU or any other, which spends millions here to improve human rights, if they really think that these funds are being spent on the case, they are very mistaken. These funds go again and again into the pockets of those pseudo-activists of  human rights who will most likely be transferred to politics tomorrow. This is already a practice here and we all see it, so international organizations should know that this money is wasted  for nothing

– What is needed to eliminate the harmful practices you are talking about, even partially, and to improve the political situation in the country, which, naturally, will also improve the human rights situation?

– Probably, a crucial role is to be played again and again by international organizations, which, of course, have the leverage to influence the current situation. The rest of the time shows, let’s see if they will fund other organizations such as, for example, “Fair Elections”, whose behavior you want, you call it a mistake, you want – a deliberate action, it is shameful, and then it will be impossible to say that foreign taxpayers’ money is targeted here Is spent. The society should find specific funds that finance them and name everything after it. By the way, if this does not happen and practically all organizations, all political groups or unions are allowed to do so, the result is that Gvaramia has turned to open bullying of people through his television. Among them is directly insulting the President and not only.

Well, I am very curious when Gvaramia TV is busy insulting specific people 24 hours a day, where is the Public Defender, why does she not vote? Somewhere in even two words responded to this topic? And again: does such a Public Defender need funding ?! Here, precisely, is the misfortune that no institution, no organization today, in fact, can fulfill its purpose; Fails to perform in either component and the state is virtually paralyzed. Concerning human rights in particular, I have said and will repeat that this is a direction in which there is complete inconsistency, that is, everything is good on paper, but in reality everything is bad. I think a  child too  realizes this, this is such an ugly political fact, which, unfortunately, has a well-established systemic character for a long time.

Interviewed by  Jaba Zhvania


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