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How can one imagine friendly relations with a country where a criminal searched in Georgia is going to be appointed on the position of vice-premier?

Nana Kakabadze

A possible appointment on the position of vice-premier in Ukraine   of the former president of Georgia  Mikheil  Saakashvili, wanted by Georgian justice and fled abroad,  the Georgian authorities assess as a precondition of breakdown of friendly relations between  official Tbilisi and Kiev. This is evidenced by a recent statement made by the Prime-minister of Georgia   Giorgi Gakharia to the massmedia, about a possible recall (for consultations) of the ambassador of Georgia from Kiev, as well as by assessment of the ambassador of Georgia to Ukraine Teimuraz Sharashenidze, about occurrence of certain tensions  in the partnership relations  between these two countries. However, among these political messages the  “open letter” sent by the Chairman of Parliament of Georgia Archil Talakvadze to his Ukrainian colleague was the boldest one 

The letter  with which Talakvadze applied  to the Supreme Rada  speaker Dmitro Razumkov, states that the appointment of Saakashvili on the position of vice-premier, will shake seriously a trust  between these two countries (this letter was then spread by massmedia too): “His possible appointment will cast a shadow over political cooperation between our governments and our joint efforts. We have many common challenges and goals on the path to restoration of territorial integrity, as well as EU and NATO integration”. I write this letter because I believe our citizens must know these circumstances and understand a reason of our concern and, Ukrainian MPs must also take “these” circumstances into consideration before voting for Saakashvili’s candidacy”

For note: The Georgian justice launches a criminal prosecution against Saakashvili in summer 2014, after what the ex-president left the country for avoiding responsibility. Since then he, as the accused,  was  many times called for questioning, but he, being accused in very serious offenses declined the calls  by reason of a political persecution. At present he is in Ukraine and from there makes attempts of  discreditation of the  Georgian government and justice

Wat kind of changes may cause appointment of Saakashvili on the post of the vice premier in the  Georgian-Ukrainian relations and what kind of difficulties it may cause to us in the international political arena?  –  These and some other important issues are discussed by n advocate and human rights defender Nana Kakabadze.

-, Mrs. Nana, a possible appointment of Mikheil Saakashvili on the post of the vice premier in Ukraine, is  the most widely discussed topic in the Georgian political spectrum. Both the Parliament Speaker and Prime-minister of Georgia declared that this presumable appointment makes questionable the Georgian-Ukrainian friendly relations. What does it mean for Georgia and what kind of changes may follow to these processes? 

-, The first thing that I think is important in this processes is that with appointment of Saakashvili, Ukraine will once again demonstrate its political weakness and this will be a direct indicator that Ukraine is not an independent state. Moreover, such a step will show to everybody that the leadership of the country with almost 50-million population which has pretends for sovereignty and independence, if in fact a certain political hostage of external forces which name themselves as a warrant of its independence. Simply, there exists no another explanation of why they are ready to lower to zero the prospects of the inter-state relations because of a political future of one inadequate person.

As to your particular question about the impact of these circumstances on our partnership, let’s look simply at all this: Say, the Ukrainian Rada voted for Saakashvili’s candidacy and appointed him on the position of the vise PM. How can you imagine cooperation and partnership with a country which one of the top officials is prohibited to arrive to Georgia and, if arrive, he will be immediately detained at the airport? How can you imagine preservation of friendly relations with a country which has in its government a criminal wanted by the Georgian justice for the most serious crimes?

-, As you have already mentioned above, appointment of Saakashvili by the Ukrainian state power, will be a sign of  influence on it by side of certain external forces. Which external forces did you mean?

-, Of course  I meant the  aggressive western   neoliberal forces, which, despite the fundamental ideological and political transformations having taking place throughout  the world and that has already been reflected in  a particular result – presidentship of Trump in the United States of America, nevertheless maintain serious influence on an international level. Just these forces  are protecting Saakashvili and his clan in Ukraine, which has been very noticeable lately, and I sympathize with the Ukrainian people that their current government is being led by these forces, to run the country. In general, I think that the attempt of Saakashvili and similar adventurers to gather in the Ukrainian higher authorities is aimed at creating some tension in the region. I.e., as seen a decision is made for transition to a new phase the confrontation between Kiev and Moscow. But, I cannot say that even in case of appointment on the position of the vice PM, Saakashvili’s influence and political weight will be decisive in determining the state policy of Ukraine. No. of course. However, if the similar subjects are introduced in the governmental vertical as a political camp, this may create a certain weather, of course . . .

-. Now, let’s return back to Georgia. At one time, the government and justice of Georgia did not present or could not present such evidence against Saakashvili, on the basis of which the Ukrainian authorities would consider it advisable to extradite him to Georgia. The prosecutor’s office then made vague explanations and the trial was held in the absence of the accused. Why was the investigation unable to prosecute the ex-president more severely and effectively when there was really no shortage of facts and witnesses to prove his guilt?

– When we say that almost As large as 50-million  Ukraine is not rally independent and due to certain external forces cannot determine its political future, we must not forget that the influence of such forces on Georgia that is ten and twenty times small than Ukraine is much more higher. Despite the substitution of the state power, Georgia is still remained as a dominion of the worldwide liberal elite. Therefore, it is natural that here like in the  Ukraine, the political leadership is fully controlled. As to ineffective criminal persecution against Saakashvili,  here too everything is very simple: The prosecutor’s office had evidence, there were a number of arguments that, as twice as many as two are four, also revealed the gravest crimes of Saakashvili and his immediate entourage. But when it came down to it, the ruling party failed to fully disclose the evidence, as it was scandalous and blamed not only on Saakashvili but also on his Western political guarantors. I am referring to the people who remembered Saakashvili as a beacon of democracy and applauded him when the United National Movement put puddles of blood on the streets of Tbilisi. This was the main circumstance that put the “dream” in a deadlock and soon it found itself in a comical situation.

-, If the government did not obey the dictates of external forces and presented all the evidence against Saakashvili, what kind of punishment could the ex-president receive?

– I repeat once again:  a full disclosure on the level of evidences, of all documents reflecting  the crimes Saakashvili had committed,   could be a direct  revelation from the current US government to support the bloody regime and not only that. It could be  a practical discreditation of White House and, our authorities were told directly and clearly, not to do it. As to the size of punishment, the “Dream” could receive in any form the heaviest backlash –  sanctions, restrictions, isolation, and, of course, a riot like the Euromaidan would not be ruled out. In any case, it is clear that the aggressive western liberal elite would not have stopped. However, this does not justify the fact that the government has not been fully principled in a legal prosecuted of the offender and that the latter is still trying to float on the surface of certain political process.

-, Considering that some western forces still protect Saakashvili and try to introduce him on a forefront of the political events, how serious is a threat that he may try to return to Georgia, even after several years?

-, If Saakashvili comes back to Georgia, it means that a political theatrical performance named `Roses Revolution” is repeated  and the society will have new horns. Otherwise I cannot imagine how he can come back. However, I do not think that our society will allow such a development of the situation. Generally, I think the world is ruled by evil and good forces, and I hope that in the end good will defeat evil

Regarding the Ukraine, as I know the Rada scheduled 30th April to arrange votes on Saakashvili’s candidacy and, if he is  supported  this will be a violation of dignity of the State of Georgia, this will be an open, clear message by the liberal west to both the countries that for the west one political crazy and adventurer is more important than Georgia and Ukraine, together. I have already mentioned earlier and I would like to repeat it now too: in politics, corpses don’t come to life. As frequently somebody tries to revive and actuate escaped odious figures, as higher aggression they will receive from the society,  nude themselves and demonstrate clearly their real intentions.

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania   


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