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Georgia’s Economic Growth Forecast for 2021

Georgia's Economic Growth Forecast for 2021

According to the World Bank, in 2020 the Georgian economy  reduced   by 6%. The beginning of 2021 was not reliable for our country either, because the economy is in fact still stagnant, and its recovery started by stages on February 1. Against the background of the created circumstances, it is interesting what the forecast of different organizations say about the Georgian economy.

According to the Georgian government forecast, the economy will grow by 4.3% on average in 2021. Exactly 4.3% growth is envisaged in the current year’s budget.

As for international organizations, according to the World Bank forecast, we should expect only 4% growth of the Georgian economy this year. The IMF forecast is relatively different, predicting 4.3% growth in the country’s economy.



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