Home Politics Americans’ ”partnership” staged by Biden and Poroshenko and parallels in Georgia

Americans’ ”partnership” staged by Biden and Poroshenko and parallels in Georgia

Americans' ”partnership” staged by Biden and Poroshenko and parallels in Georgia

A big scandal broke out in Ukraine today. Rada MP Andrei Derkach has published recordings of telephone conversations between former Ukrainian President Poroshenko and former US Vice President Joe Biden and Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry.

It is clear from the records that Ukraine is under the strict control of the Americans. The Americans themselves decide on many key issues, e.g. substitution and appointment  of individual ministers or the government as a whole, dismiss of the “shrewd” Prosecutor General V. Shokin and replacing him  with “their” I. Lutsenko, etc. Biden directly demands from Poroshenko the removal of Shokin and the appointment of Lutsenko, as well as a complete change of government and in return the allocation of one billion dollars in aid (after fulfilling these conditions, Ukraine really took this money, i.e. Poroshenko sold the country, banally, for money). Biden is asking for Shokin’s removal and a change of government so that the financial machinations of his son’s company, Burisma, and in some cases direct embezzlement from the Ukrainian budget are not disclosed.

Americans' ”partnership” staged by  Biden and Poroshenko and parallels in Georgia

The United States has also been directly involved in appointing the country’s prime minister, demanding the appointment of loyal ministers and imposing unconditional directives on Ukraine’s banking sector.

The Baiden-Poroshenko talks show that there are American curators in every key agency in Ukraine, and that all important decisions are made under their direct guidance. It is noteworthy that in one of the conversations, Biden directly demanded an increase of 75% of utility bills for the population, and after some time Poroshenko gave  “report”  that increased taxes not by 75%, but by 100%, to which he received praise.

Biden also demands that Poroshenko borrow money from the International Monetary Fund and that Ukraine accept its draconian conditions without objection, to which Poroshenko obediently agrees.

The tone of the conversation itself is remarkable: Biden asks questions, while Poroshenko answers in detail like a standing school student, although, formally, Biden stands below him in status.

After all this, dear reader, it is up to us to guess who called Bidzina Ivanishvili to release Okruashvili-Ugulava and a little earlier to get the oppositional version of the election changes and what ultimatums he gave him. Also, the assumption that they like to say, the subject of the substantiated assumption is also the conditions under which we receive the so-called “Financial aid” and, in fact, capital loans from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank or other “international friends”. To cite the example of Ukraine, the “Friend” IMF categorically requires Ukraine to allow the sale of land (!) In order to defer old debts and issue new loans. There is no need to argue that in such a case, the buyers will not be Ukrainians.



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