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42,400 visitors in 9 months – from which countries does the Stalin Museum have the most visitors?


In the first nine months of 2021, the Joseph Stalin House-Museum had 42,400 visitors. 36,042 of them were foreigners. The statistics cover the period from March to December, as the museum was closed in January-February due to COVID-regulations.

Before the pandemic in 2019, the museum had 175,962 visitors, and in the pandemic in 2020 – 10,916. Ketevan Akhobadze, the chief defender of the Stalin State Museum’s funds, says that the main interest of the visitors is the details of the ballad’s personal life.

`Our museum has the most visitors in Georgia, most of whom are from Poland, Russia, Israel and Kazakhstan. However they come from all over the world. They are mainly interested in the details of Stalin’s personal life. We keep his personal letters and belongings.

The Stalin State Museum is located in Gori, the city where Stalin was born. The museum complex opened in 1957 after Stalin’s death. However, in the house where Stalin was born, the memorial museum  existed   as earlier as since 1937. The two-storey exhibition building with a tower was designed by architect Archil Kurdiani.




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