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The West supports and encourages the return of the Nationals to the government

The threats and bitterness that flow from the mouths of the UNM leaders are only a small part of what they are really going to do.

It can be boldly said that there are still two poles in Georgian politics: the „Georgian Dream“ stands on one side and the „National Movement“  on the other. It was the same in the previous, previous and previous elections. The assumption that Giori Gakharia’s party would play the role of a third force and bring an imbalance in the sweetness of the two parties was not justified. Moreover, Gakharia’s obviously exaggerated expectations, especially in the capital, turned out to be in vain and now the ex-premier will have to think, he must understand that just blinking an eye is not enough to for gaining support by voters 

Let’s start from the beginning – after gaining independence, the Georgian society soon split into Zviadists and putschists, a little later into Zviadists and Shevardnadists, and against their background were parties that were trying to survive with someone (for example, the Republicans). Then there is Saakashvili’s „National Movement“ and the rest of Georgia. That is, the Nationalists approached the issue as follows: whoever is not with us is our enemy. However, when needed, the `National Movement immediately formed satellite parties, introduced them in parliament and called them the opposition. Then came the “Georgian Dream”, which gathered the parties recognized by the “National Movement” as satellites (and even Republicans) in its time (and even Republicans)  and won the 2012 elections. Now you often hear that the solution is a plus government and no one mentions that after the victory in 2012, a coalition government was formed and the Speaker of Parliament was a representative of the “Dream”. Judge for yourself whether this is justified. But, Ivanishvili was burdened too by the survival of these parties and therefore announced that I should cut  the middle , and the satellite parties were gradually removed. At first glance, this calculation was correct and simple – the politicians associated with the “Dream” should not have been ousted by the “National Movement”, but in the end, the “National Movement” came to its senses and 32 parties took refuge under its wings. We got the fact that before the elections, the representatives of the opposition beat the representatives of the ruling team, and this happened because of the “middle cut”. I cannot say whether the “Dream” has thought about this and the satellite parties for the next elections, but the ”National Movement” is slowly but surely moving towards the return of power and is one step away from being at the top again.

If anyone has the illusion that the parties hiding under the wings of the National Movement are any different from him and the future coalition government (as they are announcing) will not be fully national, is very mistaken. If anyone thinks that after returning to power, the Nationals will trust someone and will not return the old faces, is also mistaken. Akaki Minashvili, Nugzar Tsiklauri, Eka Kherkheulidze have already appeared and they are threatening with old honors that after coming to power they will demand answers from everyone and in this “everyone”, as a rule, ordinary people are meant.

Richard Ogunuju also proved that most of the existing parties are nothing. The colored candidate defeated a number of opponents, and a native of the African continent, who arrived in Georgia not long ago and defeated you in the mayoral election in the capital, you should be deprived not only the right of being voted  but also to  you must cancel your party’s registration and hide in a very deep island. This is probably in a world where they have honor and conscience, but politics in Georgia has long been cut off the forehead vein and no one is going to improve

And, do you know what is more important? I can say with all 100% accuracy that in case of comeback of the “National Movement” to the power, the  liberal wing will rise to the forefront, and those in masks who dispersed people  on November 7 and May 26 at rallies  will appear again   and will . necessarily give opportunity to KVir community to arrange with “dignity” the pride parades  notwithstanding the fact that 98% of the population of Georgia is against. and . . . this people elects those who in case of winning the elections, will release from jail Megiz Kardava, Bachana Akhalaia, nullify  search for  Alexander Muhadze,  Soso Topuridze, and others. And, they will necessarily  be returned back on the top positions. The “National Movement” promises that it will very strongly control them, but in real, it will Wrap and disguise everything that no “Bedukadzes” penetrate in their circle.

The memory of the voter was calculated in a very short time and it became clear. If anyone cares about Ivanishvili’s fate and thinks that Mr. Bidzina will not allow a change of government, because he will receive the biggest blow, he is very mistaken. Ivanishvili will go to live in any country of the world and at the same time so that nothing will ever be difficult.

Unfortunately, the West is also in favor of a change of government in Georgia and the return of the Nationalists to the government. This was the reason for the unprecedented number of observers who came to this election and it is true that they can not yet say out loud that the election went badly, but they will definitely start trading so as not to record a 3-4% error in the results as a result of pressure. Their result does not come close to the 43% threshold that Charles Michel’s document killed and hung like  the Sword of Damocles  above us.

Unfortunately, more than 40% of voters no longer remember the violence, no longer remember how the whole of Georgia stood on its feet, how people were shot in the streets, how the nation was declared criminal when prisons were filled and every third lame was given a suspended sentence, how businessmen were not given official money , How the wives and lovers of government officials had everything right. We do not remember the money paid for the bite of a masseur, Dr. Dot, nor the 200 villages lost due to the senseless actions of the previous government, and nothing at all.

The threats and bitterness that flow from the mouths of the leaders of the National Movement are only a small part of what they are really going to do. The same Nika Gvaramia categorically states that after the return of the “National Movement” to power, he will become the Prosecutor General and will start terrorizing the people. Judging by his terminology, it will not be just imprisonment or getting into a cell, it will be the same torture, beating and beating that it was before.

And the only culprit in all this is the “Georgian Dream”. It was they who renounced values, it was they who turned to ugly cohabitation, and in the end it turned out that many of the odious figures of the previous government (especially in the regions) were still in “power” and acted exactly as in the period of the Nationals. People do not have a sense of restoration of justice and do not say now that the imprisonment of Mikheil Saakashvili has restored this justice. Go through the regions and ordinary people will tell you in detail how they were harassed, how they were terrorized, how they were oppressed at the time of the Nationals by the people who today’s the Dream is still at the forefront. The ruling team first lost its respect and then its face by putting forward unauthorized, useless faces and names. In 2012, even the most ardent supporter of the Nationals could not say that after 9 years they would have a chance to return to power and would have very little to lose. Instead, they are now in such a proud mood that if they do not take power, they may start a civil war and do not think that anyone will avoid bloodshed.

If the ruling power hopes to win by 2024 with the difference that it will have its own prime minister in the coalition government, it is very much mistaken. We repeat, the voluntary coalition government did not justify and Nadzaladevi will not justify at all. Moreover, the coalition government has put countries like Italy and Greece in a political crisis, and the formation of a coalition government in many countries has been followed by a revolution. Hopefully, the leaders of the Georgian Dream will realize this.

Beso Barbakadze  


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