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The EU-Oppressor and Victimized Georgia

Nana Kakabadze

Nana Kakabadze: They know that if Georgia does not get into debts to them they cannot tell us what kind of court we must have, what percentage to write in elections, what laws to pass, etc.

In the liberal political spectrum, hysterical concern over the Georgian government’s refusal to get another multi-million loan from the EU, which will entail a number of obligations incompatible with the national interests of the country, continues as usual. Fifteen so-called pro-Western gay parties, together with the foreign-funded third sector, accuse the ruling team again and again of deviating from the Euro-Atlantic course, serving the interests of the Kremlin and trying to return the country to the “dark Soviet past”, which is itself a new accusation. Moreover, there are accusations from the EU itself, whose leaders accuse Dream of not fulfilling its obligations. There are accusations that Dream deliberately foments anti-Western sentiment in the country, strengthens violent groups, and incites aggression. However, in response to these accusations and threats from the West, the Prime Minister stated that his boss is not the MEP, but the Georgian people: “The MEP is not my boss, my boss is the Georgian people… I don’t care who said what, I say to our people that it was a loan and we refused to take an additional loan,” Irakli Garibashvili said….

Why the Georgian government refused to take a $75 million loan and why the position of the ruling team was irritating for the West – these and other important questions are discussed with us by human rights activist Nana Kakabadze.

  • The refusal of the government to borrow money from the EU and the further increase of foreign debt turned out to be irritating for both so-called pro-Western opposition and the West itself. There have been accusations that as a result Georgia has finally deviated from the Euro-Atlantic course, that it has abandoned its “historic choice”, and so on. How do you assess the government’s position and the reaction it has received from the West?
  • To begin with, the best thing that is happening in the country amidst the severe crisis and tension caused by the Covid epidemic is a complete lustration. Political processes are being deciphered and exposed, with the result that what was in the middle has narrowed, and white and black remain unambiguous. It’s also important, and it’s especially noteworthy, that the lustration of the political course and orientation has once again taken place. That we are pro-Western, that the West is our partner and friend, that the EU is a historical choice, etc., turned out to be just a slogan that concealed not something good and favorable for us, but an ordinary swindle. Just imagine, it turns out they are concerned that we refused the loan. How dare we. It turns out that this is no longer a loan or aid, but something else…
  • What do you mean by that?
  • I think that loan and aid should be voluntary – one side asks, the other side helps. When they come to you and tell you whether you want it or not, take the debt, and if you refuse, then you are pursuing an anti-Western course, this is already an open political expansion, expressed without any guise or implication. Accordingly, the question automatically arises – why do they want Georgia to get bogged down in debts? Why do they want our foreign debt, which is already at a catastrophic level, to increase even more?!
  • What do you think the main objective is?
  • The aim is clear – they do not want such a Georgia, which will have political, economic and in general, any degree of independence, even a little. Why? – Because they know that if Georgia does not go deep into debt and gets stronger they cannot tell us what kind of court we must have, what percentage of elections we must assign, what laws we must pass, who we must arrest and prosecute, who we must bring to justice … That’s the way it is, that is, an enslaved country is easier to control and use. As for the so-called pro-Western opposition, which was also very concerned and irritated by the government’s refusal to take the loan, the lustration that I mentioned is very important in this context, because it once again made it clear what postulates their governmental thinking is based on. Their main political credo is not that the country should strive for real independence and sovereignty, like all normal states, but that Georgia should become a political appendage of the West. With their idea or conviction, they are trying to squeeze the country even deeper into the colonial vice of the West. I know why this situation is so attractive to them.
  • Why?
  • Let’s look at the chronology of events of the last 10-11 years. In 2012, the government changed and everyone expected justice to be restored, but the West protected the National Movement with its teeth; high-profile cases were investigated and Saakashvili was expected to be arrested, but Ukraine granted him citizenship at the US dictation, which was practically a political asylum. Then they stormed the parliament and tried to stage a coup, but failed, everything remained as it was. On the contrary, they managed to get the government to justify itself and emphasize that it did not use excessive force. This (and not only) shows that the pro-Western ideological and political domination creates a hothouse environment for the nationalists. Of course, it is a shock to the nationalists and their subdivisions that the country is being freed from Western slavery, because they know that in Western slavery they can do anything, including violence, theft, murder, and so on… In the end what they got was that Ugulava, the budget embezzler, is free and the prosecutor’s office for months has been begging Melia, who burst into the parliament – please, pay the bail, get out of jail…
  • We will also ask you about the position of the government. The Prime Minister, in response to a statement by MEP Viola von Kramon, told the media that his boss was not a MEP, but the Georgian people. Previously, such a statement could not be heard from either Garibashvili or other government officials. What has changed, why couldn’t the government speak to the West in such a tone until now?
  • Frankly, I am far from thinking that the idea of speaking in such a tone or with such rhetoric originated independently in the mind of the Prime Minister or any other high-ranking official. Unfortunately, I don’t have such a high opinion of them. Most likely it was decided at a higher political level and decided because it was time. The Dream seems to have come to the conclusion that it is disastrous for them, as a political party, to go with the flow like a dead fish. They realized that by such actions they were slowly, step by step, losing the reins and preparing for some very bad, dangerous processes… That is probably why it was decided, where a decision had to be made, that it was time for the government to stop being an “obedient child” and show its teeth. By the way, I note that the reason why the government should have changed something in its relations with the West, and above all reflected in its rhetoric, was most clearly and disturbingly evident in the EU demands for judicial reform, not to mention the Charles Michel’s agreement, which was a plan to return the National Movement to power, and thank God the government got out of that agreement in time. As for the $75 million loan, which again was imposed by the EU, and the rejection of it, some experts these days talk a lot about how we made a big mistake, how we could have offended the EU so much and so on. I am sure that if Georgia ever had a patriotic government, focused on Georgia and the Georgian people, the path to our economic development would be much easier. This is, first of all, and secondly, we will see that it is indeed possible for the country not only to exist without debts and heavy liabilities assumed in exchange for these debts, but it is also possible to develop, to move forward…
  • Do you see today the prerequisites for such a force to come to power?
  • I am deeply convinced that in addition to external forces, which of course have a serious influence on us, there are heavenly forces that are much stronger and fairer than these external forces. It is these forces that I hope will give Georgia another chance to have decent people at the helm, not a corrupt, unscrupulous government like we have seen so many times before. Some may laugh at this, but I believe in it. Naturally, relying on God does not mean sitting idly by. Of course it all depends on us, we must fight and show everyone with high civil consciousness that Georgia deserves normal government.

Interview by Jaba Zhvania

Editorial note: Last year alone, Georgia transferred $700 million abroad to pay interest on loans imposed by “caring” Europe and America. This robbery without arms is called “aid” by our Western partners and traitors firmly entrenched in our position-opposition. We hope you now understand, dear reader, why everything is getting more expensive every day and why life is getting worse and worse?



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