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Stephen Miller Says Donald Trump Is Victim of Witch Hunts: ‘Justice in America Is Dead’

Former President Donald Trump is a victim of witch hunts and unequal justice in America, Stephen Miller stated Thursday on Fox News’s Hannity.

Speaking about the partisan January 6 Committee and the Russia hoax, Miller pointed out to Sean Hannity that “equal justice in America is dead” because Democrats are ignoring real crises in America while fixating on Trump.

“What we have is Third World justice,” Miller said. “Donald Trump has been the victim for six years now of unrelenting phony investigations, persecutions, witch hunts, partisan attacks from Congress, from the DOJ, from the FBI, from the deep state, from the democrats, from New York State. It never ends.” “It goes on and on and on while our cities are besieged in crime–where you have actual murders, where you have actual gang members killing people in cold blood in broad daylight. But who do they want to go after? Donald Trump,” Miller answered rhetorically.

“And why? Because he is the greatest change agent ever to sit in the Oval Office. He brought back our jobs, our borders, our safety, our energy, our military, our dignity, our pride,” Miller continued. “And for that, they can never forgive him.”



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