Russia, India may soon accept each other’s RuPay, Mir payment systems

    Visa and MasterCard exited the market in Russia in March this year after the United States and other Western nations tightened sanctions on the country

    Cards based on Russia’s Mir payment system may soon be accepted at ATMs and the Point of Sale terminals in India as the two nations continue discussion to build a financial system which would not be affected by Western sanctions on Russia.

    Russia is also likely to clear the way for acceptance of India’s RuPay payment system. The mutual acceptance of RuPay and Mir cards within the national payment infrastructures of the two nations will make it easier for visitors from Russia to India …

    A source in New Delhi told DH that the mutual acceptance of Mir and RuPay cards for hassle-free use of the cards by Russian and Indian visitors in each other’s countries was among the issues discussed during recent engagements between the two nations…


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