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„Let those of you who „do not have fascism in the country“ know that now they liberate not you, but from you“

Accusations of an embittered Ukrainian against the Ukrainian intelligentsia

 Kharkov resident Oleg Novikov addressed an appeal to the Ukrainian intelligentsia:

When Sashko Billy appeared in western Ukraine on February 14 (2014), and they started robbing arms companies and shouting in groups:  “Moskaliaku na Giliyaku” (“Moskal on a tree branch” –  G.G.), you said that this does not fit into the framework of legality, but “there is no fascism in the country”

When young people – Zhudov and Sharov – were shot through the windows of a nationalist “Prosvit” in Kharkov on March 14, you said it was politics and “there is no fascism in the country”.

When, in April of the same year, a Jaguar subdivision forced more than 70 anti-Maidan activists to put nose  into the ground and then they were imprisoned for many years, you said there would be peace in the city, and  “there is no fascism in the country”. 

When on May 2, 2014, more than 50 people from Odessa were burned alive in the house of trade unions in Odessa, you said, it is not clear who was there – “there is no fascism in the country”. 

When unarmed civilians were shot dead by tanks and armored vehicles in Mariupol on May 9, 2014, you said it was all fake and ”there is no fascism in the country”.

When the Ukrainian Armed Forces bombed Lugansk on June 2, you said that the air conditioner exploded – “there is no fascism in the country”.

When they started bombing Donbass, you said, “but we are alive”, “there is no fascism in the country”. 

When the night marches with torches began, when the biggest monument to Lenin was torn down in Kharkov against the background of a general scream and madness, when the indulgences of committing lawlessness were unworthy, and in the country began so called  anti-terrorist operation, you said – “but not a war”, “there is no fascism in the country” .

When in the following years persecuted, arrested, tortured unacceptable people, you said, – you were warned, – “there is no fascism in the country” .

When the crimes of the Nazi battalions – “Azov”, “Donbass”, “Aidar”, “Tornado” and others against the civilians of Donbass were exposed – torture, murder, robbery, etc., when the dozens of mass graves of tortured and shot citizens were opened, when the Alley of Angels was opened in Donetsk, you did not say anything, but your silence meant that “there is no fascism in the country” .

When they started release Donbass you were shocked and surprised – yes, but “is there  fascism in the country”?

When the first windows in Kharkov were broken by the explosions, you panicked, ”what are you doing, you cannot do that” – “We do not have fascism in Kharkov”. 

When houses and infrastructure were destroyed by shells and rockets, civilians were killed, you were scared, “you came to your senses” and shouted – what did we do wrong? We do not want such a release! We do not want such a “Russian world”.  We were attacked by fascists!

When you were convincingly explained and shown that the Russians were only shooting at military installations and gathering places of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard, that the National Guard and the Ukrainian Armed Forces were hiding their military equipment between houses, that the National Guard was stationed in schools and neighborhoods. . . You close your eyes and close your ears to hide your fears and claim, – You are lying to everything, these Russians are fascists.

When they started harassing and insulting people on the poles in every city without a trial; When “Azov division used  the inhabitants of Mariupol as  live shields; When scoundrel Chil and Nemichev  shot in Kharkov  Russian captive soldiers, wounded their legs and saluted for life; When in the basement of a house in Mariupol, where the “Azov”  division  a shelter, they see the mutilated body of a young woman with no hands and a swastik engraved on her abdomen; When Russian military captives are cut off with their fingers and burned alive; When Vinicelli tortures people  inhumanly,  in public, in front of a video camera, and kills with a knife in the eye; When. . .

There is little evidence for you even now. You still do not understand what Russia came to save from. The questions “Why us?” And “For What”” Sank into “We did not ask for release” and “We do not need such a Russian world”. 

Let those of you who do not have fascism in the country know that now they  liberate not you, but   from you

Prepared by Giorgi Gachechladze  


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