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Georgian Government under the heel of Degnan

Irakli Kobakhidze, the chairman of the Georgian Dream party, said at a special briefing at the Georgian Dream office on July 28: “Charles Michel’s document has fulfilled its mission and is exhausted. Although more than half of the opposition MPs have not signed the agreement, we see that our international partners do not consider it necessary to strongly urge the radical opposition to sign the document and participate in its implementation. Holding self-government elections against the backdrop of a political agreement not signed by the main opposition party is detrimental to the country’s interests. In this situation, the announcement of the agreement exhausted by the “Georgian Dream” seems to us as an alternative step. Against the background of the annulment of the agreement of April 19, the question naturally arises: what is the fate of those clauses of the agreement, the implementation of which has not yet begun or ended? We stated before the signing of the document that the changes related to the electoral and judicial authorities would be implemented without any political agreement. Consequently, this process will continue. Judicial reform will be completed by next summer, and constitutional changes will be thoroughly considered and adopted”.

This was followed by local elections, which the opposition called a referendum, and despite the withdrawal of the Georgian Dream from the agreement, Western partners stubbornly reiterated that if the ruling party failed to cross the 43% threshold, snap elections would be called. And then, when Europe, America and the opposition lost the self-government elections together, they started thinking about how to change the government. Yes, they wanted to change, because America and Europe want a more obedient and more radical government with Russia. Due to the lack of human resources, there was no change in the shares and the West activated the main trump card – Mikheil Saakashvili arrived in Georgia. It is now safe to say that Misha received the “green card” from the West; He was assured that he could not be caught or, if caught, would be released soon. Neither one was justified, nor the other, so the West is still confused. Meanwhile, the Georgian Dream is trying to adapt the legislation to itself and the country, and has begun approving the rules for appointing judges and electoral reform.

“The hasty decision of the Parliament to repeal the recent reforms of the Central Election Commission appointing members undermines the concerted efforts of the ruling party and the opposition to fill these critically important positions on the basis of multi-party consensus. This is another unnecessary step away from the commitments made by the ruling party to the citizens and the international community to implement ODIHR’s long-standing recommendations, and to work with opposition parties and civil society to strengthen Georgia’s electoral system and democratic institutions. In order for Georgian voters to have confidence in the electoral process, they must trust the impartiality, independence and qualifications of the members of the Central Election Commission. This was the aim of the previous, consensus-based procedure agreed upon by the ruling party and the opposition before this rule was changed at the end of the process without inclusive consultation. We call on all parties in Parliament, civil society, the President and his team to work together to reach a multi-party consensus on the most qualified, independent and impartial candidates for the Central Election Commission positions that will become vacant in February” – This is the statement spread by the US Embassy. . .

It is no secret that Tamar Zhvania’s resignation before the elections was the main demand of the Western partners. They were sure that the “Dream” would lose the elections by removing Zhvania, but this did not happen. Now they are going to completely change the election administration, and not only in the Central Election Commission, but also in the regions in general, and even the opposition is urged to fight. The US embassy and the European ambassadors had the same reaction when it came to the appointment of judges. It was then that it became clear that during the rule of the Nationals, we agreed not only with the American ambassador on the appointment of judges, but also on specific names and surnames of who should be appointed where.

What is a state? – Electoral system and court. When both institutions work properly, the state is composed, because fair elections and the judiciary are what ensure the main thing – truth and transparency. And, it is these two institutions that the West is trying to gain control of, otherwise the rest is not interesting. What is the name of the first person of this or that ministry or who will work as the school director is less interesting. When you have the election administration in your hands, you bring to power whoever you want, and then you justify it with the court, that is, the judge appointed by you makes the decision you need. On the one hand, it is good that the government has realized this and is not devoting these two institutions to the West; On the other hand, there are many questions even about the names of judges who are appointed for life. The government justifies itself by saying that there is a shortage of staff in the judiciary, but does this not mean appointing to such a responsible position someone whose name has been tarnished and whom the population does not trust. It is the population, because the masses are seeking justice, otherwise high-ranking officials in Georgia are always right.

The US ambassador does not shy away from criticizing the government and constantly tries to interfere in the internal affairs of the country in such a way that no decisions can be made without him. Against this background, the government will unanimously declare that America is our partner, and if they see the American ambassador anywhere, a number of people will want to take a picture with him. How do you want to believe that the ministers do not understand that Kelly Degnan is trying to get the Georgian government under his heel and run it ?! Directly indicates that he must be obeyed, must be enslaved, otherwise he will always have a claim that the rebellious government will change. Calling someone who wants to enslave you a strategic partner is a serious problem.

By the summer of next year, these processes must be completed and we must have both a sound legislative framework and a fully functioning country’s main law, the Constitution, although the West threatens that if we do not treat the election administration and the court the way the West wants, snap elections will be high. I will set it. However, no preconditions for early elections can be seen, nor will they appear, if we are not forced to do so. There are already signs of that. Nor is it acceptable, the President’s initiative – to reconcile, if the opposition has adapted for itself: first Saakashvili should be released from prison and then reconciled. The Western “partners” realize that the only way to change the government ahead of time is to release Misha. First of all, it will irritate the majority of the population, and then Saakashvili, who is at large, will give himself the right to do everything, because his new arrest will be nicely wrapped up in a political sign. Yes, this initiative of reconciliation or reconciliation should not be taken by the president, the only solution is to release Saakashvili.

 In general, we think that this reconciliation is inspired by the West, because, in the opinion of the population, it is not a reconciliation with the “National Movement”, but it needs to be judged and punished. The feeling of injustice is the main thing that bothers people today. It is unfortunate that the Georgian Dream has not understood or cannot not understood or  has not been able to do this since 2012. For it is by the Dream that such “big” nationalists are appointed to positions that their punishment would be tantamount to discrediting the ruling team.

From next year, the West will try again to cut Georgian legislation on its own template, especially when the NATO summit is ahead and the government is pointing the finger: if you are not smart, you will not get better than the MAP. That is why the government needs patience and endurance, otherwise if the yoke of slightly released (and not abandoned) slavery is firmly established again, it will take no more than a decade to get rid of it.

 Beso Barvakdze


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