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Georgia is a breeding cow for our Euro-American sleepless friends

For the attention of the government: not only MPs, but also ordinary people have a stomach!

The former president of Georgia is still in prison; He is in prison because the Georgian court decided so. The majority of the population believes that the 6 years sentenced to Mikheil Saakashvili are too few due to the crimes committed during his tenure in power. There are crimes that the ex-president gets his hands on, what am I in the middle of, but, in fact, the lower echelon would not have dared to commit them without the will of the higher authorities. As expected, Saakashvili’s defenders appeared in Europe-America. As expected, because in its time the government of the National Movement gained a number of Western feeds from the state budget and their favor by transferring millions of dollars.

It is outrageous that Mikheil Saakashvili was not even allowed to attend his own trial. Not even the famous demonstrative trials of Moscow during Stalin’s Soviet era went so far, said former Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

In his time, Bildt was indeed one of the most influential politicians in Europe, and his presence at the zenith coincided with the period of the National Movement. Maybe not many people even know that Bildt came from business to politics. He was the CEO of the well-known and influential co-op company K Reab. It was the executives of this company who decided they should have a man above and chose Bildt. The National Movement, in particular, paid KEAR 17 to 20 million GEL a year in exchange for PR in Europe, and although Bildt claimed that it had nothing to do with the company, it was clear that one of its founders and directors was not standing aside. Bild was a man who visited Georgia 11 times in 2003-2008, he interfered not only in the internal affairs of the country, but also in personnel decisions.

Assessing the 2008 presidential election, Sweden’s ambassador to Georgia, Hans Gunnar Aden, made it clear that the election was not transparent, that his legitimacy was in doubt, and, of course, blamed Bildt for all this. Bildt understood everything well and … Aden was invited from Georgia. This was and is the only case to date when Sweden recalled its ambassador from Georgia. Let’s say one more thing about Bildt – Carl Bildt arrived in Georgia before the 2012 elections and openly stated that Georgia was already accustomed to holding democratic elections and there would be no basis or sense to protest the results of the upcoming elections in the streets. That is, he was confident that the Nationals would win again and prevented the opposition from taking to the streets. Well, it is not surprising that Bildt is silently defending Saakashvili. According to rough calculations, his company’s account has received 97 million GEL from the Georgian budget and, of course, this amount is enough to make him want to return a dairy cow to the Georgian government.

Georgia is shocked by the ill-treatment of ex-president Saakashvili in prison. The distribution of these videos by the Georgian government is deplorable. The case is becoming more and more political and the Georgian dream is more and more similar to the previous government. Georgia deserves better, – this statement belongs to MEP Viola von Cramon.

Let’s start with the fact that Mrs. Viola has no idea about Georgia, because only the supporters of the National Movement are shocked by Misha’s imprisonment. Most importantly, Viola von Cramon tries to easily  justify  money received from the Nationals. Yes, the money she received when  the Nationals were in power,  in exchange for supporting them, in exchange for planting their dark cases and ..

Cramon made at least one mistake when she said that the Georgian dream is more and more similar to the previous government … What does that mean? Is this an acknowledgment that the previous government could not have been what it should have been, but … where was Mrs. Cramon then and why did she not criticize the National Movement? Is it because she was taking advantage of them and now this channel is blocked? And then and now did the West know everything? She knew what was happening in Georgian prisons, she knew about the injustices committed by the previous government, she knew in detail the cases of Girgvliani and Robakidze, but she had water in her mouth. Why? Just because the previous government pursued exactly the same policy towards Russia as the West wanted, and in return the national’s government received a guarantee of inviolability.

Do not understand as if the Georgian Dream does not think about lobbyists and millions do not go from the budget to other pockets. It is true that not as much as under the previous government, but still our money is spent, and it is spent only because specific people make supportive statements. The reality is different, and neither the previous government nor the current government knew this: no one, except politicians, cares about either Cramon or Bildt. Yes, stop a hundred, if you will, a thousand people on the street, an ordinary citizen, a citizen on whom Georgia stands, and ask if the opinion of Viola von Cramon, Carl Bildt or any MEP matters, and I will tell you that they do not care what they think and more. Citizens will tell you that the above-mentioned persons should not have the right to interfere in Georgian politics. Where was either one or the other, when in Georgian prisons, not even loud protest, but even loud laughter was punished with the most brutal beating? Where were the MEPs and the US ambassador when the people who came out of prison whispered for a certain period of time because they were sentenced to prison for ordinary speech?

Unfortunately, the Georgian Dream is taking a similar path and is trying to reduce the pressure from the West as much as possible. However, they know for sure that the pressure on the Georgian Dream from the Western partners is directly proportional to the amount paid by the PR companies and lobbyists. That is, the opinion of friends and partners varies depending on who pays whom and how much. This is a clear example that everyone thinks about their own pockets and no one really cares whether Saakashvili will be transferred to Gldani prison or to the Republic Hospital. Or why does no one say that if Saakashvili does not like a prison hospital, why is he good for a few thousand other prisoners?

You will also remember Matthew Bryza, a man who almost settled in Georgia and our government would not have taken a step without him. Bryza even now said, do not harass Misha, and do not be surprised, so he behaves. It was Bryza who was gifted by several million nationalists while in power, it was Bryza who paid for a wedding in Turkey with the money of the Georgian budget and rented the presidential room in a 5-star hotel for the first night with the money of the Georgian budget. The former second deputy secretary of state has loudly said that Georgian democracy is in danger and was probably flourishing when he satisfied his passion of the first night with the funds of a democratic Georgia.

People who received various benefits during the previous government of Georgia will definitely protest against Saakashvili’s imprisonment. They have started making money and will not stop until they earn the last cent of the money taken from Georgia. If it happens that Misha is released, then there will be a different tariff, a different approach and they will invite Georgia in a different way.

Finally, on November 12, MEP Anna Fotiga arrived to visit Misha, but was not allowed to enter the prison. After that, Fotiga wrote the following words on the social network: I was denied  to visit Mikheil Saakashvili in prison. I regret the lack of transparency and goodwill on the part of the Georgian government, and I repeat that there is still a chance to resolve the situation. The Georgian government is fully responsible for the life and health of the former president. This is that  Fotiga on which the Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili said a couple of weeks ago, – she is not my boss and I will not walk under her instructions. For comparison, during the rule of the Nationals, prisoners had the right on visit once a month and,  for only their family members, no one could enter the appointment. At that time, Fotiga was probably satisfied with all this, because they paid, but now no one pays. . . That’s right, a hungry stomach knows how to scream.  For the attention of the government: not only MPs, but also ordinary people have a stomach!

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