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No to EU! No to NATO! Until . . .

No to EU, No to NATO!  Why so resolutely, why so categorically? There are many, many reasons! Because:

 It is  enough to be  in the role of a donkey waiting for alfalfa in spring for over 30 years! Both organizations Laugh at us with the same scenario and treat us like small children and deceive us with beautiful verbal promises: „we will accept you, how will we not accept you in our group you are so good country –  for this and for that our door is always open, but first we will give you homework and if you do well (without “fall” examination then let’s see – this and that law you should adopt,  this and that reform you should implement, some  amendments to make  to the Constitution which we will tell you, and you should do it, all our initiatives should be supported unconditionally, you should terminate good relations with some counties and, when we signal – even to start war. In order  not to relax, we will give you new tasks and you have to be ready for everything“!

In general, this is the essence of the reasons, and now I will specify more:

At the time of conclusion of any, moreover, international agreement, the signatory parties have their rights and obligations defined, the terms of action and other details indicated. And we have been so zealously shouting “NATO–NATO and Europe–Europe” for years, as if (so they stuck in our heads!) “NATO” was our savior and unifier, and Europe was our builder, we thought (many still think so!) that we would only improve our being by entering there and, therefore, we did not even read the   conditions for entry in these organizations, the benefit, the great one that we would have, it was even a shame to doubt it – you would only reveal your “backwardness” by doing so. Too late, but still, reality has opened our eyes, but, unfortunately, we still don’t know what they agreed with us about (EU requirements are included in 369 classified questionnaires!), what benefits we will have specifically (!), what rights we will have (will   we have them at all?!) by joining NATO or the EU, along with obligations, and will there be an opportunity to withdraw (judging by the example of the UK, this is not an easy procedure). Could it be possible to join any union without knowing the conditions – rights and obligations of the parties?! After all, this is madness! Oooh, the government knows everything and people still won’t understand much?!

Some probably do not really understand, especially when neither you, my government, are trying to explain anything to them, but the majority of the population still understands that:

1. Neither NATO nor the EU are capable to restore Georgia’s territorial integrity and improve our  economy; We should not expect anything more from them but expressing concerns;

2. Nobody will oppose Russia because of us. On the contrary, for their our own interests we are confronting  with Russia and even  started a war in 2008;

3. We are not allowed to restore diplomatic relations with Russia and to negotiate directly with it, and for not opening a second front against Russia in support of Ukraine, we were even discouraged and humiliated as a child – we were no longer granted the status of a candidate for the European Union!

4. The government is forced to cohabitate with the criminal “National Movement” and demand the release of the main Nazi – Saakashvili from prison;

5. They request us to refuse  national traditions and Orthodox values;

6. They turned a blind eye to the 9-year state terror of their own “son of a bitch”  Saakashvili and never said even a word against human rights trampling, inhuman conditions of prisoners, merciless beating and beating, rape of men, brutal torture and death cases caused by this! After the arrest of Merabishvili and Akhalaia, almost per week the delegations of American–European Senator–parliamentarians were  arriving to check the conditions of “two corpses” wisher  in prison. Not in disrespect, they treat us so impudently that people were fined for “violating” Merabishvili’s rights – for leaving for interrogation at night (the government covers the fines from our pockets and our taxes)! And, in the case of a border violator who shamefully entered the country, a simulant Saakashvili, when they could not find a flaw in the sentence, they came up with something unprecedented for the prisoner – to send him abroad for treatment!

7. They are so cheeky  that they did not even leave us the right to refuse some of the loans offered, – once we dared and they made such noise as if we had taken the money away! However, it is known that every loan comes with a regulation of its spending, how to spend it, where and from whom to buy goods, etc.  So, neither gifted money nor a loan we can spend as we see it necessary! 

8. Thieves of the Treasury: Saakashvili, Ugulava, Bokeria, Chanturia . . . The organizers of the coup and the participants of the invasion of the parliament: Melia, Okruashvili . . . – they are considered political prisoners and worthy of pardon! They also demand pardon of Gvaramia – the man who repeatedly called the president of Russia with insulting words, and called the current president of Georgia an incredibly dirty name and for that, shamefully, no one has demanded answers from this scoundrel, nor the president herself sue him (this bastard  is serving his sentence only for corruption and damage and destruction of other’s property). Despite this, I do not think that Mme. president will be allowed to pardon Saakashvili or Gvaramia, but if she still decides to do so, then she is  .. really 

9. Elections, selection of governmental personnel and court decisions (primarily related to LGBT persons and political issues) are controlled by the US ambassador together with European ambassadors!

What else can I list? But even if one of these points is not a hindrance, neither the parliament (150 people), nor the government (20),  prime minister or  president have any right to enter any military or economic international union without asking the people, no matter how attractive they paint them for  us! They are well aware of this and therefore they often refer to plebiscites conducted under the conditions of rigged elections 15 years ago, according to which 77% of the population supported NATO membership. Since then they have been repeating and repeating this number, but they are still „afraid of holding a referendum“   like one may be afraid of a gun! 

The referendum, which, unlike plebiscite, has legal force, must be held by all means! And it should be held not on one, but on several vital issues of utmost importance for Georgia:

1. Do you want to join NATO?;

2. Whether or not you agree to join NATO without Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region;

3. Whether you support joining the military bloc or adopt the policy of non-adherence (neutrality) ;

4. Should Saakashvili’s “United National Movement” be tried;

5. Do you agree to prohibit LGBT propaganda and so-called “Pride” (“Pride” marches and festivals);

6. Whether the record should be removed from the Constitution as if membership in “NATO” is the cherished goal of the Georgian people;

7. Do you want to join the EU on the terms it imposes on us.

This last question is the first in its meaning, but I left it at the end, because I want to talk about it a little more.

Of the three main conditions that most of the population knows, none of them can be fulfilled: neither depolarization, nor deoligarchization, nor – let the LGBT(Q+) community act as it wish! And, here’s why:

It is impossible that the 19-year confrontation between the “Georgian Dream”, the absolute majority of the Georgian people on one hand, and the “National Movement” on the other hand  which has reached its peak in recent months, will be completed in six months at the request of the European Union. Considering how the “Nationals” behave, how they speak at rallies, televisions and what demands they make on the government, it is going to escalate the confrontation and not depolarization! The confrontation and the excitement of the people is all the more incredible when people gone through hell of  Saakashvili’s regime see that America and the European Union are patrons of criminal Nazis!

When you look at President Zourabichvili’s ungrateful behavior – confrontation with the power, with the people who made her president and, what is much more disgusting – her actual transfer to the Nazi camp, you are once again convinced that depolarization is impossible. Therefore, it is cynicism or complete inadequacy when this lady calls us to depolarization! Her recent behavior surprised us all when she showed us her “diplomatic example” of depolarization at the concert of the Georgian song ensemble held in Vatican, – she was sitting with her arms outstretched, and not to say even a word about the conversation, she did not turn her  head even one degree to the minister of culture Tsulukiani and her little girl, as if they did not exist at all. Even if there is complete incompatibility and contempt between   the president and the minister, such behavior  in public is a disgrace to the country!

Depolarization is only possible in case of denationalization! And this will not happen until the regime of the national movement is judged for  its main (!) crimes  and not – for things like “suit”,  making fun of people! Currently, 10,000 prisoners in Georgian prisons have not taken as many (and such) crimes as Saakashvili’s national gang   committed: Theft of Treasury, misappropriation of private property, rape, torture, murder, sale and alienation of strategic objects and lands, abandonment of civilian population in a criminal war without assistance–instead of evacuation, taking them to the war area instead of evacuation, giving up Kodori Gorge without a fight, transferring Akhalgori district directly to the enemy, etc.  As Ivanishvili, who was the prime minister of Georgia in 2013, informed us, the value of houses, lands, businesses, cars and other property seized from the population of Georgia   exceeded o seven billion (!). This is only the amount seized  from the population, and if we add to it the rollbacks from loans and grants, as well as from illegal arms sales (Kezerashvili and others), more than 10 billion will come out, Which means, for comparison, every prisoner would get one million! The so-called oppositional  TV channels of “Nationals”  are financed by this criminal money.

As for de–oligarchization, it will not work either – the only Georgian billionaire, maybe a weak politician, who, although he could not fulfill the main promise made to the people, could not judge the national movement (and some other promises), but no one can expel the winner over the Saakashvili regime and the greatest philanthropist, by the “request” of the nationals and the EU!  Georgian people are not ungrateful, only natives are ungrateful! However, the issue of expulsion of those who are funded from the West and who carry out Western orders may arise indeed!

The seeds of the LGBT community will not rejoice in Georgia either – the Georgian nation dedicated to Christianity during 17 century will not allow creating greenhouse conditions for the perpetrators of Sodom–Gomorrah sin – Pride festivals, same–sex marriages and raising children by gay couples until Georgians are alive!

It is extremely important to explain to people the pros and cons of the problems to be discussed before the referendum, for which it is necessary for all televisions (private or public broadcasters) to give the same duration of airtime to both parties – supporters and opponents, for example, 1-2 hours per day and not less than one month (violators should be fined)

Obviously, the results of the referendum will be mandatory for any government to enforce, regardless of which party is in power!

The voice of God and The voice of the nation! Therefore, until the referendum is held, no  to  NATO! No to  EU!

It  should be said  separately that this is a great blasphemy when a party that terrorizes its own nation, divides it into parts and generates confrontation, mocks Christian values and insults the church and the patriarch, which conducts a foreign policy based on denunciations against its country, and has nothing to do with nationality, is called a national or national movement! This is an unprecedented oxymoron! The names of party–organizations are not chosen aimlessly, so in this case – it is designed to confuse people, mislead and discredit the word “national”!  Therefore, if we want to survive and remain Orthodox Georgians, a national movement must be destroyed like Carthage!

Iakob Lezhava

July, 2022                                                    

P.S. When any international organization does not accept you as a member due to non-fulfillment of certain conditions, it is its will and you cannot argue, there is nothing strange in it. The only thing that is Strange is that, regardless of whether or not any state wants to join Western organizations, America and Europe, with all their economic, political or military might to everyone, the whole world, directly extorts the rules of people oppressed by nature  and deviated from  the norm (to say mildly), rules that have been condemned by all religions for centuries.

What is the purpose of such pressure?! The goal is clear – not reproduction, but debauchery and extinction! More than half a century ago, those who are called the secret government of the world began to seriously think and act on depopulation – ways and methods to achieve it! We have talked about depopulation many times in previous years, especially during the COVID pandemic period, but now we are witnessing such a dangerous, satanic intention that I consider it necessary to draw the reader’s attention to one fact that happened a few days ago.

In the American state of Georgia, 175 km from Atlanta, in 1980, a strange monument known as “American Stonehenge” was erected in an empty field, consisting of six 6–meter high granite slabs (one tile in the center, four around it and one placed on top of them). The official opening of the monument was attended by 400 people, but it is unknown who they were, neither the sponsors nor what was the purpose of the monument! This is very strange for America, where Baphomet (the same სatan), not only in the field, there are monuments in the cities, and everything is known about them!

On four tiles on both sides were engraved Appeals in eight languages, including Russian, of which two of them are noteworthy:

First: Never to exceed  the Earth’s population half a billion;

Second: regulate the birth rate (according to the upper requirement, obviously! –  I. L.) 

So Bill Gates and his fellow spiritual brothers seem twice as kindhearted in the plans of depopulation – they have decided to reduce us to one billion, that is, to cut off just seven billion people with famines, wars, epidemics (the”Ninth Wave” is just short of us!) And endless vaccinations!

American Stonehenge was blown up by strangers on July 6 this year! Despite the fact that only one wall was destroyed, the state authorities, instead of restoring or conserving the monument, knowing the attitude of the population towards the monument, took an operational decision on the same day and, citing security reasons, completely demolished it the next morning, which was fervently welcomed by Christians and right-wing politicians. They considered this monument satanic. “We are happy, we worship only one true God, not an impostor and the father of all lies” – said Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona.


I. L.  


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