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Nana Kakabadze: Nazis hiding under the slogan of freedom shake the country and the West supports them

"What Europeans are currently doing in our country is mockery"

Nana Kakabadze

Since the representatives of the so-called opposition have refused to enter the supreme legislative body of Georgia on the pretext of falsifying the parliamentary elections, European politicians visit our capital one by one and try to play the role of conciliator between the so-called opposition and the government. Christian Danielson, Personal Representative of the President of the European Council Charles Michel, visited Tbilisi again.  His walking back and forth has become a nuisance in Georgian society: some call Danielson “Azdak of liberals”, while others offer an apartment to rent … The largest part of the society is protesting against the talks of the guest and the so-called Georgian politicians’ behind closed doors are also irritated by the participation of Ugulava-Bokeria-Bakradze in these talks, who failed to win seats in the elections … Human Rights Defender Nana Kakabadze talks to us on why negotiations are being held behind closed doors, what European politicians are trying to do

– Europeans’ running back and forth is a rule of open game, if before we were told that Georgia is an independent country and no one can interfere in its decisions, today it is clear to everyone that we are not independent, Europeans do not even hesitate, they tell us directly – you are a banana country and do everything as we will tell you. If we do not do as we are told, they threaten to punish us, they will not give us money; Whatever they have given to us, they will ask us to pay back, and so on.

– What do they want from us, what are they willing? to return the Nazis to power?

– I do not understand the support that the Nationals have from them. To put it bluntly: what Europeans are currently doing in our country is an insult, but, unfortunately, there is no one left in our country who will speak publicly about all this. Those who are invited to talk about these issues on TV are staff of the Nationals, the so-called experts who emerged just yesterday. You turn on the TV, someone is sitting and suddenly they write “expert”, but all of them are artificial creations. Whoever these “experts” are, I listen and it is obvious that all of them are pouring water on the mill of the “National Movement”.

What is happening today means that we are not independent, we are under a dictatorship, a terrible dictatorship, including from all sides, including Europe. What else should you think of when they call on the government for democracy, freedom of the judiciary and the second minute, they demand release of the so-called political prisoners from prison. If the court is to be independent, the prosecutor’s office is to be independent, how the government can release a prisoner from prison ?!

They go to the President of Georgia and urge her to pardon this or that prisoner … I wonder if such a thing happens in a really democratic, sovereign, free country ?! I am a middle-aged woman, there is nothing I have not witnessed, I was a dissident, I fought against the Soviet government, but I do not remember such a thing, no one has really done such a thing to Georgia before.

– We know about the existence of the so-called lobbyists; We know that both the Nazis and the Georgian Dream supporters have lobbyists in America and Europe. Do you think the Nazis are blackmailing their lobbyists? This question arose because such a sacrifice of Europeans for the Nazis is very surprising and doubtful …

– Of course, Europeans have obligations to the Nazis, there are no two opinions on that. Nationals were criminals, they came to power in a criminal way, they ruled the country corruptly and criminally, and therefore they had relations with criminals, and no matter whether you call a criminal European, American or Asian, a criminal is a criminal.

I know all this and I am not surprised, but I am surprised by those governments, whose representatives seem to be solving our problems here today. I wonder if some individuals interfere in the politics of another country so why the authorities of that country do not restrain their behavior ?! We called it a partner country, but where is this partnership? No one has the right to interfere in the domestic politics of the country. All this is happening only towards Georgia. It is inconceivable that somebody would commit criminal acts in another country and no one would be held accountable. The fact is that our European so-called guests act like criminals.

We do not have a patron, because no one condemns the behavior of Europeans who are in a corrupt and criminal deal with the Nazis, not even the authorities of the countries from which they come. The upper echelons do not condemn the actions of politicians of unknown origin, which means that liberal or fascist evil forces have a way open in Georgia. In Georgia, the Nationalists are supported because almost all European countries and America are in favor of perverted liberalism.

The Georgian people are forced with by all kinds of dirt and are deprived of their freedom, their right to choose. The Nazis can and have the opportunity to say everything because they are supported by the so-called Europe, but let us dare and try something … they will stone us, marginalize us, destroy us and all this will be supported by local and international televisions. Nevertheless, what I am talking about, we have all seen what they have done to the former US President Donald Trump. Everyone, including our politicians, I mean the so-called opposition, and the Europeans who came, are fascists.

– The ongoing negotiations between the so-called opposition and the government are mainly behind closed doors, so to speak, it is a secret …

– Negotiations are going on behind closed doors because we are a colony. Well, what more should a person think ?! We know by heart all the points on which they are supposed to agree. So what are they hiding ?! They hide the fact that they are offering dirty deals to the government. Someone, forgive me, will come and interfere in the internal affairs of our country, issue an ultimatum to the elected government to release criminals from prison, to hold re-elections, which is not in the interest of the voters.

The so-called European Benefactors make demands and ultimatums to the government and that is why they close the door on us. They do not want us to understand and see how dirty they are in supporting the Nationals.

The former mayor of the city Ugulava, the former chairman of the parliament Bakradze, who had previously joined Bokeria’s party “European Georgia”, said that they left the party because they could not win the seats, but, nevertheless, they are participating in the negotiations between the so-called opposition and the government and they are the ones who make the first statements …

– These people are encouraged and the negotiators who come here call them to participate in the negotiations. Bakradze and Ugulava left the party, they did not form a new party, nor did Bokeria win a parliamentary seat, but the “mediators” are throwing ashes in our eyes and calling these people to speak. I ask everyone – what does all this mean ?! This is insolence on the part of the “mediator”, I think the government should not enter into these negotiations at all. The fact is that our “mediators” will continue visiting Georgia until re-elections are held and the Nazis enter the parliament with a majority.

No one has the facts that the election was rigged, there is no reason to hold a re-election. When the Nazis talk about the scales of falsifications, this number of population does not live even in China.

Nobody cares about the people, we have pressure from outside, Europe is trying to destroy this country, to destroy, to kneel more than we are kneeling. They come out and talk about the welfare of the Georgian people, they close the door on us during negotiations.

We all know what we are really talking about. It has already been reported that the Nazis are being offered the chairmanship of five committees, and if this is true, then this “Georgian Dream” is also to be removed from the government.

“Dream” should know that the appointment of a Nazi on the governmental positions is not the desire and dream of the Georgian people, so they should not believe the European “benefactors”. It was because of these Europeans that criminals could not be caught, moreover, they are demanding the release of the detainees, which is not really the desire of the majority of the population of this country. Leaving criminals in politics means constant attacks on parliament, state institutions; The Nazis hiding under the slogan of freedom are shaking the country and the West is supporting them.

If Georgians do not wake up, if we do not rise our voices, if we do not protest against this vassalage, then those Europeans will not come to negotiate, they will just call and decide our fate. It is necessary for both Europe and America to understand that Georgians will not endure slavery, Georgians will not become slaves!

Interviewed by Eka Naskidashvili spoke


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