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Dimitri Lortkipanidze: They will see the revolution when 60-70 percent of population explodes and takes to the streets

Dimitri Lortkipanidze

“If the National Movement that has committed crimes against international law, is to come back, we will be entitled to launch a universal people’s uprising.”

A recent statement by the member of the Council of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasin about a possible visit of the Russian delegation to Tbilisi within the framework of the Council of Europe Ministerial was prompted by a sharp reaction from the Georgian political spectrum. The angered and furious (22-party) opposition (as a “strong political monolith” united against the government) has again shown complete unanimity.

In particular, many have said and written that Lavrov’s visit to Georgia (or any other Russian diplomat who violated the law on occupied territories) would be a violation of the country’s constitution. Moreover, there was also a hint that this would most likely lead to serious public upheaval, which could lead to unmanageable processes and ultimately harm the country. There were those whose reactions were usually beyond the “hurray-liberal” concern and who went directly to the direct, unconcealed threat against the “dream”. For example, lawmaker Roman Gotsiridze said that if Lavrov arrives in Tbilisi, Ivanishvili and the entire government will have to flee from Georgia by Lavrov’s plane. Then and again, this anti-Russian hysteria also involved Nazi or European National Movement party activists. The social networks were filled with threatening and “promises” that if this visit is made and the government allows it, “Gavrilov’s Night” will be nothing to it…

Why is any attempt to hold a dialogue with Russia unacceptable today for the opposition spectrum, especially for political forces ruled by the West? What do they really care about and what might follow Lavrov’s visit to Georgia? – These and other important issues are addressed by independent human rights defender Dimitri Lortkipanidze.

– Mr. Dimitri, the representatives of the National Movement are already openly threatening that if the Russian delegation arrives in Georgia, the government will face a revolution. Why are any steps toward improving relations between the two countries so irritating to these people and what dangers they may pose? We have once seen a provocation called “Gavrilov’s Night”.

– First of all, I would like to focus on the wrong and inappropriate approach of the authorities to the issue, which, in my opinion, is crucial in the anti-state hysteria that the opposition has alleged. Given the fact that the management team, in fact, does nothing to inform the public of the significance of political influence of the international institutions, for example, the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers, etc., such destructive forces, such as the Nationals and European nationals, are actively engaged in providing disinformation to the population. This is especially true for the population of the regions, and it is certainly not a coincidence that whenever these forces speak of some political activity, such as organizing protests, they focus on people far from the center – those segments of society who lack access to objective information on these processes. As for the threat that if Lavrov arrives, it will be an insult to Georgia that people will not tolerate, I would like to remind the public of one important fact that has not been made public. In 2016, when the Russian delegation visited Georgia within the framework of the OSCE Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, it was led by Leonid Slutsky. Slutsky, as well as those Russian lawmakers, against some of whose arrival the opposition parties have been brushing their teeth today, had violated Georgia’s law on the occupied territories, but neither the Nazi nor other political entities then uttered a word. Do you know why?


– Because that year Gigi Tsereteli was to be elected President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe … Now, let’s remember a more distant past: on January 20, 2008, at the Rustaveli Avenue, Mikheil Saakashvili’s inauguration was attended by Sergey Lavrov, who, considering the fact that he was born in Tbilisi and had links to the city’s past, was taken for a walk in the neighborhoods of old streets of Tbilisi after the inauguration. Not to mention that in 2003, during the so-called notorious “Rose Revolution”, he was the main mediator and negotiator between Saakashvili and Shevardnadze

-What does all this mean?

– The only thing and, I think, the society understands it well – no occupation, no territorial problems for the Nationals and European Nationals is the reason for unacceptance of  the dialogue with Russia. They will talk to anyone if they need to, based on their narrow party interests. As for the ministerial planned in May, I think that today, when the concept of Georgia’s territorial integrity goes directly to the possibilities of Georgian-Russian negotiations, this ministerial should be used as much as possible to create some preconditions for direct dialogue with the Kremlin.

– Opposition threatens that “Gavrilov’s Night” will be nothing and there will be a worse protest if the Russian delegation is admitted to Georgia.

– I can tell you directly that if they try to do something more dirty provocations to prevent the country from holding this ministerial, we will personally lead the contraction against them. In this case, I see no other way out.

I would like to emphasize one more thing: There is a lot of talk today that there is a revolutionary atmosphere in the country, as if the opposition of 22 parties is going to do something. I have said and will repeat: If this country is going to be headed again by the National Movement that has committed crimes against international law, together with with its divisions and units,  then we, Georgian people, will be entitled to launch a universal people’s uprising.” But rebellion is not only against these dark forces, but also the subversive and tolerant authorities …

Do you see the danger today that these forces will return to the top of the country?

-Unfortunately, I see it and more and more circumstances indicate it. However, for example, Mr. Irakli Kobakhidze said: The West forces us to shake the opposition by hand. what does this mean? This means that the government is practically embracing new cohabitation. If, in turn, the Georgian Dream is also prepared to bear this burden against the will of the Georgian people, as it once did, then people will not tolerate it. If the political situation in the country becomes extremely dangerous and in dangerous I mean the danger of the “National Movement” return, according to Article 5 of the Constitution of Georgia, people have the right to resort to legal form of expression of their will – rebellion. I say this with full responsibility and I will do what I haven’t done in my life – I will lead a rebellion …

– But today the society is quite inert. Why?

– The inertia of the society does not mean that the people does not care, simply the society is unbelievably reliant on everyone, but behind this inertia there is a huge protest that will sooner or later erupt. If Mikheil Saakashvili, a fugitive abroad, along with his criminal entourage, including Bokeria, Adeishvili, Ramishvili, Akhalaia and criminal offenders, try to move back the wheel of history, then the Georgian people will move this wheel forward.  This will be a real revolution, not what the 22-party opposition has announced. If they could do this, they would have revolutionized the country nine times before, but as you see, they cannot bring more than 50 people out in the streets.

– The real problem for them is that they can’t get people out?

– of course. Generally, in any revolutionary scenario people are the main actors. As for finances, in Ukraine, for example, $ 5 billion was spent on Euromaidan, but there the society was treated accordingly. Nobody is investing so much money in Georgia because we have already seen this movie and they know that we have immunity from such political processes …

– Let’s go back to the CoE Ministerial. Let’s say the Russian delegation arrived and everything went well. What opportunities does this have for us?

– I am far from thinking that one or two meetings will make a significant breakthrough in the relationship, but the key here is something else. The key is the political approach and principles – you should look for a solution right there where the problem is. Everything else is already the process and the perspective will appear in the process. Well, to tell the truth, I have no hope, and I am not really saying this with a malevolence, that there will be similar approaches to the issue under this government. Today’s powers are dominated by forces that are dictated by the Nazi and European Nazi. As for a revolution, that is waited for so many people, they will see the revolution when 60-70% of the inert population explodes and takes to the streets; Then they will see how the general public uproar and real human anger dispel these evil forces. Nothing else and no process can stop them. They need exactly the verdict of the people and the rule of political lynching arranged in the wake of universal public unrest …

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania


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