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Why does the USA ambassador think that people have short memory?

Ian Kelly

The USA ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly commented on the special operation conducted on November 22 at Monk Gabriel Salos street:  what we worry most of all it is the security of the people. Of course we are observing the process with a great attention and we know that certain measures have been taken to ensure the security of the people and to prevent damage to them during this special operation. I repeat once again that their security is the most important.”

It seems that the USA ambassador, who this year was accused by the military expert Tristan Tsitelashvili of meeting with Islamic Republic terrorists returned from Siria to Pankisi Gorge, thinks that the population of many countries in the world have short memories and do not remember the crimes committed by the USA against humanity, or they just close their eyes to such crimes just like the non-governmental organizations funded by Americans.

May 26
May 26

* Perhaps, Mr. Ian Kelly thinks that Georgian people have forgotten that the USA government and its ambassadors to Georgia have not uttered a single word about the brutal dispel of peaceful demonstrators by the bloody regime of Saakashvili in November 2008 and on May 26, 2011. At that time Americans failed to remember that “the security of people is the most important”.

* Perhaps, Mr. ambassador thinks that nobody remembers how American soldiers bombed (by mistake, as they say) the hospital of the international organization “Doctors Without Borders” four times during four days in city of Kunduz, Afghanistan in October, 2015. As a result of the bombing 12 doctors and 10 patients including 3 children died.

It is notable that according to the statement of the representatives of the above mentioned organization, they informed Americans about the location of the hospital but they still continued bombing for 1 more hour.

*Perhaps, Mr. Ian Kelly thinks that everyone has forgotten the four missiles fired from the American planes to the hospital of the organization “Doctors Without Borders” in February, 2016 in the town of Maarrat al-Nu’man in the province of Idlib in Syria with the population of 40 thousand. Which was followed by a destruction of the building and casualties, as a result the population was left without medical service.

* Or perhaps, he thinks that nobody knows that just several months ago, in July, 2017 American air-forces bombed a hospital and sports club in the city of Abu Kamal in the province of Syria as a result of which 6 civilians were killed and 10 were wounded.

* Or perhaps, he thinks that the world has forgotten atomic bombs exploded in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th  and 9th of August, 1945, as a result of which these Japanese cities were totally destroyed and up to 200 thousand of peaceful residents were immediately killed.

* Or perhaps, he thinks that nobody remembers millions of peaceful civilians killed during Napalm bombing by American militaru forces in Vietnam in 1965-73.

* To leave alone the destruction of millions of Indians during the process of creating the American state, perhaps, Mr. ambassador thinks that nobody remembers the massacre by Americans on the island of Grenada in 1983 or the horrible acts committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia or Libya.

By the way, Mr. Kelly responded to the accusation by Tristan Tsitelashvili in the following manner: “I have been in Pankisi only once with the president of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili. I think, my visit lasted about half an hour. I think that transparency and publicity of the activity is very important. My activity is transparent, public and open. I support the process of Georgia’s reforms, Georgia’s European-Atlantic aspirations and the development of Georgia. Generally, my government fights against any form of terrorism and extremism. ”

To demonstrate how the USA government fights against terrorism and extremism, I once again offer you the extracts from the article of a famous American lawyer and publicist, the founder and president of the Rutherford Institute –John U. Whitehead (see the full article in “Georgia and the World”, N 21, 2017) “Reign of American Terror: A Nation Reaps what is Sows”:

* Who created the malware program that damaged thousands of computers worldwide and for measures against which hackers demanded a ransom? – The USA Government.

* Who is the largest purchaser of cyber weapons in black market and who is stocking up cyber weapons? – The USA Government.

* Which country has one of the largest arsenals of mass destruction weapons? –  The USA.

* Which country produces weapons in the largest volume and which country is the biggest exporter in the world?  – The USA.

* Which is the only country that has used the atomic weapon? – The USA.

* How did Sadam Hussein create the huge arsenal of tanks, planes and rockets in Iraq? – with the help of the USA Government.

* Who provided Usama Ben Laden and “Al Qaeda” with a “generous secret funding and high level military equipment”? – The USA Government.

* Which country has the biggest experience in provocations against those individuals who are fed with propaganda, Know-How, who are provided with weapons to make them terrorists and then arrest within the frameworks of the well-planned operation of fight against terrorism? – The USA.

* Where has the terroristic organization Islamic State acquired so many types of deadly weapons? – From the USA Government.

* Which country has the history of secret testing of dangerous weapons and technologies on its own citizens? – The USA.

* The USA Government is not protecting us from terrorism, the USA Government is creating terrorism; Essentially, it is the source of terrorism.

* Cyber war, terrorism, biological and chemical attacks, aspiration to atomic armament, spying, narcotics – the USA Government inspired with Machiavellianism has sowed terrorism seeds in almost every case on both national and international levels to broaden its total power.

* We are not dealing with the state that exists to serve its people, protect its freedom and ensure its happiness. This looks like the machinations of an evil program enacted with unbelievable scale with the sole purpose: to constantly (and profitably) maintain the structures for the power.

*American people pay for the voracity and aspiration towards power of the greed government. As a result we suffer.

* America will never be safe while our government continues robbery, bankruptcy, murders, creating instability, funding rebellions, accumulating mass destruction weapons and attempting to control the world.

This is how the USA cares about the security of its own and other countries’ peaceful citizens.

Prepared by Nika Korinteli



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