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Who is the director of the Turkish school recently opened in Batumi?


Imam, who had been teaching children free sexual relations in Turkey, is now the director of the Turkish school in Batumi

The editorial staff of the newspaper “Georgia and the World” received a letter written in Turkish language, we took the letter for translation to the academician of Eastern sciences Elizbar Javelidze.

“Imam, whose surname is Gerger is the man who had been teaching children free sexual relations at schools, is now in Georgia, namely in Batumi and acts as the director of a newly opened Turkish school in Batumi, near the new boulevard. This person creates groups of 30 children and teaches them free relations, which are mainly sexual in nature. Turkish press had been covering Gerger for years, they had the direction not to write about him, but in recent years he faced some problems, as people began writing about him in social media. As a result, he had to change his job for several times during two years. However, finally, based on the decision of the Ministry of Education of Georgia, he was sent to Adjara. On July 9, 2016 he left for Georgia and at present he is teaching Muslim children residing in Batumi. It is regretful to allow Gerger go to Georgia and give the chance to work with children again”. –says Mehmed Cabahch at the end of his letter.

As it turns out, the school in Batumi indicated in the letter was officially opened in September, 2016. Georgian internet-media wrote about this fact: “In Batumi, near the new boulevard a Turkish school was opened. The school is funded by the Government of Turkey. The opening ceremony was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Education of Turkey and diplomatic mission of Turkey in Georgia.

According to the available information, children of Turkish families residing in Batumi will be able to study at the school; teachers will be Turkish nationals as well.

Teaching will be provided in Turkish language and the teaching program shall be subject to the Ministry of Education of Turkey.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Adjara, they had not been informed about the opening of the school.

Photos depicting the opening ceremony were posted on the official Facebook page of the Consulate of Turkey in Batumi with the following text: “The bell rang for the first time at the official institution, Turkish school in Batumi. Let it bring happiness and welfare for our citizens residing in Batumi, for our homeland, our nation.”

Having read this it was useless to try to contact the Ministry of Education, but we tried anyway to obtain any information, such as, for example – whether they know at the Ministry of Education who the director of the newly opened school is and what background he has.

At the Ministry of Education of Adjara they did not have any answer to this question and told us to address the Ministry of Education of Georgia. However, there we were again advised to address the Ministry of Education of Adjara. So, to the question – what is going on in Batumi, we were not provided with a reasonable response at the official level.

Prepared by Eka Naskidashvili



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