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Who is a “gray wolf” Serkasn Kuntulusi who fired the Russian Pilot? Turkey requests for his extradition


On June 29, the Georgian police detained the Interpol-advertised Serkasn Kuntulusi. Currently he is placed in the Rustavi jail, while the Turkey requests for his extradition 

According to the Turkish agency Hurri­yet, Kuntulusi is a Turkish nationality and, is accused in organizing criminal groupings in several provinces, however, the Turkish agencies name him among 18 individuals suspected in murdering the Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov

In November 2015,  a Turkish air fighter shot down the Russian bomber CУ-24 near the Turkey-Syrian border. One pilot died, while another managed to catapult,  but near the earth, Kuntulusi   and his band named as  “gray wolfs” fired him in air. This fact  almost caused a military conflict between Russia and Turkey

According to the Turkish massmedia, in July 2016 is became known that those two pilots were arrested in Turkey, who shot down the Russian aircraft, but, they were accused  not for shot down of CУ-24 but for attempting the military coup in Turkey. It should be noted that a decision on firing the Russian aircraft was associated to the Turkish prime-minister of that time  Akmed Davudogly who was immediately dismissed after this fact by Erdogan and, has not been still seen on the Turkish political arena

For this case, Kurtulusi was judged in May 2017 and sentenced for 5 years imprisonment in length, for storage and wear of gun, but then was released. According  to the local massmedia, he was suspected   for organizing the criminal group  which g was acting in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, and Izmir

As declared by the chief prosecutor of Georgia, a Turkish citizen S.LJK. is sentenced by the extraditing imprisonment

“Based on the request of the competent Turkish authorities on June 27th 2018 the Turkish citizen S.K. was detained in Batumi by the law enforcement bodies of Georgia. On June 29tyh 2018 he was sentence4d by imprisonment for 3-month term in length

According to the materials provided by the Turkish party; S.K. is accused of forming and leading  the armed criminal group on the territory of the Republic of Turkey, for gaining an illegal profit. Members of the said criminal group systematically implemented  the armed attacks on various individuals, for gaining economic profit (total 26 attacks were organized), threating pressing, money appropriation, as well as organization of armed attacks in favor of persons associated with the group members” – the information distributed by the Prosecutors Office says

This organ indicates that in the documents forwarded by the Turkish party for his extradition, there is not the episode spread by the massmedia in connection  to a suspected murder of the Russian pilot in November 2015. Correspondingly, the Georgian party is carrying putt the extradition-related procedures within the scopes of the accusation for which S.K.’s extradition is required by the competent bodies of the Republic of Turkey

The group  was formed in dearly 1960s, by a charismatic leader   of the “National Movement”, ultra-right colonel Alfarslan Turkisi, who was a great fan of Hitler and implementer of his ideas

A dream of the “gray wolfs” was creation of the  which could integrate the Turks relative nations under the unified Muslim belief. This idea integrated  many individuals wo lived in minority in Iran, North Korea and USSR. “Bozkurtlr”(gray wolfs) declared that they were fighting for Ataturk’s ideas  and were named themselves as “Idealists”. Among them were the young unemployed and students who were undergoing training in special camps and  were ready to sacrifice themselves for their homeland .There were registered ten thousands  of members in this organization, but, among them  were also agents serving for the American special services

For the ideology of  the “wolves” USA was as unacceptable in Turkey like the USSR, which was deemed  the  great threat for the country

But, the “gray wolves” did not understand that they were acting  in favor of the regime, namely they were killing the right-winger and liberal activists as well as intellectuals, trade union leaders, ethnic Kurds,influential journalists and top ranking officials. They were responsible for severe annihilations in Marash were hundreds of Alafits were murdered, as well as  for riots in the 1st May rally in Taksim square in 1977 were 42 individuals were killed

Attack on Iohan II at Peter Square in Rome is associated  to the ”Gray wolves” name, as well, when one of their member Mehmed Ali Agja – who was in that time escaped from prison, shot to Pope. He was then arrested  and sentenced  with imprisonment for unlimited term and then deported to Turkey

During the years this group has changed numerous leaders and introduced itself before the world with its “business”  In the last years they became active in Europe too. The case is that if earlier they were fighting in Europe for the rights of the Turkish Diaspora, while in Syria – vice versa, they  wanted  to limit as maximal as possible a knowledge of Turkish Diaspora there,   Members of the “gray wolves” still remain in Syria

According to the Turkish massmedia,  all the governments of Turkey were using directly or indirectly this organization for their own benefit, both in the country and abroad



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