Home Georgia What Tusk did mean in hos call for Cosmopolitism?

What Tusk did mean in hos call for Cosmopolitism?

What Tusk did mean in hos call for Cosmopolitism?

On the International Conference “Georgia’s European Way” held on 11-12 July of this year in Batumi,   president of the European Council  European Council Donald Tusk, from Poland, made a speech who read in Georgian a quote from Vazha-Pshavela’s letter “Cosmopolitism and Patriotism” 

“I would like to recall  Vazha-Pshavela, one of the great classics , and his words about patriots and cosmopolitans”:

 “Some believe  that a real patriotism contradicts cosmopolitism, but it is a mistake. Each true  patriot is cosmopolitan like each reasonable cosmopolitan is a patriot”- Vazha was saying. Some persons think that a true patriotism excludes cosmopolitism. This is a wrong view. A true [patriot is cosmopolitan and all true and real cosmopolitans are true patriots. All cosmopolitans serve for their homeland and try to develop it more. This saying is known for more than 100 years and confirms a globalization. This was said over 100 years ago by batoni Vazha and, in his words, globalization meant approach of people and countries to each other” – Donald Tusk declared and called Georgians to be cosmopolitans.

According   to contemporary view, cosmopolitism is an ideology of the world’s citizenship that refuses  national identity, and national sovereignty;  Preaches indifference  to motherland and national culture and puts on  the foreground the ideas of  the “World State”, ”World Citizenship.”

It would be better if Mr. Tusk read the last, final part of the above indicated letter “Cosmopolitism and Patriotism” . where the  a genius Vazha wrote:  It is impossible to imagine a sane person for whom one small part of the world does not mean more than all the other places in the universe combined. Why? Because no one can love ten thousand places at the same time. We are only born once, in a single and unrepeatable place, into a single family. A person who claims to love every nation to the same degree, and in the same way, is a liar. Either he is a hypocrite, or crazy, or he is barred from speaking the truth by the doctrines of his political party…

We should understand cosmopolitanism in the following way: listen to the needs of your country, heed the wisdom of your people, dedicate yourself to their wellbeing, don’t hate other nations and don’t envy their happiness, don’t prevent other nations from achieving their goals. Work towards the day when no one will subjugate your nation and work for its progress until it equals the leading nations of the world. He who negates his country while he calls himself cosmopolitan is maimed by illusions. Even though he presents himself as a lover of the noblest feelings, such a person is unconsciously an enemy of humanity. May God protect us from this pseudo-cosmopolitanism, which would require everyone to deny his place of birth. Every nation seeks freedom and the means to rule itself independently. The separate development of nations is the condition for the development of all humanity

Indeed, nobody can say better!

One thing is to be indicated here: Tusk, and the western “strategic partners” in general, mean in the cosmopolitism that we should forget our national traditions and values, or mix them with the values of other countries, i.e. they mean here refusal of  motherland  national state.

Prepared by  Giorgi Gachechiladze



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