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Volume of the Georgian wines export is increased. Russia is the largest buyer of the Georgian wines

The truth is in wine export


During January – April 2018, Georgia exported 25 million bottles of wine valued as 59,2 MIO USD, in 43 countries of the world

“Russia is still preserving the leader’s position among the Georgian wine customers.During the first four months of 2018, export of the Georgian wines to Russia increased by 47& and made 16,2million bottles” – the National Wine Agency says.

From the beginning of the year,  Georgia exported 25 million bottles (0,75l) to 43 countries, that is by 36% more than the  indicator of the year 2017 . The wines valued as l 59,2 MIO USD   are exported in total. Among the purchasers of the Georgian wines, Ukraine holds the second position where 2,4 million bottles are exported, that indicates on 27% increase of the export. The 3rd position takes China where more than 1,8 million bottles of the Georgian wine are exported, however  the rate of export to this country is reduced by 24,6% .Among the top 5 importers of the Georgian wines are also Kazakhstan  (over 1,1 million bottles)  and Poland (over 1,0 million bottles)

During the first quarter, the export to Kazakhstan increased by 84%, to Poland – by 24%. Popularity of the Georgian wines is increasing on both the traditional, and Europdean, USA and Asian markets: Wine export to Japan increased by 139%, to Czech Republic – by 90%, to Great Britain – by 89%, to  Netherlands – by  83%, to South Korea – by 76%, to  Belarus – by 75%, to Germany – by 66%, to Lithuania – by 51%.During January – April 2018,  5 million bottles(0,5l) of Georgian brandy  and 84 000 bottles of Chacha ( 0,5l ) are also exported

Luka Maisuiadze

P.S. As seen, Russia is the main and largest market for the Georgian wines. while the Georgian government fails to regulate e the relations with Russia, vice versa, encouraged  by foreign forces, these ”Hot heads”  even tension the situation and, do not think that Russia may make responsive  steps and deny purchase of the Georgian wines and Georgian products as a whole. For them (hot heads) it is mot interesting at all  what will such action bring to the Georgian economy. 



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