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Visa-liberalization in exchange of conducting the gay parades

Yuri Roshka

Yuri Roshka,  former vice-premier of Moldova,  has found a strength in himself and boldly  stepped forward against the west-funded homosexuals in the country and, denounced the US Embassy to Moldova in  support of homosexuals

In the movie titled “Sodom” where all the loathsome things are shown which are happening in the Europe and the “citadel” of democracy – USA, Yuri Roshka recalls  how Daria Fain – representative of the US Embassy tried to   convince him to support  gay parades and  generally – other European values, in Moldova, and says about the  western officials as follows:

“Publicly made arguments by the European bureaucrats arriving here, to Moldova,  are:  “We  give  you the visa-free regime with the EU, but in exchange, you must give us the anti-discrimination law”

As seen the similar way has passed Georgia from the EU Association Agreement followed after the “anti-discrimination Law” to the visa-liberalization. And now, in exchange of the so called visa-liberalization,  the government of Georgia is preparing  to arrange the gay-parade on 17th  May: The Parliament Committee for  Human Rights and Civil Integration, fixed May 17 as the Homophobia and transphobia Day, in its 2018 Actions Plan  . . .



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