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Vazha Otarashvili: We must get rid of that complex of the externally imposed vicious political circle, which insists that “no dialog must be held with the occupant”


On August 28, the president of France Emmanuel Macron declared on the meeting held in Paris with the foreign diplomats, that a time came for the Europe to give its hands to Russia, for the parties not to occur again in the cold war reality. According to Macron,   without a safe and stable relations with the Kremlin, the Europe will have no guarantee of security: “I think we should create a new model of security and trust in Europe, because the European continent will never be stable and safe if we do not resolve and arrange the relations with Russia”… As he assessed a sharp policy that is oriented on an unreasonable increase of influence on the official Moscow, will separate the parties even more, that will  push Russia to searching for the new ties and alliances. In the same speech macron added that the process of improvement of the relations will start only if the Ukraine-related several issues are satisfied… 

Two days prior (on August 26) to the above statement of Macron, the US president Donald Trump  too declared that it has no sense to discuss any of the global issues within the frameworks of G7 Summit until Russia will rejoin it. As trump indicated, the world political leaders made in the past a meaningless step when enforced Russia to leave G8. After the same meeting Trump declared before the journalists that, he thinks it possible to invite Vladimir Putin on the next summit that will be held in the United States. . .

What kind of message is for the world and in particular for Georgia, the statement made by Macron about a necessity of normalization of the relations with Russia  and, what a policy should Georgia pursue towards the Kremlin? “Georgia and the World” is discussing these issues with a poet Vazha Otarashvili

-, Statement made by Macron is very important in view of the world geopolitical processes. Of course, Macron is not a sole western leader who says Europe e must necessarily start a close cooperation with Russia. Up today we have heard similar statements by the political leaders of Germany, Italy, other EU member states European Union. . . Why is it so important for them a dialog with the Kremlin?  Macron, like other European leaders who several years ago were shouting furiously about Kremlin’s actions and trying to establish sanctions following to the events developed in the Ukraine, in order to destroy the Russia’s economy, understand now that neither sanctions nor impairment of oil and other destructive acts will give their fruits. Vice versa, they understand  that as a result of a permanent aggressive policy, Russia did  not become weaker and collapsed,  its weight increased on the international political arena Besides, another important factor is that in the contemporary world, Russia is the country of the greatest military potential, it has especially large resources in view of the nuclear weapon and, just this latter is the main measurement  for a strength of a country. . . as to Georgia,  you asked me what does Macron’s statement mean for us, in terms where our declared policy is that as if Europe is the sole guarantor of our security. Despite various statements made by this or that European leaders in different times, neither NATO, nor any  single  western country (including the USA) will  be a guarantor of our security. A reality is tragicomic – the National-Dream state power  stubbornly  continues a traitorous policy that as if NATO’s door is open for us and the EU too will soon accepts us. But, a reality is that NATO’s door is not open, moreover, NATO has not a door for us. As to the EU, it has its own serious problems, so,  it does not think of us at all. I think our policy is not developed to a correct direction from the moment of disintegration of the USSR, when we as if became independent. 30 years elapsed and, a political establishment (I mean all of them) is very far from a reality. . . Just from this point we should start talks on the problems and not by demagogy, as if we are the ancient Europeans and must return back to our historical family – the gamily from which the Great Britain is running away and, I think the others will follow it soon. It is first

And the second, and I think the  most important: When thinking on that 30-year period, we should understand and analyze in details how it happened that the orthodox Russia  became enemy of the orthodox Georgia  and vice versa, the orthodox Georgia considers the orthodox Russia its main enemy, from which the world globalist forces as if must survive us . . .

Two days prior to the above statement of Macron, on August 26, when making  speech on G7 Summit, the US president Donald Trump  too declared that it has no sense to discuss any of the global issues within the frameworks of G7 Summit, including the themes of Syria, Iran, and Northern Korea, until Russia will rejoin the Summit . . .

-, By the way Trump indicated also that he thinks it possible to invite Vladimir Putin on the next summit that will be held in the United States. On one hand, the world political leaders talk permanently about necessity of normalization of the relations with the Kremlin and declare openly that there will be no peace on the European continent without such normalization, but, on the other hand,  the same leaders have factually complexed the Georgian state power with “unacceptability of a direct dialog with the occupant”. What comes out from this? If the president of France thinks that the west must create a new model of security where Russia also must participate, because without it there will be no peace in Europe, and the US president says that no global issues will be resolved without participation of Russia, and this is a correct approach and, if any political force, party or block visits Moscow for negotiations, – it is betrayal?!  Is it possible existence of a high anti-Georgian and anti-Georgia approach than the above approach is?

-, Is the west governed by dual standard, when on one hand speak about necessity of dialog with Russia and, on the other hand restricts its satellites (Georgia, among them) to settle really the relations with the Kremlin?

-, I cannot say that the west restricts Georgia directly to arrange dialog with Russia b ut it is obvious that a confrontation is somehow inspired  by side of certain western top officials and, it has  sometimes rather prevocational nature. Howsever4, if look at the situation objectively, they do it proceeding from their  strategic interests and, this is fully adequate. Non-adequate and traitorous is a National-Dreamers flattering policy which does not envisage the Georgian national interests at all and, is built on the western tasks. Just by this reason it is needed and necessary to dismiss this government as soon as possible, otherwise, if foresee that the sole political guarantor of well-being of the National-Dream tandem is their slavish obedience to the western neoliberal elite, they will not leave anything in [place, in Georgia. “women go abroad for prostitution, men – for black  working force” – Bendukidze told and, all is now as he declared. This is Georgia, that is built by them with play and laugh and, then they may say that not everything is so  bad as we see it. But I know for sure that in 1992 we were 5,5  million and today we are 3 million. I know also well that our leading parties sold all strategic objects beginning by unique Sakdrisi ores, and ended by Chiatura manganese  and Zestafoni ferroalloy plants . I repeat: in today’s Georgia, any foreigner feels happy but not the Georgians.

– Where is the way out?

– First  of all we must go to conclusion that in conditions of this policy no turning point will appear, because the current government and their artificially created national-sect political spectrum do not and cannot to get rid of that complex of the externally imposed vicious political circle, which insists that “no dialog must be held with the occupant”. If our kings thought in this  way Georgia could disappear long ago: – one part of pour lands  to Iran, and the second – to Turkey. And the second, a starting point of our foreign policy must be  a military neutrality, otherwise, pour good-wisher European “brothers” and “sisters”  who prefer  negotiations for the benefit of their own countries and at the same time provoke us not to make even a step backward before Russia. This is a political cynicism  after which two stones together  will not be found on our land and, this will be made by b themselves but by hands of Russia, while thereafter they  will express their serious concern in the social media, that as if Kremlin  violated completely the international legal norms . But, all their concerns and anxiety are not enough for laughing for the official Moscow

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania



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