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Vazha Otarashvili: Church Must Be Released From ‘Petriism’ Once and For All

Vazha Otarashvili

At a conference organized by the EU’s Strategic Communications Office in Tbilisi on November 21, Poti and Khobi Metropolitan Grigol (Berbichashvili) spoke about the dangers of misinformation and said that the Russian Federation’s desire “to influence Georgian public opinion creates serious difficulties”. According to him, the mechanisms of the aforementioned misinformation originated back in the Soviet era, which then improved and became larger. He indicated also that  “active Russian disinformation” is one of the major challenges for the Georgian democracy, which is still in the process of formation. Moreover, this propaganda seems to stir up anti-Western sentiments in society by appealing to various topics, including religious factors, which, on the one hand, seeks to weaken Georgian statehood and, on the other, to discredit the image of the Western world.

It should be recalled that anti-Western, and in particular, anti-liberal sentiments in Georgia were particularly aggravated after the authorities (both formerly and current) initiated “liberal reforms” that were unacceptable to the majority of society in the country by directives of leading Western institutions. These “reforms” (such as the anti-discrimination law that promoted homosexual propaganda, drug policy liberalization, the “Children’s Rights Code”, etc.) were in direct contradiction with the country’s ethno-cultural, religious or other traditions, but apparently For Metropolitan Grigol, at least all of this is compounded by “Russian propaganda” A, that “education and awareness raising” to confront the state …

Is the result of “Russian propaganda” today the growing anti-liberal sentiments in the society and why is one part of the clergy trying to explain these sentiments with this propaganda? This are the issues discussed  by Poet Vazha Otarashvili in his interview with  “Georgia and the World”.

-, Mr. Vazha, if we believe Metropolitan Grigol (Burbichashvili) of Khobi and Poti, the reason for the growing anti-liberal sentiments in Georgia today is Russian misinformation. The fact that, for the majority of society, the sodomy  propaganda dictated by the West is unacceptable to the majority of the population, it is blamed on the influence of Russian propaganda. What are your thoughts on all this?

-, We have to name the sentiments of society precisely – what the liberal elite calls anti-Western sentiments is, in fact, not an anti-Western movement that some forces are artificially stirring, but a healthy response by the majority of the public to the aggressive neoliberal agenda of globalist forces. The conflict is triggered by a particular ideology that is unacceptable to the people of Europe as well, as it runs counter to traditional European culture and values. Now, if anyone says that Russian misinformation in Europe is also fueled by conservative forces (such as in England, Germany, Hungary), it is useless to argue with him.

As for the statement of a particular clergyman about misinformation, I think I said this in an interview with you earlier, and I will repeat it now: It is very unfortunate that false Peter still has several followers in the Georgian Patriarchate. They are individuals who at various times have been embedded by special services in the church to undermine him. That is, until our  mother-church is cleaned of these ancestral special agents, perhaps we will often see such dirty campaigns and provocations,   including  against the Patriarch of all Georgians. By the way, it was recently a TV program broadcasted where Father Bidzina (Gunia) perfectly explained the essence of gender and “liberal” theories coming from modern Western media. Maybe some as-if-bishops watched this program I repeat: The Church of Georgia must once and for all be cleaned  of random individuals who are agents of hostile external forces and in their provocative actions undermine the most authoritative institution in the country …

– Do you think that the Patriarchate should be more active and active and effective  in clearing out the hostile forces operating in its bosom?

– Patriarchate is not something that makes decisions fast, nor is it the era when David the Builder was in our country … the church itself is sanctified. Believe me, sooner or later, the time will come, and as false Peter reveals himself, and then he is cast aside, others will be seen. Although there are many false Peter’s in the country today, the Church must once and for all be freed from this “Petriism”.

As for the dirty liberal propaganda against the healthy clergy, which has come to the forefront of some media outlets after Peter’s assassination, the public needs to take a close look at the events and understand who they are. However, I believe one thing and I am not mistaken in this: despite all the propaganda, all the misinformation, the believer knows very well who breathes – who is the patriarch, who is Barbichashvili, who is false Peter, etc.

Liberal propaganda not only in Georgia, but in the whole world, is opposed to Christian, and especially Orthodox, values, and this is also manifested in an active appalling and defamatory campaign …  In the course of a recent visit of  the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilus in   Moscow, he introduced  an initiation to gather  for the leadership of all local churches to discuss recent developments in the Orthodox world. There was also the issue of arbitrarily granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church by Patriarch Bartholomew. Do you think this initiative is timely and adequate?

-, It is absolutely timely and necessary, because the attacks that the Church of Georgia is experiencing today are not only an ongoing process in one particular country, but also part of a worldwide anti-Orthodox campaign. This one. Second, we must remember that the liberal ideology is a doctrine that was at the time the basis of fascism, and not just fascism, but  Leninist communism as well .

Now, why Georgia’ the globalist forces have been targeting on Georgia –  a state based on Orthodox Christian roots: At first glance, this is very simple and we have talked about it before.  Georgia and the Georgian nation with its traditions, traditional values, culture, mentality are so deeply rooted in Christianity that it is so natural and bloodthirsty for us that Orthodoxy is a synonym for Georgians identity. We remind you that in Georgia the robe of Christ is buried in Svetitskhoveli; In Zugdidi is part of the Virgin robe; Here is the tomb of Simon Cananelli … In addition, Andrew preached in Georgia, St. Nino – the Apostles equal, and the main and most important:   Georgia is a country that has so many martyrs, great martyrs. These are all identifiable circumstances in our Christianity that have alarmed the globalist liberals, and they have not hidden this concern for a long time. By the way, modern liberal propaganda is trying to establish the opinion that Ilia Chavchavadze and Vazha-Pshavela were liberals. I would like to remind the proponents and leaders of this propaganda: Ilia’s immortal word that “the three divine good deeds we have left of our forefathers” has become Georgia’s main national ideological thesis; While Vazha-Pshavela, with his patriotism, exposed a senseless  of liberalism as an ideology …

As for the collective bishops in the bosom of the church, remember who shouted the most and demanded the punishment of the Lord as the butchers crucified Christ – the priesthood, the Sanhedrin. It is exactly the same today, and we should not be surprised when such forces become powerful in the country. This, of course, does not mean that the public is fully aware of what is going on. The society should understand these processes with a hundred eyes and a hundred ears, we should analyze everything properly …

-, What would be the result if the anti-Orthodox forces mentioned by you achieved their goal?

-, To illustrate this, we can recall the “slogans” of liberalism, which are the key basis of this ideology: “No to faith”, “No to nationality”, “No to family”, “No to sex” … What will lead to the victory of this ideology is not hard to guess: there will be no faith – no nationality, no family – no country and state … By the way, Europe has already experienced all this, and we all see the result. For example, churches in England were sold for “we do not need them”, and various institutions were opened there. They wanted the same in France, but in Paris the Virgin Temple was burned down … All of this has already proved that the forces of the Antichrist in the West are on the verge of collapse, and the aim of these forces is to destroy not just one country, one nation or one culture, but the whole of Christian civilization.

As for the homosexual propaganda   and the attempt to establish norms that are one of the major blows to mankind, it is the blasphemy and rejection of the Holy Spirit, for the Lord created man and woman separately and for each other, not man and man, or woman and woman. It is an attempt to rid humanity of morality and morality, in order to degenerate a human into Satan’s  dish.  We remember what happened to the five cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that did not contain a single godly person … The wrath of the Lord stirred these cities from the ground …

Intderviewed by Jaba Zhvania 



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