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Vazha Otarashvili: A creation of the anti-liberal attitudes are conditioned by the liberal ideology itself

Vazha Otarashvili

The fundamental ideological and political transformations having taking place in the  in the west,  and which, first of all, implies the collapse of liberal hegemony,  cause certain fear in Georgia too. The NGOs funded  from the foreign countries  which are financially (and not only) linked with  that liberal agenda, are becoming more and more concerned due to the fact that the west’s anti-liberal attitudes are increasing here as well.  However, these fears are accompanied by some actions, and after each specific anti-liberal manifestation, the surveys and reports follow to each other, stating  that as if the Russian propaganda of conservative ideology in Georgia has been adopted. Moreover, some of these  organizations even develop the idea that Georgian radical conservatism, as such, does not exist at all  and, all the kinds of unacceptability  spread in the major part of the society towards the western pseudo-liberal values ​​are just the continuation of the Russian narrative.

One of the most active non-governmental organizations funded from and functioning in Tbilisi, is the ”Liberal Academy”   not so long ago made serious attempts and conducted  the large-scaled public opinion “study” in two regions of Georgia- Kakheti and Shida Kartli to identify the reasons of the anti-liberal attitudes of the local population. According to the study, the fact that the institution with the highest trust and authority in the population is still the church, while the attitude towards the   pro-Western course enforcing  political forces – nihilistic, is as if due to the influence of Russian propaganda, as well as the growing dissatisfaction with the population because of inexistence of a healthy Visa – Immigration policy or uncontrolled flow of migrants in the country and selling the lands to foreigners. . . To say simply,  it comes out that if not the above said  propaganda (the “study”: fails to provide well-substantiated arguments, what does this propaganda imply), the most influential national and religious institution, the Orthodox Church, could lost the trust of the prevailing part of the Georgian  society. Moreover,  if not this “propaganda”  Georgia as if could return immediately to its “historical roots”,  i.e.  liberal values and, would have an irreversible way of “genuine” democratic development, meaning that the society would be free from any “unacceptability” and accept  all those   pseudo-values recognized by the west. Of course all this is absolutely  incompatible to the traditional Georgian culture.

What is the reason for growing anti-liberal attitudes in Georgia today and whether is it  determined by  Russian propaganda? – Poet Vazha Otarashvili is talking to “Georgia and the world” about  this topic.

– Mr. Vazha, on the background of the fundamental ideological and political transformations currently observed in the west, which can be understood as an end of the “liberal” hegemony, there is more liberal embarrassments in Georgia because as if  of the Russian propaganda in the country. What is the real reason that the anti-liberal sentiments  increase in the country? Can we blame Russian propaganda in this?

– Georgia is the country of the oldest  Christian culture  in which Andrew the First Called brought a True Faith. Since then, and especially since Saint Nino preached in the first half of the fourth century, Orthodoxy is the foundation of our statehood and national identity.

As for the “liberal” concerns that the Russian propaganda in the country is getting stronger and the result is that the anti-liberal sentiment increases, I would say: If the result of the Russian propaganda is that the majority of the population is Orthodox Christians and reacts to any attempt to discredit the Orthodox Church,  if the e result of the Russian propaganda is that the nation  does not accept  the pseudo-liberal standards such as for example the normalization of homosexuality, marriage between persons of the same sex, etc., which are incompatible to our  traditional values, then  this Russian propaganda is to be welcomed. But, is totally unclear what is common between  the Russian propaganda and  the rise of anti-liberal attitudes. This is one, and the  second; in Italy, France, Germany, England and almost all of Europe, the national-conservative forces are getting stronger. Is this because of the Russian propaganda?! By the way, liberals often use the term “anti-western sentiments” which is wrong. The protest and unacceptability are directed not towards the west but towards the contemporary globalist  neoliberal ideology  that by someone are deliberately identified  with the West. But this reactionary ideology, first of all, has cut off the historic roots of the West itself and therefore, became  unacceptable for a significant part of the European population.

– One of the non-governmental organizations “Liberal Academy” funded from abroad, where Lasha Tugushi is a leader,  has recently conducted the public opinion study in Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti and concluded that as if Russian “red communist” propaganda has a special impact on population in these regions. What do you think,  for which interests the similar studies serve in real?

– In fact, Mr. Tughushi and the representatives of all the  NGOs which are funded from abroad,  know well that today the liberal tyranny prevails to all ideologies and to more so – any  propaganda, in this country, but these people are out of the way. In fact, they are not interested in where the country goes  and what path it chooses. They  are interested only in personal wellbeing. They are ordinary “men-of-time” and, if  tomorrow, for example, Georgia becomes prop-China or pro-Indonesia, they will be the first ones who will pass on these rails. So, statements  that they are fighting strongly  against “Russian propaganda” and are the patriots, if it is true, then let’s ask them why do not they conduct studies, how many children are starving, especially in regions? How many old can not buy hypertension and ischemic medicines? How much are  suffered  because of a lack  of money  to buy analgesics? I say nothing about homeless families who are hiding in broken down semi-colonies, but I repeat: Lasha Tughushi-like average statistical NGO member  is not interested in all this, they just want to receive grants – funds and comfort. Since I talk about grants,

a austerity but grant – financing and comfort. Because I’m talking about the grant, I’ll do some historical turn here: In 1632 Khosro Mirza (Rostom Khan) brought in Tbilisi  sulfur baths the homosexuals from Persia  and promised the full gold purses to Georgian  men who could  enter the bath with them. But, none of the Georgians did not do it  because they did not sell their moral. Then, by the way, then he gathered people on the baths adjoining square and warned others – enter there but do nothing with them, but, nobody entered in this case too. Why do I tell all this: morality, dignity is not for sale and the Georgian man knew it because at that time the golden purses  were exactly the same as today’s the grants  in the pockets of Mr. Lasha Tugushi and similar dishonest liberals, but it is probably very difficult to them to understand this, because they have no dignity, no morality, to say nothing about love for their motherland. . .

– Well, how do you think every kind of study actually affects public attitude?

– I know one thing, the anti-liberal mood,  that. I’ll repeat, should not be confused in anti-western sentiments, is  predetermined not by the Russian propaganda, but by fact that  the society finally understood and realized what this ideology really is. The liberals  themselves understand it well, but artificially create  an image of  enemy to somehow cover the reality. In fact, not  someone  fights but  just this ideology is unacceptable for normal people. It is unacceptable for the homophobia, migration, which has taken Europe away, fight against the traditional family institution, a juvenile justice that is a punitive mechanism and takes children away from parents, neglecting Christian values, drug addiction, etc. Now theoretically everything can be called the norm, but the sensible people easily makes difference between black and white. People is  fed up with the double standards-built evil and violence on behalf of the democracy. The moment has come, when everything is going to be changed fundamentally …

– Let’s go back to the “liberal” propaganda, whether we like it or not, but  the fact is that  this  propaganda  has already  monopolized the informational space.  Almost every television or news agency are  theirs, which makes it difficult to fight against them. There are people in the national-conservative wing, including businessmen who can break this informative vacuum … What do you think, why do not they make  particular steps,  why is this wing just left  for  hopes to  the social networks only?

The famous  army commander Alexander the Great announced shortly before his death: When I die,  make my the hands high for  people see I take nothing in that world .. .  We have  a lot of  rich  and  wealthy persons, but only those names we remember who made good for the nation.  For example, Giorgi Kartvelishvili, who published “The  knight in the Panter’s Skin”,   Sarajishvili, who gave the writers the most valuable palace … which one to list!. The rest – who drank, what to eat and where to rest or  what  size of house  built – nobody remembers, washed away, usual, sorry,  like a toilet water. This is how you will be swashed away,  my gentlemen, as if you had a heartbeat for your homeland, you are proud of millions. It will be a great deal of money and gold and silver. So every your   statement or a “patriotic eruption” in the  social networks is fake, unless you turn this into real action. Well, I believe that not only in Georgia but in the entire Christian  world the future is for the national forces only. This is an inevitable process, so, the  rage   attempts of the hostile globalist forces will change nothing . . . .

Interviewed by Jaba Zhvania



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