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True face of the liberals on example of Poland


They were outraged by the ban on sex education for minors. The Polish MPs voted for a draft law that is directed for struggle against pedophilia and propaganda of sexual contacts with minors. 

One of these legal norms prohibits conduct of the sex education lessons in schools,. since the initiators of this draft law think that “such lessons encourage students to engage in sexual activity”.

Teachers who will still teach the sex education lessons, will be sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Spread of information on contraceptives will be prohibited also.

This bold step angered the liberal part of Polish society as well as the whole of Europe. A protest demonstration was held in front of the Parliament building in Warsaw. Protests are planned in other Polish cities as well

The Conservative Party “Just and Justice” won by the outstanding results the elections held in October of this year and, got a majority in the Sejm – the country’s lower parliament. This result was also obtained by the parishioners of the Catholic Church

In Poland, the church maintains its influence over the Public consciousness and, is supported by different social strata

Let’s follow Europe in this direction. Why do we compete with it in Misbehavior?!



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