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Tiresome for of Georgia


The Lord has given us such a “gift” as Saakashvili, who is masking the [resent and the future of the country terrible. As long as Saakashvili is alive, Georgia’s peace won’t be achieved.  He has always been and will be sensationalist in the Georgian media, especially on the televisions that show him almost every day, listening to his comments on a particular issue of the country – incomprehensible, incompetent, endless scolding, praising   at himself.

If someone believes that Saakashvili will become wiser and better over the years, he will be very mistaken. What did the US and the so-called west want from us when they  invaded here Saakashvili?

  Did they not know that a person who changes his mind several times a day is unbalanced, eccentric, saturated with adventurism, never able to manage the country in a peaceful environment? They knew it well, that is why they appointed him as our leader, in order to annoy and rage our  neighboring Russia.

Saakashvili’s adventure has put on Georgia a hard, irreparable blow and, nobody  knows how much  calamity he will bring in future. Saakashvili is at an age when politicians are starting prospering Who knows how much danger  awaits us, especially when he has the backing of the West, in particular the US. America will not give up so easily its  grown-up staff, the non-hesitant performer of its assignments.

Some ოფ Georgian  so called experts and  politicians believe that the US has long forgotten Saakashvili and has no more mercy on him. You are mistaken, gentlemen! Saakashvili is a pure gold in the hands of no less adventurers.  Nobody will give up such a finding . They keep such persons in a greenhouse conditions and, targeted immediately at an opponent at a right moment. No matter that Saakashvili mentions the west in a negative context when speaking about the August War. But, look: He scolds only the “Ex” – Sarkozy, Gates, Rice, Bush, but not  Steinmeier, because the latter is the current President of Germany!

When characterizing  former politicians, Saakashvili is brave and does not shy from abusive words. In one of his recent interviews he indicated: “I was convinced by all Western partners that the Russians would not start a war. The then US President Bush told me that Russia would do nothing as long as the US is an ally of Georgia.”

What can we conclude from this, if not the following: Saakashvili, frightened, adventurous against Russia, West urges: Come on, Misha, you start a war, we’re on your side.

“My mistake was that I trusted the West in full” –  Saakashvili said.

We often hear in the public: You’d have to pay attention to these crazy expressions, which I think is wrong, because not only the Nationals and their like parties are paying attentionto what Saakashvili says,  but also a part of society, especially the youth. And, if we do not explain a reality, the people deceived by Saakashvili will find themselves in a deeper swamp.

To illustrate: The Georgian authorities have just announced the start of a grand  construction in 2020, called the South-North Highway. For the Kobi-Gudauri road is being allocated 60 million euros by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 415 million USD by the Asian Development Bank and 83 million USD by the Georgian government. According to the project, tunnels will be excavated, bridges and overpasses will be arranged, as well as road construction and operation works required. This giant construction is a major project for the country, which will contribute to a significant increase in the country’s budget and dramatically improve the economy.

 The Georgian military road, which was built  by the Tsarist Russia and then rebuilt many times during the Soviet Union, can no longer meet modern requirements, as it is regularly closed in winter, during heavy snowstorms, causing long delays of pass of trucks loaded by various products, heavy refrigerators, other types of transport, passengers.

The issue of modernization of the Russian-Georgian road has been regularly faced by both Georgia and the Central Soviet authorities. The project was elaborated and preparatory works began, but due to the start of the national movement in Georgia, it failed. However, in case of this road project  renovation,  will become a major constituent of South-North  transport communication.

 Shipments from India to the Persian Gulf from India to Southeast Asia via Iran flow through the Iranian port of Caspian Sea to Bender-Enzel, part of which flows through the Caspian Sea to the countries of Central Asia and Russia, then to Europe via the Caspian Sea, by rail and road.

After the new section of the road is completed,  shipping time will be sharply reduced and, Georgia will become a heavy weigh participant in the South-North Route. Can such a prospect be rejected ?! And that is why, during his presidency, Saakashvili praised and praised the project for its importance to the country.

What does he say today?

“This is a new Roki tunnel that will allow Russia to quickly conquer Tbilisi. This is a 100% Putin order performed by Ivanishvili, and there is nothing to do with freight and tourism development”.

The former commander-in-chief should still know that Russia can take  Tbilisi and all  Georgia without this road, if it wants to do so, and neither Georgia’s American Javelins will defend Georgia, nor the French “anti-missile” system  promoted  by PR of the former defense minister Khidasheli , not even the US military bases for which launching the currently already former defense minister Izoria was offering our territories to   the Americans.

So Saakashvili is lying. His “warning” equals to zero, and refusing to take the road for a fear of Russia is tantamount to losing big revenue to the Georgian budget.

Georgia’s geographical location is a treasure trove of nature and its use is essential. Georgia should be not only a crossroads connecting the West-East, but also the North and the South. The current authorities must also think about resuming the Georgian-Russian (via Abkhazia) railway and decide quickly. It will not only have an economic impact, but also a political one, as it will help restore businegss ties between Georgians and Abkhazians and bring people together, alienated from each other.

Saakashvili’s nonsense was immediately supported by “Nationals” and other opposition parties. The “as if ppatriots condemn the government’s decision and deceive people like Saakashvili that by doing the road for Russia it  will be easy to conquer Tbilisi. And that’s when the Russian tank is in 30 kilometers from Tbilisi.

 In August 2008, if the Russians wanted it, could  freely take over Tbilisi. It was neither afraid of Saakashvili nor of the US. It He simply did not want to do so because it did not want to offend Georgia. Instead of commanding the tank brigade to go to Tbilisi, it retreated, which, was, as many say, a  big mistake, as Saakashvili, an obsessed and convicted perpetrator and his crook, would be silenced forever.

And what is the current situation? – The cynical statements of the guilty president who escaped from the country, full of lies. Nothing else can be said about the dialogue with journalist Nino Zhizhilashvili that has not lost its relevance.

The ex-president, annoyed by the journalist’s questions, dubbed the “beacon of democracy” by the Americans, lost his face as a shunned slug and instead responded with restraint and brazenness to uncomfortable questions, jumped off the screen and repeatedly insulted the journalist

Saakashvili says he saved Odessa from  Putin’s occupation. It seems that during the reign of Putin he learned about Putin’s plans and at some point retained Odessa for Ukraine. Had it not been for Odessa, it would have been as separatist as in Donbas; Were it not for that, the Russians would make a second Roki tunnel in Georgia and easily take over Tbilisi.

I repeat: Some people  say don’t pay attention, talk, it’s crazy free. However, this crazy thing is constantly telling lies, causing people to brainwash. This is evidenced by the events of June 20-21, the attempted coup d’etat, the deteriorating situation with Russia, which has caused a serious collapse of the Georgian economy.

The events of June 20-21 are not over yet and no one knows when they will break down. Saakashvili’s efforts are hard to believe. Parliamentary elections are ahead and if the authorities do not take cardinal steps against the guilty Saakashvili, Gvaramia, Gabunia, Bokeria, Melia, Adeishvili, Kezerashvili and their gang, we will have the worst result.

The Georgian population is waiting for decisive measures that the current government must take without hesitation and necessarily

Omar Margvelashvili



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