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The warming of our relations with Russia is undesirable for many subjects and, they will definitely find some other tricks for provocation

The warming of our relations with Russia is undesirable for many subjects and, they will definitely find some other tricks for provocation

Be careful, gentlemen, do not kill this initiation in the very beginning!  

What we have been writing and asking for so long has finally been fulfilled. Georgia has talked to Russia without any parties or intermediaries. Although Switzerland played a positive role in this, the fact is that only our Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani and the first Russian diplomat Sergey Lavrov sat at the negotiating table. The Russian side has officially confirmed that the meeting was initiated by the Georgian side. This is proof of  what we are writing: It is  enough for the Georgian side to independently try to talk with Russia, and  our northern neighbor will not   refuse it. Accordingly, our first attempt was successful, and we doubt that we will soon feel the benefits of this meeting, if  they   give some time for it, of course. in the term “give some  time” I imply   that  The opposition has already made a fuss, and as soon as Zalkaliani returns to Georgia, he should immediately come to parliament and tell us what he has talked about with Lavrov.

For some reason we thought that many aspects of the Zalkalian-Lavrov meeting would be secret and if the MPs demand that the hearing be held in a closed format, sir, but we still think that whatever the format of the meeting, the lawmakers will still bring this story out and, gossip and true  will be blend into each other.

“Today’s meeting between the Georgian and Russian Foreign Ministers, held by Swiss mediation, is important. It shows that there is hope for constructive dialogue that can reduce tensions and enhance stability, which is beneficial to all citizens of the region – the “OSCE Chairman Miroslav Lajcak spread  hos view  through the social network. The US State Department also responded to the meeting with a very ambiguous statement.

 “The US welcomes the Swiss-mediated meeting. We support Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and call on Russia to stop its occupation and reduce tensions at the administrative border, “US State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus wrote on Twitter. That is, the US supports the meeting, but says it only talks about restoring territorial integrity, a topic that will last for several years.

We have mentioned Switzerland before, and let’s say why we are not surprised by this move. If we look closely, Switzerland maintains neutrality in virtually every direction. It is a low-key country that has a very good relationship with everyone and tries its best to settle conflicts and play the role of mediator, as it has no interest in either the territory, the war, the weapons, the ambition of world domination and therefore its mediation. It was no surprise. It may have been a surprise announcement by the OSCE chairman, but this meeting will be officially endorsed by all, and unofficially this seemingly simple meeting is a matter of grave concern to both America and Europe. Especially since it was after this meeting that Lavrov said very quietly: If it were my will, I would restore air traffic with Georgia. Without an agreement with the head of state, Lavrov would have thought it easy, that is, the first sign of warming has already emerged, which will definitely exasperate our Western “friends” and they will try their best to get  colder soon this  slightly warmed situation

However, the government was fully aware of the bitter reality, and this is probably why the leader of the parliamentary majority, Gia Wolski, said: “There are two ways – weapons and negotiations. We are choosing a method of negotiating … ”This means that the government is ready to negotiate, and if the first person of  Russia meets with the Georgian prime minister (and not with  the president), much can be done in our favor.

It is even worth noting that after the ban on air traffic, the export of wheat from Russia has practically ceased and supplies in Georgia have expired. To prevent the imminent rise in bread prices, the government has promptly abolished a law banning the export of wheat by land and now, from October 1, a huge caravan of trailers will travel to Georgia. The move has stalled the expected rise in bread prices, but has failed to stop prices for products coming mainly from Russia. Of course, they can be transported by land, but they can be expensive, which will inevitably affect prices. This is forcing the government to take steps to prevent a social explosion, and the government knows best when it comes to this explosion.

Unfortunately, we think that we will not be forgiven for warming up in this relationship and someone will definitely think of another provocation that the government should not be fooled by. It should not be deceived even because the second chance we may not have for years and it is necessary to have one meeting after another and, at the request of the Georgian side, a meeting at the highest level between the first persons. It is obvious that Russia is ready. It is important for Georgia to transcend the dogmas or prohibitions imposed by the “well-wishers” that we have been behaving in for years and that we cannot break.

Today, the Larsi checkpoint connecting with Russia is virtually in a state of emergency, as passenger and lorry go this way. Due to the automobile collapse, Russia is trying to modernize its point, which means it is ready for future co-operation in order to make traffic even more comfortable and busy, and Lavrov’s announcement of a resumption of air traffic is a direct message to continue the dialogue. Especially as a Russian official recently said: It is easy to restore air traffic with Georgia, and we have to talk about travel. It turns out that Russia will give up the first part, while for the second part it  will require security guarantees for its citizens, which would be a requirement for all normal countries. It has been confirmed by documents  that Russia has been a major trading partner for Georgia in recent years. It is also clear that the Georgian economy has suffered billions of dollars in losses in just one quarter after the downturn and the banned traffic and, given today’s course, is a quarter of a billion dollars in the national currency. The topic of tourists (and not only) was also addressed by the President of Georgia. If you remember, the first thing Mrs. Salome said after her election as president was that she was not going to dialogue with Russia, but the bitter reality in the country and the extremely difficult social background seemed to change her mind.

“If you listen to my words, it is very clear that a country that has this kind of conflict and the issue of occupied territories has two ways: one is the war and the military way we have refused; The second is the path of dialogue and diplomacy. Georgia cannot try this way and be locked up. It is very remarkable that the reactions after this meeting, all the feedback we have heard, whether from the US, the State Department or also from the EU, the Reporter’s office, or even the Secretary General – all positive feedback that you should try, we are with you. Rusophobic sentiments do not exist in Georgia and never existed. That was one of my themes. Wherever I go out to tell the world, it is our tolerance and tolerance. By the way, one example is that half a million Russian tourists arrived last year and there are no incidents. The rest is the political tensions that are evident between the two countries, and how will it be when your territory is occupied? You have to work on it” – the president said.

So, when 1.5 million Russian tourists arrived last year, and why this year’s stream of ours, and by your own merits (when you called  enemy to Russia from the International Tribune immediately, the next morning after “Gavrilov’s Night”) and “avoided”  this stream in this year,  if you say  even two words, or rather, apologies, Mrs. Salome, would not be harmless and, generally speaking, go so far as not to are, who and who is not approved by the meeting, importantly, these meetings are good for the country, people will like it and be advantageous for the benefit of  Georgia…yes, Georgia!

Beso Barbakadze

P.S. The Georgian Foreign Ministry has denied reports that Zalkaliani-Lavrov’s meeting was held at the initiative of the Georgian side. This is precisely what we have been focusing on, that is, after the positive meeting has begun to shift: we have not met, they have asked us to. For its part, the Russian side says the meeting was held at the initiative of Georgia. In the face of reality, which side needed this meeting more? More specifically, why did Russia need a meeting and why did we need it? Be careful, gentlemen, do not kill this initiation in the very beginning!  



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