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The “Dream”, Pseudo-Opposition and Bankrupt Parties

The “Dream”, Pseudo-Opposition and Bankrupt Parties

Transition of the country’s ruling  to the parliamentary model means, naturally, increasing of the role of people and its engagement in the country’s governance. The strong parliament is the  country’sfoundation, and its strength, first of all, depends on it composition based on professionalism, honesty and patriotism, which have certainly lacked all nine Georgian Parliaments.

Unfortunately, nor the  current parliament is distinguished by its professionalism, authority, responsibility and activity. Out of 150 MPs 35 members do not participate in parliamentary debates in the Parliament of Georgia. Their faces and voices are unknown to the public.  Do  they think about their voters and take care of them? Or what account will they deliver when they are only pressing the button?

About 40 MPs are millionaires who only think about their business, how to increase their income, and take no care of the people and voters. There are MPs  who do not visit the parliament sessions and are engaged in their activities only.

As for the parliamentary opposition, it is necessary to  help the authorities  in the true governance of the country. The truth is born of arguments, which benefits the country and what happens to us? Abuse, quarrels and squabbling. Whether there has been ever in the national parliamentary when any issue was resolved in a reasonable and mutual agreement? I cannot forget the episode from the parliamentary life when Saakashvili cried from  the rostrum: All to the prison, zero tolerance. At that moment all the MPs  were standing up for the applause … And other episodes when MPs adopted other anti-discriminatory and anti-national laws, and the Church was against them. Or even when the Parliament voted for the suspension of judges’ lifetime appointment until  2024 and the declaration of the National Movement as unlawful regime, which, unfortunately, was backed by only 45 MPs. The  behavior of those who have not backed  these issues, is beyond  any morality and is shameful for all Georgian people. Can we then call this Parliament the people’s choice? I wonder if they have ever felt sorry for the committed mistakes?

By the way, if previously the Parliament was managed by the  so-called Young Reformers, they are now being replaced by young restorers  who want to restore, excuse and put fresh impetus in their judicial system  and the National Movement. The Georgian Dream has been filled  with the so called infiltrated and entices “Nationals”. There are only 45 MPs in the Parliament who fought against Saakashvili and once  the main core of the Georgian Dream. They played a major role not only in 2012 but also in the victory of the GD supported candidate  in the presidential runoff  in 2018, which unfortunately has not been valued. The result of this is what is happening in the National Dream now – the confrontations and departures from the majority.

As for pseudo-opposition, generally, in  the conquered country a ruling party is always accompanied by a pseudo-opposition thus creating  a “democratic” background. This pseudo-opposition backs  the ruling party. They have turned their  politics in a kind of  business – they are financed from the budget as well as from abroad. This is why there are more than 240 parties in the country: some are single-person  and others are two-person, which  members move from one party to another party; some parties change their face and having been the party  for construction now is  party for the destruction of the country. The situation, which is created in the country, is the result of their “achievements” and they are  responsible for it. These are bankrupt, sham,   weak, unambitious parties, whose representatives are frequently invited  to TV programs, their trust is lost and people are bored with them. They know well that they will not be able to overcome  the barrier separately and want to unite and at the same time they are asking for the election on a population basis in order to somehow gain access to the Parliament.

I remember the words of our genius  actor and football broadcaster  Erosi Manjgaladze when the Dinamo Tbilisi football players  were losing with  a big score and a penalty was awarded into our net: “The dead (football players – J.Ts) raised the live wall”.  Now just politically dead parties wanted to enter the parliament.

On the issue of transition to election on a population basis, I would like to point out that until the unified political organism of the national-patriotic parties is generated the election on a population basis is of no sense. As for the majoritarian system, it is justified and acceptable if we elect  talented, popular, educated and honest people and not money bags. That’s why the pseudo-opposition is asking for the elections on a population basis, as in case of the elections on a majoritarian basis they have no chance to win nobody will vote for disreputable persons. As we see, the boiling temperature is rising in the parliamentary life, and anxiety is rising in the public. Let’s see how events will develop.

Joni Tsintsadze,

Doctor of Biology



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