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The Court: The Archpriest is guilty in arranging the intentional murder by reason of revenge

The Court

“Tbilisi City Court made the guilty verdict against the  archpriest Giorgi Mamaladze, accused for the so called Cyanide Case” – the statement spread by Tbilisi City Court says. 

“He was accused for  arranging intentional murder with self-interest (Sub-point “c” of Part 3 of Article 18-109 of the Criminal Code of Georgia) and illicit carrying of fire-arms, ammunition, explosive material or explosive device (Part 2 of Article 236  of the Criminal Code of Georgia). In the course of considering the case, he did not recognized himself guilty in the accusation, however, by analysis of the case materials and the proofs submitted on the court process, the court re-qualified the accusation  and considered established the illicit purchase and storage of fire-arms and ammunition by the accused.

Correspondingly, he was recognized guilty and therefore, based on the principle of combination of crimes and absorb of punishments,   9-years in-length limitation of freedom was determined against him. The decision may be appealed within 1-month term from the moment of announcement thereof, at the Board for Criminal Cases of Tbilisi City Court”  – Tbilisi City Court statement says.



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