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The collapse of the “Strategic ally” in the UNO and the anger to which the Georgian government was subjected

The collapse of the

A few days ago, members of the UN Security Council (consisting of 15 member states, five of which – Great Britain, China, Russia, USA and France are the permanent members, while 10 0 non-permanent, elected by the UN General Assembly for 5 years term)  with exception of the USA, voted  the Resolution on non-recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city or Israel. Adventurism of the USA and Israel was so obvious that the world’s society has integrated and rejected their requirement. Even the Great Britain and France voted against the wish of their ally – USA 

Before organizing the votes at the UN General Assembly (The Resolution was voted on December 21st) the informational agencies spread the news tat stating that Donald Trump is going to  punish the counties which will not support the US position: We help these countries with billions of dollars and, if they deny to support us, we’ll terminate their assistance and save our money… “

“Donald Trump forced the US General Assembly to stand in a new row” – the German newspaper Ta­ge­s­spiegel wrote” (nothing similar has been told by the Germans towards Americans, for a long time), while a general view expressed the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu:”The USA started to go on the path  of threatening, but, this will not work. The world is changed, the principle: “I am strong, therefore, I am right” will not work anymore. Today, the world rises voice against unjust

Result of voting held at the US General Assembly  according to which a requirement on recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel,  failed to be accepted legally. So,it can be said without any exaggeration that it is surprising, but only 8 countries – Nauru, Palau, Togo, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Honduras, and Guatemala of the 192 USN member states supported the USA-Israel tandem. 20 countries, among them those considered themselves to be the  “strategic allies” of the USA, such are Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Moldova, were not participating in the voting. 35 countries  (including Canada and Australia) abstained, while 128 countries voted for the draft resolution. The results of voting b y the UNO is a catastrophic loss of the governments of Trump and Netanyahu

Changes are on throughout the world ,which are accelerated by actions of Washington. The time has passed when the American diplomats were successfully making deals behind the UNO scenes and “mobilizing” supporters to vote “for” this or that item. But, as seen, today they are nor able to do the same.     In the past times, all the methods – threatening, assurance, recommendations, promises – have the desired results. This was a practice for dozens of years, and suddenly, the voting process held in the UN on the agenda of  Jerusalem, has changed everything. No, the American diplomacy did not become weak, simply, the act of “Global Hegemon”   which threatened the world, if voting against recognition of Jerusalem the capital city of Israel, turned to be Counterproductive. A sense of this simple  as donkey’s shout  method (threatening)  is that that the USA wanted all the world nations to stand in one straight row and have a view useful for the Americans. After all, is not the USA a pier of the world democracy?  But, this idea ended by a collapse. As seen, even the green dollars are not the convincing argument, while those countries receiving the USA aid, can think reasonably. But, another thing is the most important here:  The results of voting in the UNO showed that among the European allies of the USA  a process of new thinking started.

As to Georgia, which representatives did not appear on the voting, suffered the anger by side of the USA. The American congressmen, among them Steve Russel developed he draft law “Response of the action of the Georgian Government, for violation of the contractual agreements with the USA representative involved in business and financial transactions in Georgia” .The sanctions will relate to “all persons who are current or former members  of the Georgian governmental structures and participated in the above mentioned activity” – the draft law says

The sanctions will apply on allocation of loans, credits, insurances; Bank accounts of such persons will be frozen, they will not receive the visas and residential permits; A financial support to the Georgian government will be limited

So, the Georgian government, which was like a  slave before the American patrons and performed all their instructions because of  fear of losing chair, is threatened with sanctions, for it did not supported the absurd requirement of Americans

What it comes from this:  Patron is patron and, will never apologues his slave. But, what about the “fact” that the USA is also the “strategic partner” of Georgia?

Prepared by Nika Kotrinteli 



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