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The church should be cleansed and cleansed as soon as possible!


Paradoxically, the only authority in the history of independent Georgia that was not concerned about the strength of the Church was Eduard Shevardnadze. He did not fight against the Church, did not fight against his authority, and the Patriarch had a baptism. Then there was Mikheil Saakashvili who lost a rest of the Church and Patriarch strength unwavering authority, so the nationals during their ruling filled the Church with a liberal clergy, increased the number of beneficiaries, the diocese raised, nurtured and, trained the new Patriarch, but neither the authority nor the Patriarchal Throne, prepared for King, did not dare say out loud to the Patriarch to remove. 

After the change of government, the government attack on the church was weakened, but the clergy embedded there could not forget the promise, the tolerance of the patriarch’s throne. They could not get used to the fact that they would no longer agree with the issue of appointing the governor of the region, without them appointing mayors and other officials – officially abolishing unofficial chieftaincy in their region. It is a feature of furuncle, it burns, it collects bacteria scattered in one place and finally, when it can no longer fit, it disappears. Here’s a breakdown of furuncle that can be very daunting if you’re not ready if you don’t know it will work.

It was precisely as such furuncle at the meeting of the Synod t where Peter Tsaava burst

It was an insidious plan called an attempt to end the life of the patriarch, yes, – to end the life, because the words told by the currently dismissed reverend, were nothing but the end, the older Patriarch had to tolerate . The decisive attack on the Patriarch began when his companion, Archbishop Shio, visited and departed for America the previous day, but as soon as the attack on the Patriarch (and in this case the Patriarch in particular) began, he returned immediately and sat next to the Patriarch at the Synod.

Apparently, the return of Archbishop Shio and Repentance of Archbishop Jacob became the deciding factor that the healthy forces were able to unite, and we see as a result that t Peter is no longer Archbishop and, the Kutateli-Gaenateli bishop, not a follower of liberalism, but an appreciator of Georgian traditions, became the Archbishop and now importantly is that getting the case to its end is started. Now it is not the time to think about forgiveness – it is time to collect stones and it is time to throw stones – now the time came when the church must be cleansed and cleansed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the liberalists will restorer forces, overcome the crisis (they are now in a real crisis) and launch a renewed attack. They failed in this now, at their first attempt but they my be successful in future. That is why it seems to be necessary for the national forces not to stop just now.

As for the former Archbishop Peter, I cannot really say why he has not been punished so far, because even if the recent statements are not taken into account, his work under the previous government is sufficient. In Samegrelo everyone says that it was with the help of Reverend Peter that the Akhalais’ were “terrorizing” that the photos Saakashvili were next to the icons in the chapel, that nothing was going on in the region without his agreement and that violence should have been agreed with him. If at least part of the video footage recovered from the hides found in the Samegrelo forests had to be known to Peter, he would have had to go out and publicize it. It is very difficult to believe that a person of such influence did not know what was going on in his flock, it is impossible that at least an individual did not tell him about this violence in confession We do not ask that he could disclose secrets of confession but he simply could to compare disclosed-to-him facts and the events, but – no.

At that time he would not allow it, then he was preparing for the patriarchy and he had one spirit when the patriarch would be put on his feet to take his place. Apparently, at the last session of the Synod, Peter realized that he would never take the of patriarchэs throne and burst as a furuncle, so he tried to go down completely and say so terrible words the Patriarch Fortunately, the church has endured yet another mud puddle, the heart of the patriarch too, and everything has been sorted out as needed, though we will repeat once again: it cannot be stopped and now the church must go on and clear its ranks.

Peter actually was a slow-acting mine in the church, which had to explode sooner or later. From this point of view, Peter seems to have exploded prematurely, failed to take pride in his arrogance, and now it seems that we were right when we were criticizing Peter Tsaava in his secular life: How do we dare criticize him? After the Synod said the archbishops and it was also recorded in the ruling: It does not remember the history of Georgia, so the Patriarch insulted by anyone. It turns out that for centuries the ungodly conquerors did not dare to attack our patriarchs, such as insults Peter. And most importantly, even today, he does not regret his words, speaks with the Patriarchate in an ultimatum, sets his terms and still wants to stay in a region where he has his roots firmly and try to arrange new provocations and sabotages. The sabotage was that the parish was not attended by the first liturgy held by the new archbishop that is, the baptized priests of Peter forbade the parish to listen to the new bishop. They should be punished, they should be warned, and they should know that sabotage and disobedience will not go unpunished.

By the way, some clergymen disagreed with Peter’s punishment. We have a serious suspicion that they are mines in the church and will soon explode. Simply put, liberalism and the previous government are in a difficult day, and this is not the time for them, because they are doomed to failure, but that does not mean that they will not wait for the right moment. Hopefully, Archbishop Shio realized that the Patriarch cannot be left alone, that he cannot participate in international events and leave the old Patriarch alone, because there is a team or group trying to create vacuum around the Patriarch, and Archbishop Shio understood that even one day was enough to change radically the situation.

According to our information, when Reverend Peter realized that the hardest punishment awaited him, the color changed, he tried to appease the patriarch’s heart, but Reverend Shio realized Peter’s trick. Reverend Shio finally introduced a real face of the Chkondidi Metropolitan. This is probably why the Kutateli-Ganatian high priest was chosen as the person who would awaken the Georgian soul and oppose the liberators. Representatives of the LGBT community also immediately stood up and threatened the church. Rather, they say loudly that they have a lot of fans in the bosom of the church and that exposing them is a big deal.

I cannot say for many decades that the Church of Georgia has been at the forefront of all inquiries and institutions, with its unwavering authority. It is also a fact that on one call of the Patriarch all Georgia will go out and millions of people will stand side by side – something that no party other can ever do. This is why politicians are always jealous of the authority of the church, but they are obliged to realize that people, those e abandoned by politicians, rely on God only and that they will not allow themselves to torn an individual into god. The previous government did not realize this, and hopefully those who equalize attack on the patriarch as an attack on the state will understand the developments correctly. First of all, so far it is your merit a result we have now, but at least this time you have to help the Church to cover up the enemies of the state. We know that you know well who is who in real

Beso Barbakadze

P.S. Reverend Gregory, who was ordained to the Diocese of Chkondidi, said something very interesting when asked about the possible resignation of the Patriarch: “ The Patriarch has ascended to the cross and, nobody can go back from it. So, others must move him from the cross. So, Patriarch will be there till the last day!”



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