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The Ambassador Goes, the Ambassador Comes … but NATO Does Not Yet Arrive!

The Ambassador Goes, the Ambassador Comes ... but NATO Does Not Yet Arrive!

When the US Administration  announced the appointment or more precisely, the  nomination of the US  Ambassador to Georgia, to the “Happy Georgian Nation”, I remembered a light verse  read in a very old humor magazine.

In this light verse,  a mediocre person having pretensions to poetry  was watching the  gifted poet thinking of  how could he write such good poems ?! For some time  he saw that the poet ascended to a high place, to look from there, and then he came down and wrote a verse in the book. “Yeah, so  he looks at the environment from above and then he puts in verses what he sees”,  thought the bad poet, and he did so the next evening. He ascended to the high place  and began to look from there. He saw the chariot going, and recorded this fact. Then he saw the chariot coming, and recorded the other fact. He watched the chariots come and go all day, and finally he wrote in a pocket- book: “The chariot goes, the chariot comes,  the chariot goes, the chariot comes .. but this f…ing poem does not arrive!”

This is the case with our Georgian society. Just like that bad poet we have been watching for over 30 years that the ambassadors of the United States have been coming to and going from our country, and every arrival and departure of them causes in us the same joy as in  the kids who are playing in the yard in the summer and see a man selling the Eskimo and calling  – “Well, come on and taste my good Eskimo chocolate ice-cream”.  The arrival of this man cheered us  in the “dark” Soviet period.

So, these days we have heard again a call from the White House: “Well, come on and taste our new Eskimo chocolate ambassador” and we have clapped our hands for joy.

The main point is that some persons have been  happy to hear about the appointment of the US ambassador in other respects, and others – for a radically different reason. Members and activists of the Georgian Dream say that by this fact the US government has already publicly expressed confidence and support for Georgia’s current government, and the appointment of the  ambassador means Georgia will soon become a NATO member.

Opposition figures insist that the nomination of the US ambassador by the US government unconditionally implies  “the end” of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s rule, and under such conditions a NATO contingent will not enter Georgia.

And the most interesting thing is that these are exactly the same people who have hitherto strongly argued that the non-appointment of the  ambassador to Georgia by the United States would bring  the end of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s rule and NATO’s non-entrance to  Georgia.

It is just a case and I am not mistaken!

Is this really the case.  How could not you know what does it mean that the United States have not appointed  an ambassador to Georgia for so long?  – the Georgian “top” experts, “top” journalists and “top” politicians used to ask  very seriously and concluded there too: The non-appointment of the ambassador  for so long is a direct signal that the US administration no longer supports the current Georgian government. This clearly indicates that soon Ivanishvili’s oligarchic regime will end in Georgia.

What a sensation!  And, after it was announced that the US government had officially nominated the ambassador to Georgia, exactly the same “top” experts, journalists, and politicians are asking exactly with the same seriousness: How could not you know what does it mean that the United States has already nominated the ambassador to Georgia? Yes, with the appointment of the  ambassador, America has made it clear that it is dissatisfied with Georgia’s current government and that Ivanishvili’s oligarchic rule will end soon.

So, if America does not appoint an ambassador, it is the end of Ivanishvili; and if it appoint an ambassador, it’s still Ivanishvili’s end.

It is just because of this super-strange  “logic” that we do not even mention the name and surname of the person chosen by the United States government as ambassador to Georgia. First of all, the interested people have already known the information on the Internet; and second and foremost is that the  name and surname count for nothing. Most important here is his title: “the Ambassador expressing and defending interests of the United States”. Whether his or her name is Johnny, Michael or Sylvia, it’s all the same.

The fact and trouble is that the Georgian political spectrum attaches such a great importance to the US Embassy and its ambassador to Georgia. Nevertheless, it is beyond question that the work of the embassy and the ambassador of any powerful and developed country in our country is not a minor factor for us,  but giving such exaggerated importance to this fact indicates the misfortune and just a sham for  our state and its officials and opposition. Much may depend on foreign embassies and ambassadors in a  country: focal points of the foreign policy directions, inflow of specific tranches or grants, etc., but when both the government and the opposition directly and indirectly link  the appointment or non-appointment of an ambassador  of any country to the fate of the current authorities is really too much.

However,  whether the non-appointment of the US ambassador would really cause the  overthrow Ivanishvili’s government, or whether the  appointment will really do the same, is one question; the second and obvious question is that both the Georgian government and the opposition perceive  the US ambassador and embassy so “brutally”, ​​and that they all openly, publicly, loudly state that the existence or non-existence of the Georgian government depends on the US ambassador  (albeit positively and negatively) (independence is called that, right?)!

Moreover, Giorgi Vashadze, for example, has gone farther and assessed the expected appointment of the US ambassador to Georgia as follows: “Very good! We, at last, are worthy of the active US Embassy in Georgia. So far, for almost a year, the US embassy has not been active in this country, and for this reason  the oligarchic regime has  strengthened and Bidzina Ivanishvili has got a nerve”.So how do you like the term “active embassy”?

I wonder, what is this “active embassy” that organizes revolutions of different colors, different flavors, or different flowers in different countries?

A following anecdote is actively circulating: 

What is a country where a revolution will never take place?

That is the United States of America because there is no US Embassy there!

In fact, everyone knows very well what the “active embassy of the United States of America” ​​means in any country, but a precedent where both the ruling power and the opposition of the country publicly acknowledge that,  their  stay in power depends on the US embassy, ​​I think, is created for the first time in Georgia by the representatives of political establishment.

It is also worth noting here that I do not really remember such bondage to the “patron  country” even in the conditions of the Soviet Union.

With such fervor and in an obsequious way, even the state officials  of the Communist Party of Georgia did not suck up to  Leonid Ilyas Brezhnev, Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR.

Eventually the future will show what will happen and what will be the result of the approval of the US Ambassador and then his arrival in Georgia.

Will Bidzina’s government  be “overturned” or vice versa  it will get stronger, it is a matter of course, and many other domestic and foreign issues have to be detailed and sorted out.

However, as time goes by, all of us normal-minded citizens are increasingly convinced that the values ​​that our generation (especially the  generation that is a little older than ours) stood for and shed the blood on Rustaveli Avenue 30 years ago, on April 9, 1989,  or the total national independence, freedom and self-determination was only  a method  and trick invented by one big state in order to break up and shatter the other big state  and nothing more.

Bakur Svanidze   



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