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Success of talented Georgian young people

Mari Gurjiev, Nugzar Beridze, Rezo Todua and Davit Beryulava

Only the educated generation can save Georgia, but, this generation, until achieving a success, needs a support. A pleasant fact is  that  a group named “Fourteenmiracles” which is working on creation of  “Triboelectric Faraday”,  reached a final stage of the  Millennium Innovation Competition organized by the Millennium Challenge Fund.

“Triboelectric Faraday”,  is a wind power plant of  a new generation. The system developed by us achieved that level of generation of the electric energy which has no restricting factor from environment, i.e. weather conditions or day-and-night cycle. It is capable to generate the electric energy even via a small air flow  and, almost never interrupts operation, is ecologically friendly and causes no threat to the surrounding  nature. It is important  to note also  that creation of the “Triboelectric Faraday”  does not require high costs

The Group “Fourteenmiracles” obtained the 15-thpusand GEL funding from the Georgian State Electric System  and, at the moment the group works on development on  the full-scale project   in the Georgian State University. The Group members are Mari Gurjiev, Nugzar Beridze, Rezo Todua and Davit Beryulava. We’ like to note that Rezo Tidia is the eldest son of the now late chief editor of the ”Georgia and World” newspaper Irakli Todua

Editorial Board of the ”Georgia and World” wishes all success to talented Georgian young people.



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