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Struggle of dolts

Struggle of dolts

Focusing on Okruashvili and his followers is a great honor for them, but since they are keen on Georgian politics, are keeping a keen eye on it and are trying to gain influence over Georgia (the name of the party also indicates that), I have to say what Okruashvili’s appearance on TV, his arrest caused in me and reasonably thinking society.

Omar Margvelashvili

Being dragged down or let be dragged down

The circle of honest, hard-working individuals is quite large who do not see the country ‘s survivors in the opposition, but also in the non – constructive, deceitful and criminal opposition (I mean National Movement in the form of European Georgia). Their aim is to destroy the country once again, to deprive people of their property, engage in illegal arrests, usage of brooms, injustice, to exacerbate the already deteriorating relations with the neighboring countries (especially Russia) … in short, everything that, unfortunately, Georgia has passed  during the rule of Georgian Dream.

Putting other crimes aside, the Tskhinvali war of 2008 alone is worth it – the loss of territories and the deterioration of relations with the former autonomy republics ‘population so badly that they shiver when a Georgian is mentioned.

I apologize to the reader, but I have to remind this, as some people stupefied by Nazi propaganda still insist that the 2008 war was started, not by Saakashvili’s and his coup, but by Russia. And if you oppose this idea, then they agree as if doing a favor: Saakashvili started the war, but Russia has made a number of provocations and involved us in that war.

Ms Salome Zourabishvili said quick-wittedly when talking about throwing a bomb in Tsitelsopeli: they (the Saakashvili authorities) are bombing themselves in order to then blame Russia.

As for “dragging down”, this is the term for elementary school students when secondary school students drag them into bad behavior, such as somebody being beaten, petty theft, etc., but this is not common for the politics that adult people do.

The fact that Saakashvili started the war has been approved by the EU’s special commission led by diplomat Heidi Tagliavini, who has worked in Georgia for years, and the UN, which not only accused Saakashvili of waging war, but also of using banned “cluster bombs”.

What does the guilty Nazi say? – Obviously, they claim the contrary, in which even the part of the society that is afflicted with Russophobia has been persuaded. I advise them to seek the UN report (an extract was also published  in “Georgia and the World”) and to read it carefully. I don’t think they will change their minds, but they will still say in their heart – who is right and who is wrong, and yet they will continue to publicly lie.

Lately, the Nazis, their supporter small parties and NGOs have come to have a strange attitude towards the law: if they do not like the truth, they will immediately start spewing a thousand fools. This happened because of the Strasbourg court’s ruling on Rustavi 2 TV. The Nazis and their fans, as well as the journalists and part of the public, disapproved of the verdict given to the television company and assigned it to the pressure from Russian President Putin and Bidzina Ivanishvili. It is as if they have forced European Court (obviously by bribery) to make an unfavorable decision for Rustavi 2.

Offenses that are to be investigated

The prelude to the August 2008 war was in 2004, when Okruashvili abolished the Ergneti market and attempted to kneel Tskhinvali, but eventually the Georgian military fell to its knees. Okruashvili was not among the kneeling Georgians.

The video footage of the kneeling was aired on all countries, and the world mocked not on Okruashvili, but Georgia.

Recently, the newspaper “Georgia and the World” published an interview with Major General Givi Iukuridze, former Chief of Headquarters of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. Here’s what he says: `11 servicemen of our Defense Ministry were killed in the 2004 Tskhinvali conflict; About 50 servicemen of the Internal Army were captured by the Ossetians at the Vanati school and then the world saw how these captured soldiers were kneeling in front of the Ossetian units. That, of course, was a shame. Obviously, no one had the right to sacrifice those 11 troops so senselessly. “

And who sacrificed them? – Former Defense Minister Okruashvili in agreement with Saakashvili. I still remember blowhard Okruashvili’s promise that we would meet New Year’s Eve in Tskhinvali. Okruashvili’s raucous words about sending faeces to Russia instead of wine has cost the country – economic sanctions were imposed on us.

Many high-profile, criminal cases involving the former defense minister have not yet been investigated, and Okruashvili, rabid with the syndrome of impunity, said in a televised speech (just days before his arrest) that he was the financier of the National Movement, the organizer of the Rose Revolution, (with respect of finances) and not Soros or Ivanishvili; That during the period when he was a minister millions of dollars were brought to him and he put those money into the Nazi piggy bank; That he had more than $ 10 million in safes, and so on.

These crimes were proudly talked about by the so-called lawyer, former senior civil servant. Okruashvili’s confession has once again shed light on Saakashvili’s criminal government, which is being so defended by the Nazis and part of the society attached to them. The government has paid $ 25 million to the commission headed by Muller for a two-year investigation into a “deal” of the US President Trump with Russia. And here Okruashvili had saved 10 million in the safe (?). Okruashvili was not punished for the crime he mentioned in a televised speech; he was arrested for organizing a mutiny (June 20-21). It is difficult to say in advance what decision the court will adopt, but we hope that justice will be celebrated this time.

Ivanishvili deserves it for giving shelter to Sanikidze

The arrest of Okruashvili angered his party members, especially Gubaz Sanikidze and Konstantin Kemularia, who insult Ivanishvili and Russia in the dirtiest words. Well, we should say, Ivanishvili deserves it for giving shelter to Sanikidze.

Sanikidze does not spare swear-words against Ivanishvili in TV speeches: according to him, Ivanishvili has decided to hand Georgia over to Russia. It was also said that the sitting of Gavrilov a member of the Russian State Duma in the chair of the parliament’s speaker, was part of Ivanishvili-Putin’s plan to join Georgia to Russia, which the Patriotic Forces opposed (June 20-21) and halted the implementation of the “insidious” plan.

Everybody and Okruashvili participated in the struggle for freedom and independence in front of the Parliament,” said Gubaz Sanikidze.

What on the earth a man will not hear, but I have not heard a fairy tale like this, lies and foolishness. The four convocation MPs, “Gubaz Wise”, also said they had ties to Moscow and knew that there would be a million-strong anti-government rally on July 28 that would put an end to Putin’s regime, just as rallies in Tbilisi would end Ivanishvili’s domination.

Indeed, on July 28, an unauthorized rally was held in Moscow, attended by not a million, but “slightly” less –  3500 people. The protesters attacked the police and even pour toxic substance in the eyes of the policemen, not to mention the garbage bins and asphalt scraps that they threw at the police.

Police have arrested more than a thousand offenders, leading to a massive outcry abroad. Georgian TV channels have also widely covered the “crackdown” of protesters “against the Putin regime”. While little attention was paid to the 30,000 protesters rally in Batumi under the auspices of the Alliance of Patriots demanding a dialogue with Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, resolving relations.

Does anyone believe the false statements of Sanikidze, Kemularia and Okruashvili, which aim at destabilizing the country ?! The Dream might awaken now and be able to respond to both the National Movement and its supporters. People are waiting for justice to be restored!

 Anaklia – the apple of discord

As for Khazaradze and Japaridze, let’s wait for the events, wait for the court. The United National Movement and its supportive media has so buzzed about these two bankers as if they were fond of them.  As in all cases, they blame Ivanishvili and Putin.

According to the statement of the former Economy Minister Giorgi Kobulia, Russia has never officially said it does not want Anaklia port to be built. He also noted that the port of Anaklia has no economic calculations and without these calculations the construction of the port could be a heavy burden for Georgia.

As a construction engineer, I am well aware that starting construction without economic calculations is a crime, especially for a grand complex like the port of Anaklia. As for Russia, it can participate in the operation of Anaklia port with respect of  cargo freight. Doesn’t this happen on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway ?! Azerbaijan and Turkey have agreed with Russia on transporting part of the cargo in transit to that country to the mentioned railway. And if Russia does that, it will benefit everyone involved in the Project, including us.

Politics should not be hampered by the economy. Unfortunately, these simple truths are not known by Georgian politicians, experts, journalists, NGOs, parties, which is damaging to the country.

Omar Margvelashvili



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