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Soso Tsintsadze: an assembly chairman cannot be restricted to open the event. This is an unwritten law of diplomacy

Soso Tsintsadze

Despite the fact that Georgia was requesting insistently to conduct the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy in Tbilisi and as earlier as a year ago   received the approval, on June 17, the European Georgia” party member Giorgi Kandelaki spread the information that a conduct of the  Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy was planned to be held in Tbilisi on June 19th, on which several deputes of the Russian Duma  to were expected to attend. According to Giorgi Kandelaki,   entry of the deputies of the State Duma of Russia could infringe   the authority of Georgia 

Head of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy a member of the State Duma of Russia Sergey Gavrilov, when opening the meeting,. took a chair of the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia. This fact has angered opposition lawmakers and part of Georgian society. The protest rallies followed by  resignation of the chairman of the Parliament Irakli Kobakhidze; Then the “Georgian Dream” initiated  and announced conduct of the next parliamentary elections under the proportional system  with zero barrier. By this decision  one of the request of the rally participants was met, but the protest rally is still on

We asked a political expert Mr. Soso Tsintsadze to assess the current developments:

-, The  Georgian state power did not made a mistake. It was just a negligence. But, if we speak  about a mistake, the conduct of these events in Georgia,  was the mistake. Moreover, the Georgian side was requesting for  conducting the event and, even received the approval as earlier as a year ago. This was a mistake of the Georgian authorities

There were numerous reasons by which we could avoid conduct of this assembly, because a representative of Russia  is the president of this organization, while Georgia and Russia have the diplomatic relations terminated. Neither written nor unwritten laws of the diplomacy envisage   relations between the countries which have broken the diplomatic contacts and, they are broken not by reason of burning a flag or any similar cause, but because of a war. Considering the above , Tbilisi could not become venue  for conducting the event of the organization chaired by the representative of Russia. But, he cannot be restricted to open the event.  This is another  unwritten law of diplomacy

The Georgian side could appeal on the norms of the international relations, the diplomatic practice and, bring as an example the Vienna Congress held in Austria and chaired by a representative of this country. There was the Berlin Congress too, chaired by Bismarck; The Congress in France, chaired by a French – all this is a diplomatic practice and, the Georgian side could act  so. The assembly was run free, that’s why we found ourselves in this misunderstanding.

he organization of such a tender item  was entrusted  to Zakaria Kutsnashvili, who has neither sufficient experience nor an appropriate  knowledge, he is not even a good lawyer. They adopted this decision a year ago where all items were fixed. I am sure Russians said they could open the event because the Russian side is a chairperson. But, in reply, the Georgian side did not declare that we are the hosts and have the right to open the event

And one more thing: the Georgian side did not do well with the guests. We invited them, met them here and then staged obstruction and fired them away. This is an unforgivable mistake in the diplomacy. The Georgian side failed to foresee all details to which many countries of the world may respond. Some individuals in Georgia link the current processes taking place  here with the global politics. I do not exclude a version that all this was arranged  by Americans, but through the Georgian politicians, in order to take here their troops for calming the situation, but this will be even a greater crime of the Georgian politicians . . .

-, After the Russian depute Sergey Gavrilov was taken out of the parliament building, some people gathered at his hotel and even abused physically, as declared by himself to the Russian massmedia representatives. Is it a diplomatic scandal? And, what are the possible sanctions for it, in the diplomacy?  

– It depends upon the president of Russia. He can o much – claim against us, etc. But, a fact of physical abuse is not confirmed. Otherwise, the processes could run to quite another direction. Despite the fact that Putin called the security council immediately in that very night and established sanctions, I think he will not aggravate further the situation. The incident happened in Georgia, creates a rich soil for a political scandal, but, I repeat: Russia is forgiving us. The president of our neighbor country declared that the air flights are terminated temporarily until the situation in Georgia becomes calm. Putin did not say Georgia must apologize. Neither Lavrov nor Peskov says it. In short, all depends upon a wish of Putin. But, a fact is that he is not making aggravating stems

No acute statements were made by representatives of the countries attended on the Assembly. Only a representative of Germany was sharp

-, How adequate was the statement of president Salome Zurabishvili  towards the above incident. She named Russia as enemy, occupant . . .

-, Zuirabishvili was not adequate at all, her statement was absolutely unnecessary. But, I think she takes care of her image. With her statement, she added kerosene to fire.   Instead, she bragged  before the anti-Russian forces in Europe. . .

– The social media says   a liberal wing of the leading power and the “Nationals” planned together all this  . . .

– If it is true then it comes out that the “Nationals” treated the “Dream” like a child  . If it  is true, then the “Dream” is not worth any more to continue as the leading party. It was too easy to forecast the consequences of “occupation” of the Georgian speaker’s chair by Gavrilov.  The “Georgian Dream”” is full of dilettantes. Bidzina Ivanishvili himself, is not a politician.

– You say  Ivanishvili is not politician. People guess he may have an intention to hand-over the state power to the “Nationals” . . .

– It is excluded.  Ivanishvili knows perfectly well that  despite the “Nationals” believe that there will be no vendetta, it will happen just in this way. . .

Do you think Bidzina does not know what is happening in the country? He sacrificed Kobakhidze and now does not know what to so?! It will be his end if he sacrifices Gakharia, since  in such a case  opposition’s appetite will increase and if will demand for more. A revenge will happen in a very severe form. The only thing the “Georgian Dream” managed is that it found an instrument of winning in the elections,  scolds “Nationals”, distributes potatoes,  and expects for a positive report from the e OSCE.  Just   OSCE is the organization that justifies our elections and, at the same time, this is the organization that did almost everything for returning Russia back into the European Parliament.

Bidzina will not give up the power. He knows  well that only several days are critical, and then people will lose interest to the rallies. . . Or, even if they continue, what then?. In addition, soon the Parliament will announce holidays and a dead season will begin in the country.

Bidzina will be prudent if  he implements changes in the government and appoints there as less people as possible from his close surrounding. We are already the parliamentary republic, the parliament is responsible for everything, while a role of the   leading party is hundred and thousand times higher than in a presidential republic.

Bidzina must do everything to complete the leading party by professionals, in the parliamentary elections. Can he do it?

Archil Talakvadze does not create an impression that he can lead the affairs in difficult situations. They should think about it, especially in conditions where Bidzina himself is not interested in the politics. He left the politics and then come back but in half only – he regulates only the personnel affairs. Such the party creates many problems to Ivanishvili, if to say nothing about the country

June 20th was a day of lustration – “Georgian Dream” carried the country under the 10th raw event  the country, that could not be made by creative, real politicians. The event could be arranged so that nobody could hear about it.

-, Bidzina Ivanishvili  decided to conduct of the 2020 parliamentary elections under the proportional system,  with zero barrier.  Eduard Shevardnadze conducted such elections in 1992. Do you think  it is advisable now to conduct similar elections, in term when we havwee150 MPs in the Parliament and over 250 political parties in the country? 

– Yes, Shevardnadze conducted such elections and, in that time is was a really rational decision – Irakli Tsereteli and many others from the street became the MPs. Now the situation is quite different, some threats exist also, but only theoretically. Anyway, the decision is attractive,   many Parties like it, because otherwise they could not find themselves in the parliamentary hall even in their dreams. And now,    They received a chance to become MPs. Ivanishvili opened a door to  everyone

As to the threats, I think the following’ Ss you have already mentioned above, there are too many parties in Georgia, and their number will be doubled at the end of the year. On the other hand, there are not so many seats in the parliament, therefore, selection of such parties are in hands of the Central Election Commission (CEC) – the organization that has a very low-rate confidence of the large public. Tio say shortly, evil is in  details, while the details are that the Parliament may lose a function of the body of Parliamentary republic

-, So, it comes out that Ivanishvili may become a feudal?   

-, If the elections are held as announced by Ivanishvili, you may conclude that a certain trade will take place where a buyer will not have a competitor. In such a situation, I think bout fate of my grandchildren. I hope a lot will be changed until the elections and this idea will be disappeared  too. Bidzina thinks he is a survivor of the nation  because he turned up Misha. For him no matter how the parliament acts.  He controls  the country as he  wish. He fights for the power, but anyway, I think much time remains until the elections and, this agony will pass too.

Interviewed by Eka Naskidashvili



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