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Scapegoats or a “peace” preserved by oligarch as a pocket money


A shameful masquerade staged on that terrible night of 20 June by mutual consent of the “National gang” and the “Dream gang”, has tensioned even more the already critical situation in the country and spread a strong smell of a non-buried political corpse of still vainly wanted and “not found” by the Georgian justice Saakashvili. 

The ”National’s sonders gang” with revolutionary excitement, as seen cannot calm themselves and, are not going to stop until ruining completely the Georgian statehood. However, until our country turns into ruins and the “Patriot LGBTs” instigated by the west for fighting against “occupation” will start their fiery dances on such ruins, Bokerias, Melias, Ugulavas and similar political formations with no frontal vessel, still have much to do; Much to do for taking to higher level an enmity between two countries (I mean here Russia and Georgia), fueling the anti-Russia hysteria in the population, deepening the economic crisis and poverty level and, what is more important, for directing to a logical end a “mental revolution” in the youth’s consciousness started successfully years ago by the “Nationals’ regime. It is another topic, how and with which tool they will try to implement their objectives, but, the fact that a considerable part of the Georgian society, and in particular, the youth, may be easily “recruited”, is obvious. Anyway, a cheap performance staged on June 20 at the Parliament where hand-boys of Saakashvili were the main stars, proved to be enough for waving a large public opinion. Moreover, it was not a cleverly staged performance but an obvious and simplest one The Russian Duma deputy seated specially on the chair of the Parliament Chairman and then the whole delegation expelled with so loudly shouting, and then the “national sect” on the tribune, and then two political sisters standing back-to-back – Salome Samadashvili and Elene Khoshtaria (one wrapped with the Georgian flag and the other – with the EU flag) and outside – Nikanor Melia’s strong revolutionary calls: If those who must resign, will not go within one hour, then we have nothing to do here. Of course, after this, all Georgians recalled evening of 23rd November 2003 when 2 meter height mad led the twice more waved mass and, probably they have had to recall the bloody and terrible years. But, in this case all happened vice versa – nobody expressed protest after Melia’s call. The exalted mass attacked strongly the gate of the Parliament building like it 16 years ago when the “Nationals” hug with a rose in his hands led the mass of participants of the “non-blood revolution” performance staged by Americans. As seen, the 9-year authoritarian regime of Saakashvili proved to be not sufficient lesson for many and unfortunately, the society is not cured completely from this blind cheer-patriotic excitement, while certain odious figure of “Nationals” always used and probably will use such manifestations for their benefit.

Until speaking about aims, motivations and ways of implementation of these processes, it seems worthy to concentrate attention on their economic side too. This joint trick of “Nationals-Dreamers” tandem damaged critically the already poor Georgian economy and, if the flights to and from Russia is not restored soon, our country will face an economic shock. It is clear that even the pro-western experts who are always critical regarding any attempt of dialog of our officials with the Kremlin, do not hide this. To say shortly, a damage that may be caused to us aa result of reduction of tourists number, plus lose of the Russian market and correspondingly – reduction in exports of Georgian products, will reach up to one billion USD. This one billion is expected in case of the restrictions by Russia will not last for a long period, while if vice versa and even tightened, that mat have aground if to observe how the ”Nationals” act, this figure maty be doubled at least. Here somebody may say ironically that the Russian market is not irreplaceable and the Georgian products may take position on other markets too. To this end, let’s recall our nearest past: Beginning from 2006 i.e. from the moment when Saakashvili arranged a political demarche to Russia and expelled from Georgia as if spies of Russia, while in response, Russia established the economic embargo to us, the liberastrs hoping for “democratic west”, started voyages to the European cabinets for finding the alternative markets, but, our “friend” west and in particular – Europe, declared openly that a major part of the Georgian products does not meet the European standards and, closed coldly its door before us. Then were as if the negotiations with the United States of America but these attempts were unsuccessful, too. Then all this followed by the crisis, failed harvest, grapes price drop below of toilet paper, a demonstrative cut of vineyards in Kakheti villages, by which the locals being in a critically helpless situation, expressed their protest, etc. I say nothing about thousands of our citizens who resided illegally in Russia during the years and kept their families by money earned there and who were deported immediately from Russia. As a result of the deportation, a volume of money transfers from Russia reduced almost twice while the rate of inflation increased immediately. By the way, an attitude of that government to the agriculture, that became fully depended on the state budget was clearly assessed by Kakha Bendukidze, in one of his interviews: “Agriculture is unprofitable, We should take no care of it. Local men better to go abroad as hunky, while women – as prostitutes”. This was a verdict determined by the former government to the hungry villages and, the became soon true – Georgian men wok as donkey abroad, while women – take care of elders, in the best case.

I needed this little turn from the topic and a chronological recall of our nearest past not for making darker a reality, but a fact is that today, the Georgian economy is depended on not less closely on the Russian market. For example, according to the data of the previous year spread by the Georgian National Wine Agency, a volume of the Georgian wines sold in Russia made 13279 083 bottles and, by this indicator Russia is an unconditional leader among all countries. Georgian wines were exported by hundreds of large companies, while the gained profit made several hundred million USD. On the language understandable for everybody, it means that the Georgian wine-making industry and not only it bit other branches of the agriculture, as well as tourism, considerable part of the civil engineering, etc., stand practically on the Russian market. Considering all this, of course it would not be difficult to imagine what may happen with the Georgian economy in the nearest future if the anti-Russia hysteria started by the “Nationals-Dreamers” tandem is not terminated promptly while the Georgian politics return back to its more or less normal path. Another fact is that the economic threat is directed to peasants, and not those rebels like Melia, Bokeria, Ugulava, Bakradze and others are. By the way, it is interested what will say the cheer-patriots running now on Rustaveli avenue, with which market they will substitute the Russian market for peasants from Kakheti, Guria, Imereti, Megrelia, etc., whose harvest with a great probability will not be realized duly (in term where the Russian market was for many of them a true relief since they sold there Georgian wine, apple, citrus, vegetables…)

Probably they will say that “Evil Russia” is blamed in everything and that protection of the homeland needs a sacrifice. But, what will they do with the fact that on that 20th June it provocation planned by them? (of course under by conduct of the western globalist which are seriously concerned by improvement of the Russian-Georgian relations.

As to the political side, whatever angle or position we may choose to look at the current developments, of course we will see finally one clear result: only Georgia is damaged, while the “Nationals” and “Georgian Dream” managed to find a common language the “struggle” and preserved the political cohabitation executed in 2012. “Georgian Dream” managed to save itself because it expelled Kobakhidze and Kutsnashvili, while the “Nationals” – with removing the immunity from Nika Melia who was then imposed by 30 thousand GEL penalty sanction. All this was for both “Nationals” and “Georgian Dream” just a pence from their political piggy bank but then paid for more valuable and result-bringing to them item: the Russian-Georgian relations are in the backward and tensioning mode, while the “populistic forces” activated by “efforts of Russia” which during the last period almost have sunk into water the ultraliberal agenda dictated from the west – covered. However, a sensible part of the society knows well that the ;small-size” dreamers kicked from the majority, were scapegoats only and, the Georgian policy will lose nothing by their removal like it gained nothing by their entry to the politics. The Georgian society knows well that a price of this “Nationals-Dreamers” staged masquerade is neither hopeless political career of Kutsnashvili and Kobakhidze, nor a MP immunity of Mika Melia. Loss of result of hard work of a Georgian peasant is of course a matter of more serious and higher responsibility which price will have been paid by both “Nationals” and “Georgian Dream” only after their complete disappearing from the political spectrum.

Jaba Zhvania



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