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Sarkozy is arrested, why Saakashvili is not arrested stull?

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According to the information distributed by the  French paper “La Monde”,  the ex-president of France Nicolas Sarkozy was detained by the Nanteur (Paris suburb) Police on March  20.

The politician is accused for  an illegal funding of his election campaign in 2007 when the won the race for  presidency. As the investigators  assume, Sarkozy received several millions Euro from the Libyan dictator – now deceased Muammar Gaddafi

Representatives of Libya regime overturned by efforts of the “Democratic West” in 2011, during the years have been accusing the ex-president of France in taking a bribe, but now,  as seen,  some new  evidences are discovered in the criminal case initiated in 2013

Sarkozy who came himself at the Nanteur Police Department, was detained for 48 hours. After  expiry of this term, the law enforcement authorities must d decide whether the former head of the state should be released or imprisoned

The public became informed of the history of funding Sarkozy  by Gaddafi  in 2012, when “Mediapart” published the document evidencing that the Libyan government has spent a lot of money for ensuring Sarkozy’s victory  in the presidential elections

After institution of a criminal case, the representatives of the overturned regime of Libya  involved actively  in the investigation. One of them is a mediator Ziad Takieddine, who declared in 2015 that in 2006-2007 he transferred 5 MIO EUR from Tripoli to Paris and then handed over this sum in suitcases personally to a politician Claude Geanne, who later became  minister of Internal affairs of France, while the latter brought the money to Sarkozy. Sarkozy’s situation becomes more complicated by fact that he received money secretly, when he was serving as the minister of internal affairs.

This  is an evidence of how they deal with persons who are unfavorable for the USA ,while the favorable leaders of America, no matter what they committed, are always protected against  criminal persecution  One of the examples supporting the above mentioned is an attitude towards the ex-president of Georgia Mikheil   Saakashvili,who, during 9 years period of governance committed lots of crimes: Saakashvili’s regime destroyed the educational system, culture, agriculture. The regime was murdering young people in the streets, torturing them severely, raping. On November 7th  2007 and May 26th  2011,Saakashvili’s regime ruthlessly dispersed the protest rallies

For embezzlement of the budgetary money in a large quantity, in August 2014, the  main prosecutor’s office of Georgia  brought Saakashvili to the responsibility in absentia, for he spent secretly from the society 9 837 561 GEL, among them for the services provided by the massage specialist Dorothy Stein –“Doctor Dot”. Besides,   Saakashvili  spent illegally 191 643 GEL for remuneration and accommodation of  the Spanish cook Sergio Calderon Latasa,  remuneration of the Cook’s interpreter and fly of the said cook to Spain. 75 181 GEL is paid for hotel services and travel of Saakashvili’s stylist Ali Kamali;  6342 GEL is paid for hotel services of Mariam Sajaia in UAE and Batumi;   6401 GEL is paid for hotel services of Alana Gagloeva  in UAE;  382347 GEL is paid for flight tickets  of Vera Kobalia’s parents and sister – Nina Kobalia;  503 383 GEL is paid for hiring the airlines for Mikheil Saakashvili, 45214 GEL is paid for hiring limousine and mini-van for Saakashvili’s visit to Verona, Italy;  33204 GEL is paid for hiring helicopter for Mikheil Saakashvili in Peru;  25237 GEL is paid for hiring the yacht in Pizza, Italy; 49 499 GEL is paid for purchasing 7 jackets and     Cashmere coat and 7994 GEL for 2 costumes in Great Britain;  53283 GEL is paid for 10 wristwatches in USA, England and Georgia;  127 858 GEL expenses wre borne for 2-day hotel accommodation, car service, meal  and flight of Mikheil Saakashvili, David Bakradze and Levan Varshalomidze in   one of the Thai resorts, etc.

And today, Saakashvili  who is accused for embezzlement  of so much budgetary sums for personal benefit, is free and has a good time in different countries of the world

Sarkozy is arrested, who Saakashvili is not dealt similarly?  As the 37th president of the USA Nixon said  about the Nicaragua dictator Somosa – “he is a bastard, but our  bastard”, the same is true about Saakashvili, since he is the Americans’ bastard,  too 

Nika Korinteli 



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