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Salome Zourabichvili called on the Russian leadership to avoid escalation, or the main provocateur in the role of a peace dove


At a special briefing Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili addressed the Russian leadership along with Georgian citizens residing in Russia and the tourists in Georgia. 

“I call on Russian leadership not to get involved in escalation. It will be paradoxical if a neighboring country responds to provocations staged by, as it refers to, “radical forces,” thus promoting their destructive goals. Let me emphasize that our peace policy is the only way to maintain stability in the country and in the region. I appeal to our citizens living in Russia: I am your president as well and your well-being is very important for us; I know that the government is trying its best to ensure that you continue to have a peaceful and stable life. I appeal to our guests: Georgia has been historically a symbol of tolerance and we will not allow this tradition to be violated. There was not even one incident that threatened foreign citizens or foreign guests living in Georgia in the most tense period of the country. This will continue”, said Salome Zourabichvili.

It should be said that the President of Georgia calls on Russia not to “provoke” radical forces and thus “do not contribute to their destructive goals” and two weeks ago she was in a role of a top provocateur who was ahead of the game when calling Russia an enemy and an occupier. It was a provocateur’s role, because this statement was followed by a ban on flights to Georgia. That’s why, when Salome wants to take fancy inside the country, Russia is an enemy and an occupier, whereupon this “enemy and occupier” on the call of the dove of peace – Salome must have not been following radical forces and thus not contributing to their destructive goals.



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