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Real faces of “Nationals” and their in live self-unmasking


It is not  the news that the 2008 Russia-Georgia short-term war theme becomes activated for several days in August of each year. We are witnesses of numerous discussions and versions, of who is a patriot  and who is a traitor. Quite a wide spectrum of recriminations are on a free display. But, despite  all this, on the 11thy anniversary of the war, the “National Movement”  managed to  surprise us by introducing a new and not disclosed up today theme related to the  August War.  

We heard in this year that the government (former) of Georgia that had  as if so anti-Russian and anti-Putin image,   was attempting during a whole week in that hot days of August to preserve image of Russia and Putin and,  dishonestly lied its own  population. The most shocking here is that  not somebody blames them in it, bur they themselves, these former top leaders of  the “National Movement”  make such statements  through various TV channels

For instance, former internal  minister and then the defense minister of “Nationals” Gia Baramidze, declared before the “Imedi” TV   : “Until 9th August we tried not to recognize Russia as the war party, we were stating in that days that the separatists armed groups were acting near the Roki tunnel. Yes, we tried  till the end to preserve face to Russia  for not  nominating it as occupant in the eyes of the world and, for giving it a chance to stop the war operations, in order not to create  a picture as if Georgia defeated it in that war”

You may agree probably that in a very rare cases one can listen such  a nonsense. Even from “Nationals” it is unimaginable the silly words, as if Russia (which was officially involved in the war since August 8 and the president of Russia in that time Medvedev,  officially declared the war with Georgia)  “could use”  the “opportunity” provided by Georgia for protection of “free” (as Russia considered) regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, not to introduce itself  before the world as occupant and, stop the war

This is the worst nonsense  in comparison to the nonsenses the “Nationals” were saying earlier, as if they “unmasked Russia and showed a real face of Putin  to the whole world, while it is equal to our victory

It is not clear when Russia had a  mask  on its face and what a mask it  was, as thought by “Nationals”?

Can anybody provide even one fact or one statement to illustrate that Vladimir Putin did not declared publicly about Russia’s direct strategic interest in the South Caucasus?

Just two months earlier oftyhe2008 August War the foreign minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov announced publicly ”Russia considers it as its essential interest that the NATO military objects not to be approaching to the Russian borders through passing the South Caucasus. In case of continuation of such attempts, we are ready for our involvement in military actions, too”

Is it a mask? was it so difficult to understand that just Georgia was meant by Lavrov as a cause of “NATO’s approach to South Caucasus”? And, when a country says that if a need appears, it is ready to involve itself in a war, where is a subtext or a mask as meant by “Nationals’” asshole leaders?

All this was declared by the “Natonals” during the last 11 years, but we did not hear any substantiated answer from them, therefore, it is not strange for us their  senseless “mask theory”. Instead,  we heard first time that until “unmasking”, they were taking a care of Russia’s image – the same “mask” . . . This is really the news, surprise, wonder, and scandal too, if you want.

As if, do not say  but  Russia invaded Georgia through the Roki Tunnel on 01 August, by its heavy  military technics, strengthened their positions just the official Russian troops started bombing the Georgian villages – this was declared just now, on 8 August 2019, by the deputy foreign minister of Georgia in that time and a citizen of Russia till the last period – Grigol Vashadze.

But despite this, at early August 2008, the Nationals government was repeating stubbornly during 8 days that the military actions were conducted by the separatists armed groupings, and that even Russia was surprised and outraged by their   insolence

The following statements were made on August 8th 2008 by the same Grigol Vashadze and the State Minister Temur Iakobashvili: “General Kulakhmetov, Commander of the Russian peace forces dislocated in Tskhinvali, is shocked. He  declared to me directly that the Ossetian separatists are not subordinated to him any more, deny his advices   and conduct military operations  against Georgia. Kulakhmetov told me we may act as we think it advisable” –  these are the words by Temur Iakobashvili. So bold was in his statements commander of Georgian peace forces, General Kurashvili, while  Grigol Vashadze declared to “Rustavi 2” TV Company that Russians are shocked and, the Russian side asked him to visit Moscow for clarifying the situation. The similar statements were made at 8 August night too, and now, on 8 August 2019, it is revealed  that when making such statements the top leaders of the Nationals knew by 8 days earlier of that war that the official Russian troops entered   the Georgian territory and just they were bombing the Georgian villages

Only on evening of  9 August it was fixed officially in Mikheil Saakashvili’s special order decree that Georgia was in a war situation with Russia, however, it remains unclear in this case too: If Nationals government decided it was nor sensible any more “to preserve face” to Russia, why the Georgian president fixed in his Decree that the “Russian military forces invaded Georgian territory on 8 August morning”?

I repeat: this whole nonsense, i.e. as if the government of that period tried to give chance to Russia to terminate military operations on the Georgian territory without gaining a status of occupant, while Russians missed this chance,  is a narrative of the  “Nationals”  and, at this moment, I put questions considering just this narrative, however, what happened in real, is explained very  clearly   in the well known Talyavin Report (and the similar Resolution of the EU, which was supported unilaterally  by the “Nationals”

So, according to the ”Nationals” narrative,   they were trying until 9th August not to irritate Russians and recommend them by help of the international community   to withdraw back the troops invaded Georgia on 1st August and, if Russkians agree on this offer, Georgians promised “not to disclose” the fact. . .

While on August 9, when Mikheil Saakashvili and  company  convinced that  this was a senseless attempt, and that Russia is occupant, and the so called “not irritation policy” means nothing, after this, as said by Baramidze, Vashadze and others, they decided to say a true to the population of Georgia, the Georgian nation  and, Mikheil Saakashvili indicated in his Decree the fact of invasion of the Russian military forces  and dated gthis fact not as 1st but 8th August! Why?   The Nationals confused by their own lies and demagogy, have no answer on this question, instead, they turn on their known hysteria, namely – shouting: ”Russia’s agent”, “Putin’s slave”. . .

This circus becomes more comical when this epithet comes from those individuals who during 8 days had the  attempts to  preserve for Russia an image of non-occupant country, non-participant in the militate operations, for introducing  Putin as honest man

And, what comes out finally? – the “Nationals” put on to  Russia the mask that was then removed by themselves has and, all this tragicomedy cost the Georgian people to the detriment of serious casualties, the loss of 20 percent of the country’s territory and hundreds of thousands of displaced people.

To say more precisely,  now, the “Nationals”  themselves removed the mask they   put on since 2003. This was a mask of patriots, warriors against enemy .. . after unmasking we see their real face – ta face of traitors   and irresponsible government . . .

Bakur Svanidze



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