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Pro . . . or fractured vectors

Pro . . . or fractured vectors

“Pro” – means acting for somebody or something’s interests. Well, we understand this definition. So, now let’s recall widely spread sayings   from our political dictionary: “Pro-Russian”, “Pro-Western”, “Pro-American”, Pro-Georgian” . . .  Each of the listed words indicate on a vector to which its representatives go.

Which of these vectors are acceptable to us? – As if it is easy to answer this question:    Since “Pro” means to act for somebody’s interests, for us the Pro-Georgian orientation and direction seems to be advisable, because it says we act for the Georgia’s interests

At one glance this looks logical and acceptable, but the supporters of the liberal policy, consider the pro-Georgian vector as dangerous as the pro-Russian one.  Don’t you believe? So, let’s see hat say on to  this regard a noble liberal and formidable enemy of the  orthodoxy Giga Bokeria: “These as it patriotic forces try to mislead the public when say: “We are neither pro-Russians nor pro-Western, we are just pro-Georgians. By this they confront  with the Georgia’s integration with  the west, they imply actions against our freedom and try to comeback to the bog named Soviet Union” 

For liberals, pro-Georgian orientation means pro-Russian (?!) In other words, action for the interests of  Georgia  is considered by them as if we pursue the Russia’s interests. Once upon a time, a journalist from “Rustavi 2” TV put the following question to the foreign minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov: “How  important is the  existence of a pro-western TV channel in Georgia?  Lavrov’s answer  was: “I think it would be more important for Georgia to have a pro-Georgian TV channel? In fact, Lavrov answered: I thought it more important for you to pursue the interests of Georgia. The reversive-thinker liberals consider this message anti-Georgian and danger-containing. Instead, they accept unconditionally and as the blessed by god any call and directive received from the west

Probably you remember how in 2016 the president of  Georgia congratulated publicly and solemnly  to the Soror Foundation  20-year anniversary  of its  activity in Georgia and wished further successes in this merited work

This is dear sirs, a classical pro-western vector – the president of Georgia welcomes Soros and his Foundation  which destroyed destroy and continue to destroy the Georgian values. The pro-western policy welcomes the Soros’s policy that is directed to anti-national, anti-orthodox and anti-state activity and declares that national identity, religion, and national cultures must be annihilated and disappeared.   By the way, the prime-minister of Hungry Viktor Orban sharply limited Soros’s activity in his country

* * *

About two months ago a new organization “Friendship and Justice” (chairman – Zurab Mezvrishvili) was established in Gori, which welcomes friendly relations with neighboring countries. This organization was named as pro-Russian immediately after it expressed its position and, the liberal representatives of the local societies and massmedia  generously sent abusive words against it

For me it is still unclear how Georgia  can build its statehood with such fractured vectors in a manner that not to lose  its national dignity, unity, and independence

Once and for all we must realize and understand that any Georgian citizen, any Georgian movement or party must be pro-Georgian , i.e. to act for the interests of Georgia and understand that any vector, no matter Russian or western, should in all cases serve for the interests of Georgia, while only those acts serve  for the interests of Georgia, which do not contradict but fill-in and develop our national values, our spirituality, culture, and traditions

Besik Kaishauri

Doctor of Public Administration  Sciences



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