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P*e in your judgement

“Oh, it would be better to be Moscow and Strasbourg near to each other”


Who and how  was or is considering the TV Company Rustavi 2 events, who was  happy or disappointment by returning this TV Company to its previous owner, what were the “Good bye”  emotions of the TV staff with Nika Gvaramia – all his is individual and subjective   feeling for everyone, but, the situation created in Georgia after  the verdict announced by the   European Court of Human Rights on the Rustavi-2 case, is simply impossible to imagine  with objective and sound mind

People who have recently considered as a Russian agent and enemy and traitor to the motherland everybody who dared themselves to  treat the Strasbourg Court with even a slight deviation from the “established opinion”  in fact, are now ignoring  this court at all and, if take into account their common view, not only the Strasbourg Court but Hague Tribunal, UN, NATO, EC, EU must be closed immediately and  only Tamta Muradashvili is to be recognized a sole instance for the justice and just over the world

She is that advocate of “Rustavi-2” TV Company, who declared as if “taxi” driver  told her all the points of the decision made by the Strasbourg Court judges. In the Sunday programs of this TV,  Muradashvili appeared even more open  and named the Strasbourg verdict “a shocking, unforgiving mistake”

Generally, it comes out that the  Europe and European institutions should  fulfil all wishes of the “Nationals” and “Rustavi-2” because  Nika Gvaramia, Tengo Gogotishvili, Mikheil Sesiashvili, Eka Kvesitadze and others not to  look to Europe withy  distrust. “Decision made by the Strasbourg Court creates a threat to our inner belief to the European values!” – by these words Nika Gvaramia started his face-book announcement and, by these words the Sunday programs leaders too started their shows. Please pay attention, that  as if a threat is created not to real European values or somebody or something, but to their inner belief towards the European values, i.e.  if the Strasbourg Court will reject and condemn its own decision, that six  out of seven judges have sinned and have not repented, it can shake the belief of Eka Kvesitadze and others’  towards the European values and, what then may happen to Europe and its values? Europe must think about it! Is it not so precious for the old Europe the  “inner beliefs” of  Nika  Gvaramia and other similar fines?  How? If Nika Gvaramia, Eka Kvesitadze, Tengo Gogotishvi   will no longer have faith in European values, on what the Europe will hope?  Probably on Bakur Svanidze and other similar Kremlin agents and Putin’s slaves?  But, is not it  unacceptable? Something similar narratives are spread by those “former Europeans” from   “Rustavi-2”  and ty to  sow panic in society. However, these individuals have already demonstrated several; times a level of dullness of their brain and, just this is their trouble they remain now in  the situation Georgia was 15 years ago and, and can not understand   what the society understands and what it does not want to have

“Today, a free speech in Georgia is being pursued by a simple agreement between Strasbourg and Russia?from this height  announces his ideas a “journalist” Tengo Gogotishvili  to whose “brilliant plot”  the “Courier” program devoted almost 15 minutes of its time. A central line     of the story was that it is nothing unimaginable and that through “Gazprom” Russian President Vladimir Putin can control absolutely all European structures and all influential European figures. The author of the story even provided examples  of how the rich Europeans politicians became  the “Gazprom” shareholders and how they happily they look at Putin

In short, the author of this very long story was assuring the viewer that Putin has  in his  pocket of all Europe that there is no difference between Strasbourg and Kislovodsk.  

Apparently, the decision of the Strasbourg Court was really so shocking for those “sold”  journalists and “strong” lawyers whose image was created by such journalists, that they  even can not understand a nonsense of their acts. Just look at them: as they think  the whole Europe, the European Court, the European Union and all European structures are put into Putin’s  pocket. If so, why then they called and callus so persistently to go to the direction of Europe, Why then we risk by losing of our  territories? Why they say to  people that Europe will protect us  against  alleged aggression from Russia, if  the same Europe is Russia’s slave?

It’s ridiculous when  “Rustavi 2” and the “Nationals” supporter “very strong” lawyers  claim as if they did not expect such a verdict from Strasbourg. In fact, those who expect other judgment from the European Court, it not a lawyer but a fool. Indeed, it was just lawyer of “Rustavi 2: Tamta Muradashvili who said: “Even “taxi” driver  told me he knew in advance what a judgement could announce the  Strasbourg Court?  On the one hand, it seems like a smile, but on the other hand, it is not excluded that the taxi driver actually told Muradashvili – Strasbourg Court will return “Rustavi 2” back to Kibar Khalvashi, because the fact that this TV was taken away from Khalvashi is obvious for everybody and, it was clearly understandable for `taxi” drivers too. While the Strasbourg Court, thanks to God, is not staffed with  Tamta Muradashvilis and they will make the right and fair decision, to which  trust any “taxi” driver and  greens seller .

Anyway,  I would like to put a rhetorical question: the fact is that “Rustavi 2” was re-registered illegally on  the name of Karamanashvili. When the “Rustavi 2” staff says, “We are the only television in Georgia fighting against Russian propaganda and steadfastly preaching the European values ​​in the state”, how dies it meet to the European values to drive the country to Europe by help of the stolen TV and confiscated  property?

Another question to “Rustavi 2”: From the day of its foundation you were under the umbrella of the so called Zhvania-Saakashvili wing of the  “Citizens Union”, and this is as you recognized after  2012, when you did not have any other way.   It is known also that you were a direct instrument of the “Roses Revolution”  and they “used” you in a direct meaning of this word, and forced you to broadcast  thousands of false and dirty information. The videos exist, reflecting how  reverently your “Journalists” speak with Saakashvili, Merabishvili and others  before “interviewing” them. After 2012 when you have  been the “Nationals Party” TV and you cannot refuse it because there is no sense to do so . Look, the former defense minister says openly that in that times when he held the office, he could do with you everything he wished   and nobody could do anything in “Rustavi-2? TV without his permission 

In short, it turns out that those who were  not bored, all were over you and I am interested really, why are you so proud and insist on your independence? Where were you then independent,  free, disobedient and  flagman of a “different opinion”?

No, it seems that the questions about this really distinctive television can never be exhausted since so much dirty things they committed . Even just now, above, I told I wanted to put only one rhetorical question  and, I immediately recalled another one, and it would not be correct not to add here another one more thing too:  you, so “high professionals”, one can understand everything, but, what was that ,other’s swearing in-live? Who among your “very free” individuals  came up with this? Do you want me believe that with these tricks you may introduce yourself in America or Europe as “too independent” and no one dare nothing against you? Why do you think that turn the TV into a tasteless  circus  will  bring its fruits? Was it due to Nika Gvaramia’s mad brain or Eka Kvesitadze’s “very high IQ” to decide that your   TV- hysterias could be appreciated by a normal  audience?

And, How did you think to scold the Strasbourg Court? It was something like  P*e in your  judgement!  by Gvaramia. while Tengo Gogotishvili was in his familiar dull  roll when “singed” “Oh, it would be better to be Moscow and Strasbourg near  to each other”. Is all this acceptable?!

Burt, excuse me, please, because this is their “editorial policy” and  nobody, even god, has a right to interfere in it. Nothing to be done this is a price to repay for these people give no way  to  “Russian Propaganda” , but instead, we have to be tolerant for their chantage, lies, slanders and mother swearing ofr5om the TV, while   in a court dispute related to private property, all, including the European Court for Human Right should share their desirable position, otherwise, they will  distrust Europe

When a citizen of Germany wins a case in France, in the  European Court, and you call him  “Russia’s boy”, what is this? Probably, a reader may find  a name of this form of a psychological disorder . . .

Bakur Svanidze



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