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Parliamentarism by Georgian meaning

Parliamentarism by Georgian meaning

We have been conducting experiments for the last 30 years, to identify which system of governance is better for the country. Initially, we made a bet   on the  presidential system and, it is clear  now where we  tun the country . Them we directed our efforts to strengthening prime-minister’s powers and, finally, moved to the parliamentary model. To say frankly,  this model takes it origin since XII c.,   Tamar Mepe era . when  even did not exist the countries which are famous now by their experience  in the parliamentarism

In the time of  so called independence of the country, we changed the parliament of 10 convocations, while a decisive word whether it is good or bad, belongs to our  people. Therefore, I avail myself of this opportunity  to say in  a few words about activities and personalities of our MPs

Taking care for a wellbeing of the people should be a supreme law for the MPs. They must distinguish themselves from others by their honesty    and good nature. A MP, first of all must love his/her country and nation, take care of them, when his/her voice is necessary for the goodness of the country and people, when his/her duty is to serve for the nation, be faithful to your people, – all this bring high personal values to the MPs in eyes of the society . So, MPs must act s in a manner that  enhances their  spiritual qualities . MPs  must mot have a right to strive for their private welfare. God told us to live together by holy life: “Your acts will introduce you”  – the New Testament. According to Iakob Gogebashvili,  “for the purposes of serving for the country, it is necessary first of all to have a fundamental,  many-sided educatios. As for our MPs, do they have such education? Is anybody interested in it? MPs are too far from spiritual principles, most of them prefer  to live with  his/her personal life, while during elections,  they are not introduce themselves before us as they are in real . They do not assess the public life appropriately. Unfortunately, they remember only they own problems, they think less about people and, so pity but, this is true for a majority of them. MPs are “disconnected” from a national soul and idea. That is why some of them leave office, others – the majority fraction and party, and act according to their ambitions, without thinking about the country, about the  so tensioned and critical situation existing there. They have lost a sense of responsibility. Wise words are: Nation’s shortcomings are always reflected in its legislation. This is very true with regards to our today’s parliament , which is mainly formed on the grounds of nepotism and lobbyism from outside and not on the moral qualities, education, and professionalism. Some of them occupy the MP positions during 4-5 convocations. Some of them have never made a speech, do not participate in drafting laws. Nepotism is not a new one, it existed in the past  too, but called otherwise – protectionism

Georgia is a small country by its territory and population, most of our citizen know and respect each other. This. like a tolerance and  religious forgiveness is our by god given genetical feature. In the past, nepotism was not so obvious   because a level of professionalism and education was so high, almost everybody were well-trained and educated, but now, it is well noticeable hen a nonprofessional  and  illiterate is appointed  and it is reflected negatively on the country. Today everything is  as  a clan – judiciary, prosecutors office, TVs, NGOs. Only names are changed while a content remains the same. In the past, corruption was named as bribery, but now they masked themselves and corruption is named as lobbyism. The whole world is immersed in this swamp, that was well used by the “National Movement” and gather around it the lobbyists from both America and European Parliament , bribed them by money robbed from people . That is why they are so proud today, came into power in this way, committed terrible crimes and occupy chairs in the parliament, turning it into a slang-swearing polygon. Unfortunately, we entrusted them, this corrupt gang, the fate of the country. All, their acts cause a hate and anger of the society, they feel no responsibility for the things  they have committed. They need the parliament just for arranging their business and ensuring their personal immunity. Generally, like a layer of former MPs  has formed in the country, like a layer of bankers, businessmen. Earlier,  it was a classes of workers peasants, and intelligence.  Workers disappeared at all . there are no job places. there are no peasants, their  lands is taken away, migration leave villages without peasants, while a layer of intelligence is washed-in

During the last thirty year the parliament has been adopting the decisions and laws which are incompatible with national consciousness and are introduced by efforts of foreign forces which create barriers  to opportunities of the right-way development of our statehood. We failed to develop a legal framework that could enable us to draft a fill-value constitution with envisaging all the directions of our internal and foreign politics. It us too pity that the legislative activity is not focused on the people’s needs and does not come out from the country’s best interests

Parliamentary elections are approaching,  but, unfortunately, what sort of MPs can we select from this political spectrum in conditions where there is no competition, and a honest, educated, professional politician are almost impossible to search

A cler example of all the above is the current situation in the  country

Joni Tsintsadaze

Doctor of Biology 



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