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Only shows are not enough, people want bread, People are starving

For whom is the economy flourishing and moving forward at an unprecedented pace - for the governmental members and the MPs only?


We have written several times that the nation is starving. Yes, the situation in which a prevailing part of our society is now, must be named starvation, nothing else. Numerous videos are spread over the social nets, saying that babies dream is a food, not a toy and, any such case, taken separately, is a tragedy. But, if to believe to the government, we move forward; Despite the heavy situation in the regions, the economy is as if flourishing and everything is developing. But, paradox is that all this is not reflected on a living conditions of ordinary citizens. Instead, it is well reflected on the life of top officials, whose property as per their Returns, is increasing year-by-year

The Companies Concern Worldwide and Welthungerhilfe are preparing a joint survey “Global Hunger Index”. Recently they have published the results of 2019 Survey and, as the current report on the 2019 Global Hunger Index says, the climatic changes reach to a dangerous rates and, undermine the food provision of the world’s most problematic regions. The index provides information about 117 countries i.e. the ones where the problem is too acute. It’s true the Hunger Index is progressing in some countries, but in others, a trend of regress is observed. According to the survey, in 47 countries of 117, the hunger level is “serious” or “alarming” while in some Central African countries this level is assessed as extremely alarming because tens of children die there by hunger

Of course this is very bad, but we’d better to take care of ourselves. According to “Global Hunger Index 2019” Georgia is on 39th position. Better positions have for instance Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Russia. As for the former Soviet Republics, Ukraine and Belarus have the best indicators – Yes, Ukraine, which is in a war situation, and Belarus, where as if “dictator” is ruling.

After looking through this list does not a rhetoric question arise, a reader? – If our economy is the most sustainable in the region, why the hunger index in Georgia is higher than in Armenia and Azerbaijan? If their economy is of a lower rate than ours, but they are less hungry than we, it means that their governments work more effectively and better than our. Otherwise, if our government does not lies, for whom is the economy flourishing and moving forward at an unprecedented pace – for the governmental members and the MPs only? And, what about people through which a material goodness is created?

Despite the fact that we have numerously published articles about the heaviest (not a hard) social situation in the country, the governmental officials stubbornly try to show us another reality. No matter, the current government we mean here or the former one. A fact is that the situations is worsening year-by-yea, a number of individuals is increased who are searching for something in recycle bins, our national currency is depreciating year-by-year food products are becoming more and more expensive month-by month, not by years). unemployment is increased, but . . . Surprising: all this is shown vice versa in the figures introduced by the government, except for a sole figure: Minimum living rate established by Geostat, is higher than pension. About 600 thousand pensioners make a miracle and survive themselves by a less sources that established by the state standard. let’s say here also that the minimal living standard established by the state, is disputable, because, many experts and an absolute majority of our citizens believe a man needs much more than established by the state

If you remember, there was a joke in times of Shevardnadze’s governance, We’d better to take a photo together, all who will survive after this winter. And it lasted so from winter to winter. Then this joke moved to backstage because natural air an electricity were not surprising any more at the beginning of XXIc., but, the problem of hunger existed in that period, exists and as seems, will exist in future too. By the way, un times of Shevardnadze, people have more possibilities to do things, because the laws were still weak and, individuals who received 7 GEL pension, had another opportunities to search for extra sources of survival. Later, the pensions increased while the extra sources – reduced. . Thus, the situation now is as follows: Neither pensions are enough nor extra sources of survival exist. So, it can not be excluded that at one nice day international scientists may conduct experiment, how hundred thousands of Georgians live in conditions where they have not enough income for existence

We have remind all this in order to say the main thing: The government (both current and former) accts with a dual standard. If favorable to it, it introduces western surveys and instist (whether we wish them or not) all these are performed by thee high reputable organizations and their truthfulness is out of doubt. Bit, if the same organizations provide different results, this information is promptly disappeared and, only several oppositional TVs and social nets mention them (only mention slightly, because these TVs are assigned to “arrange” local policy only). If it is not a true, than how can we explain the fact that practically all massmedia sources in our region highlighted the survey of the above mentioned two reputable organizations, the issue became the main topic in the developed European counties) (mainly focusing attention on African counties) while here, in Tbilisi, some news appear slightly in the morning, and then disappeared from all informational spaces. We re interested, why the Minister of Economy, or the Minister of Infrastructure, or the Minister of Agriculture did not appear in TVs and say that regardless of such survey, a real situation is quite different. Because they did not dare themselves to do so . They could not argue the results of the survey because if the authors thereof become aware of it, they could tear sheets over their heads (in a direct meaning) and justify their true simply, regardless of what could be said by these ministers.

In short, let’s agree that we are in hungry officially. So, now we may agree on other thing too. By fear, our officials cannot declare that they started new enterprise, because the ones being on the state balance, caused to us s about half billion GEL losses last year and, why do we hope to better in future? At one glance, I seems there is no way out, and as if we are circling on a magic circle, but . . .

We can learn on example of the same Belarus. This country pays the greatest attention to agriculture, produces natural agricultural products and, no matter that Alexander Lukashenko is called “dictator”, a fact is that today the world needs just natural products. So, the Belarus-produced goods are sold internationally and, what is more important, they meet fully the local market’s demand. There are so many unprocessed large land areas in the villages of Georgia, that we may produce 3-4 times more even the next year , while even more if use the advance technologies. Countries where the agrarian lands are in small spaces, work all day round and, if they hope for sun in summer, arrange the greenhouses on the same lands for winter seasons to have harvest.

By the way, a protest rally was organized on October 19, in Baku, where the opposition protested against low salaries and poverty in the country. We talk about Azerbaijan – the country which is recognized a leader in the region by view of the economy (as assessed by international experts, not by our as-if specialists) and where salaries are so high that our ordinary citizens cannot even dream about. It is true the rally was dispersed, and some participants were arrested, but even in Azerbaijan citizens dare themselves to protest. Do not be hopeful that somebody will do the same here. a hungry man is the most dangerous, he does not think about government or opposition. He will go to street ad destroy everything. What is Azerbaijan, but even in Italy it happen the pots revolution where women went out in the streets with empty pots with banging spoons on them. The government resigned in that case – hungry people forced it to resign. And you, misters, better to think about that only shows are not enough, people want bread, People are starving. If you do not believed us, then listen to the western companies, to which you listen when you need. Moreover, you know better than we that even according to your internal surveys the social situation much s more serious than it seems at one glance and, as indicated in the Hunger Index. So, take care of the hungry people, since winter comes soon and, hunger in winter is more noticeable

Beso Barbakadze



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