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One of the Deputes of the Ukrainian Rada was in Tbilisi together with the Ukrainian citizens arrested as a result of special operation


Semion Semenchenko – the Ukrainian Rad deputy from the “Samopomosch” Party was in Tbilisi together with the  Ukrainian citizens arrested as a result of special operation. Later on he escaped  – Yuri Biriukov, advisor of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko wrote in the social network.

“I have various contacts and, they confirmed the information that Semenchenko is in Tbilisi, he has put us in a diplomatic scandal, left his people and escaped at the last moment” – the advisor of the Ukrainian president wrote.

An Uklrainian journalist replied also on the above fact and indicated that Semenchenko was not detained because  he had  a e diplomatic passport

We’d like to remind that based on the operative information, the Ministry of Internal Affairs  conducted a special operation in Tbilisi, in the hotels “Guru” and “Alliance” situated at Likhauri street and arrested the Ukrainian citizens: O.N., R.M., D.K., I.K., I. O., S.K. and a citizen of Georgia L.Ch.

According to the information spread by MIA, during the search of the hotels rooms the  pistols of  “Beretta” and ”Makarov” systems,  handmade  firearms and various ammunitions were seized.

The investigation is started under Parts 3 and 6 of Article 236 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies Illegal purchase and storageof firearms, ammunition, explosive substances or equipment

“The citizens of Ukraine and Georgia arrived in Tbilisi on November 27. At this moment an active investigation is carried out to identify real aims and tasks of their visit to Georgia. MIA and the Security Service will establish whether the detained Ukrainian and Georgian citizens have any tie with the current political processes in the country and. The society will be informed additionally about the case” – says the statement spread by MIA



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